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PA12: Tim Burns Debates Pelosi’s BFF

Posted on | May 6, 2010 | 5 Comments

Pennsylvania Republican Tim Burns hammered Democrat Mark Critz in last night’s 12th District debate: “Nancy Pelosi’s not trying so hard to get him elected because he’s a nice guy.” That’s from my buddy Chris Renner, who adds:

Critz is not going down without a fight, and the national Democrats are pulling out all the stops to help him too.
Mark Critz is an “arrogant Democrat machine politician” who, like many others from Western Pennsylvania, pretends to be pro-life (but won’t say anything bad about Roe v. Wade) and opposed to Obamacare (but wants to “improve” it).
Critz doesn’t even pretend in other ways: he’s promised to co-sponsor EFCA, enthusiastically wants the Bush tax cuts to expire because “in this economy the government needs revenue streams”.

Another buddy, John McCormack of the Weekly Standard, reports that Burns is calling for repeal of ObamaCare and challenged Critz on the issue  last night:

“If this bill stands, here’s what it will mean to you. It means a half a trillion dollars of additional taxes. It means over 500 billion dollars in radical Medicare cuts. And it means taxpayer funded abortions.
“So Mark, I ask you, if your interests truly lie with the people of this district, why don’t you support repealing this bill?”
It’s a question Democratic candidate Mark Critz, an ex-Murtha staffer, never answered during the debate.

Here’s video from the Johnstown Tribune-Democrat:

With the May 18 special election now just 12 days away, the tempo of the PA-12 campaign is accelerating. Monday, Mike Pence will campaign for Burns, and Scott Brown’s coming to the district May 14. You can get the latest updates by checking #PA12 on Twitter, and also by following @TimothyBurns or his campaign’s outreach coordinator, Angela Lash (@Lash3).

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