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What’s the Air Fare to Anchorage? UPDATE: Miller Campaign ‘Urgently’ Seeks Funds to Fight Murkowski Recount

Posted on | August 26, 2010 | 67 Comments

Yesterday I told you the NRSC advised Lisa the Loser to “go negative” on Joe Miller. And today we learn that John Cornyn’s National RINO Subversive Conspiracy has sent lawyers to Anchorage to try to steal the election from Joe:

Sean Cairncross, the general counsel of the National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee, is headed to Alaska at the request of Sen. Lisa Murkowski to help provide guidance to the GOP incumbent finds herself trailing attorney Joe Miller by roughly 1,600 votes.

Even a GOP team player like Allahpundit is outraged:

Let me get this straight. After taking loads of abuse from the grassroots for endorsing Charlie Crist before Rubio’s campaign got off the ground, and with Murkowski already pointedly refusing to rule out a third-party bid . . . John Cornyn and the NRSC are . . . . sending their top lawyer to help her out?

Indeed, given the possibility of Lisa the Loser becoming The World’s Least Plausible Libertarian — she’s certainly not a real Libertarian like my new BFF David Nolan — I’d hope the only reason the NRSC would speak to Murky at this point is to communicate five words: Quit now, you pathetic loser.

They could send that message with an e-mail, so why is Cornyn spending Republican money to fly his legal hatchet-man to Anchorage?

Trust me, I’ve just spent a few minutes looking into the cost of a flight from DC to Anchorage. I’m freaking serious. We’ve got the 8/28 event coming up — preceded by Friday evening’s Smittypalooza — but after that? I’ve got nothing scheduled.

So what the heck? If the tip-jar hitters want some shoe-leather reporting with an Anchorage dateline, who am I to say no?

UPDATE: If Mrs. Other McCain is reading my blog again: Yes, dear, I know about the car payment and the rent and, to paraphrase Scarlett O’Hara, “We’ll worry about that tomorrow at Tara.” As a lady told us when Kennedy was just a baby, we’ve got so much love.

Meanwhile, thanks to the lady in Alaska who just hit the tip jar for $20 — if we can get about 30 more like that, you can meet me at the Anchorage airport next week and I’ll deliver your Certified Tip-Jar Hitter mug personally. And thanks again to my $50 friend in Walla Walla.

UPDATE II: Oh, my goodness, I haven’t seen this kind of fired-up grassroots enthusiasm since NY-23! Thanks to Joe in Maryland and Joe in Virginia — you Joes sure stick together, huh? A tip-jar hitter from Kentucky sends $10 and this message:

Find that NRSC lawyer and ask him straight up what he’s there for, then meteor-kick him in the face.

LOL! Keep it up, y’all.

UPDATE III: And a big $20 worth of “Roll, Tide!” thanks to a fellow in Arkansas who previously helped out on that crazy Pasadena trip for the BCS game. Thanks for the linkage from Ran at SVP, who’s angry at the GOP Senate candidate in Ohio.

UPDATE IV: Message from Walla Walla:

Say . . . could you score (yes, a poor choice of words) an interview with Levi “Dead Beat Dad” Johnston?  Might be a real scoop! 

Heh. Be glad to do it, assuming “Ricky Hollywood” isn’t in New York or LA, doing interviews with his buddies in the MSM. But if he’s in town, maybe I’ll see Levi hanging around a trailer park. I’ll tell him Dan Riehl says, “Hi!”

If y’all keep hittting the tip jar, I guess I can get a rental car and take a trip to Joe McGinniss’ neighborhood.

UPDATE V: Thanks to Dana in Ohio and Stephanie in Louisiana. Every $10 or $20 helps, and the same is true for Joe Miller’s campaign. Bracing for Lisa the Loser’s NRSC-funded demand for a recount, the Miller campaign sends out a fund-raising letter:

Thousands of absentee voter ballots were sent out by the Division of Elections and those votes will not be fully tallied until September 8th. A recount is imminent and Joe Miller URGENTLY needs your help . . .

Many of you have already contributed to Joe Miller, and certainly Joe needs your help again. Meanwhile, the L.A. Times reports:

Gail Fenumiai, director of the state Elections Division, said that 9,500 of the 16,000 absentee ballots requested had been received so far. She cautioned that not all of those ballots would be guaranteed to be counted, and that many may not include votes in the Republican Senate primary.
None of those ballots will be opened until Tuesday.

It’s a closed primary, so only Republican absentee ballots matter in this particular fight.

We’d all save a lot of money and hassle if that stupid RINO Murkowski would just admit she’s beat.

UPDATE VI: Lisa Murkowski ‘Lawyers Up’