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Why Isn’t Everybody Blogging About the Ayla Brown Bikini Photo Scandal?

Posted on | January 20, 2010 | 24 Comments

Yes, that’s right: The “American Idol” daughter of newly-elected Sen. Scott Brown — who posed nude as Cosmo’s 1982 “Sexiest Man” — was once photographed in a bikini with her father and (gasp!) her teenaged sister!

What a terrible scandal! How dare those Republicans wear bikinis! What would happen if the formerly bikini-clad Ayla Brown showed up at CPAC with Glenn Beck? It would be enough to break Moe Lane’s aged heart.

It’s time for conservative bloggers to unite in support of this scandlous shamelessness! Just as we ruthlessly exposed the horrors of Hanna Giles in a bikini, so we must join together in the crusade for more Ayla Brown bikini photos.