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PA12: Canary in a Coal-Mining District

Posted on | April 30, 2010 | 8 Comments

Charlie Cook explains why this May 18 special election is so crucial:

With the midterm elections now just six months away, are Democrats’ prospects improving? Not really. For every hopeful sign they get, several others — usually the more telling ones — point the other way. . . .
This month could provide important clues about whether the Republican storm is still gathering force.
On May 18, Pennsylvania will hold a special election in its 12th Congressional District to fill the House seat of the late John Murtha. This is the only congressional district in the nation that went for Republican John McCain in 2008 after backing Democrat John Kerry in 2004.
It is a swing seat long held by Murtha for his party, but this part of the Keystone State is showing signs of going Republican. A Democratic loss would underscore the narrative that Democrats are in serious trouble heading toward November. . . .

Scott Johnson at Powerline highlights this powerful Pennylvania Patriots video in support of Tim Burns:

Democrats are pulling out all the stops in PA12 — watch the video of this local TV news report about Burns signs being vandalized. It’s make-or-break time, folks.  Check out



  • Patricia A Carfagno

    Free Pennsylvania

    Rob Gleason’s man Tim Burns appears on radio and television show across the nation regularly these days, now that he received the Republican party endorsement for the seat formerly held by Jack Murtha.   Rob Gleason is PA Republican State Chair and long time Murtha ally.  Yes, I said Republican.  

    Burns does not mention that the grassroots conservative candidate for the House of Representatives from PA, Lt. Col. Bill Russell is beating Burns in the polls by 29 points, while Burns is beating Critz, the Democrat candidate by 4 in a Daily Kos poll,  inside the margin of error.  This translates to Russell decisively smashing Critz in the general election.   

    While Murtha  was hanging our Marines out to dry as ”cold blooded killers,”  Gleason’s insurance firm profited from Murtha’s dealings.  It was no surprise Gleason searched for a POSER candidate to attempt to hijack a very successful campaign from Lt. Col Bill Russell for the next election.  His insurance business continues to make money from deals with companies founded on Jack Murtha engineered defense contracts, something that Burns also does not mention. 

    Bill Russell had the courage to run for the seat occupied by Jack Murtha, while the man was alive and had the power of the incumbency to fight back.   Murtha supervised a number of  dirty tricks against Russell and not only did Russell survive,  but as an unknown upstart without party support, came within striking distance of winning.  

    Gleason’s tricks against Russell included questioning the signatures on his petition to be on the primary ballot, and disinviting Russell from the local Palin rally at the 11th hour, a rally at which thousands of in the district would see Russell arm and arm with Palin.  Gleason was forced by public uproar to reinvite Russell.  All for his buddy Jack.  

    Now Jack Murtha is gone, but his Chief of Staff, Critz, is running on May 18 for Murtha’s seat.  Reportedly, Critz made the deals for Murtha’s office and  Murtha rubber stamped them.  And now it gets interesting.  Back in 2006, Santorum  was defeated because of conservative anger at his endorsement of Specter.  At the recent SRLC on April 10,  Santorum made a speech, that simply must be seen on video.  Not because it is such a hit out of the park, but because he does everything but bite his lower lip and ask us to define sex.    His physicality on stage is only missing Bill Clinton’s unmistakeable accent.

    A question and answer period began immediately after his speech. Santorum was questioned as to his regrets about his support of Specter in spite of the people’s opposition. 

    In summary, he supported Specter for the sake of the children. 

    He says he knew he’d have two conservative Supreme Court candidates to work through the approval process.  First, there is no way Santorum could have known that there would be two candidates for Supreme Court for approval when he supported Specter.  Second,  Any credit for conservative Supreme Court justices belongs to the American people who went absolutely apoplectic when GWB’s first choice was Harriet Miers and no one had more to lose from her selection than Santorum.

    He leaves the impression that he is sorry and will never do it again.  However, in his answer to a question that followed,  he slips in an endorsement for Tim Burns without mentioning Russell the conservative Republican who is way ahead in the polls.  Santorum wants to be president after all. .

    Thus,  within minutes of expressing faux regret, he has done exactly what he did in 2004 with Specter, and that is back the establishment Republican candidate, who is not even close to being conservative with full awareness that he is the public’s choice.  (at the 14:50 mark)

     Newt Gingrich is also at it again, repeating his the same  behavior as it related to NY 23 . Gingrich refused to back the conservative Doug Hoffman, in favor of the then Republican endorsed candidate Dede Scuzzafaza. Dede resembled a conservative like steel resembles a car.    He hasn’t learned a damn thing.  His ego won’t allow it.  He is running for the White House and dammit he needs Burn’s money.  Not only is Burns a millionaire, but if and when he loses, he can and likely will give money to Santorum and Gingrich.  

     Someone please call Santorum and Gingrich, before they turn the House back to the Democrats, and the gavel back to Pelosi.

  • Patricia A Carfagno

    Oh, and btw.

    I find it interesting that so many insider Republican elites are jumping on Burns bandwagon. They know what Gleason is. This proves that they are not listening at all to the grassroots, but patting us on the head and then stabbing us in the back.

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