The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

World’s Youngest Blogger: All Your Laptop Are Belong To Me

Title reference

World’s Youngest Blogger: Don’t Make Me Get On My Soap Box

Worlds Youngest Blogger Reacts To Whatever The President Just Said

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Former Democrat Unexpectedly Addresses NOVA Tea Party

by Smitty The World’s Youngest Blogger and I caught up with Artur Davis three weeks ago at the Fairfax County GOP. Here we are this time at Grevey’s, which did a good job of handling an overflow crowd*. If you only have time for one clip, I did pan to the World’s Youngest Blogger at the […]

World’s Youngest Blogger: Make 04 July 2013 Even Better

This is my first Fourth of July. I’m too young to vote, so I can’t really do much about he current crisis this November. Thus, I must wield my power as the Secretary of Cute to influence patriotic Americans to give the country a chance to recover, starting in November. It’s not just the White […]

World’s Youngest Blogger, Wheels Edition

by Smitty

World’s Youngest Blogger
Can Has Cheezburger?

by Smitty 11 months old, doing fine as the Minister of Cute. Reference Update: apropos nothing, I present: #DisappointingBands Blue Öyster Culture Club “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me, Godzilla?” — Chris Smith (@smitty_one_each) June 28, 2012

World’s Youngest Blogger Game Face

by Smitty I don’t know if I’m really keen on soccer as a kid sport. Football turned me off in 7th grade when I realized the other kids were more interested in causing lots of injuries than actually, you know, playing the game. For team sports with testosterone, it’s probably lacrosse in summer and hockey […]

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