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Democrat Congresswoman’s Staff Uses Nazi Campaign Smear in Illinois

Posted on | September 17, 2010 | 19 Comments

Democratic campaign operatives working for Rep. Debbie Halvorson (D-Illinois, 11th District) staged a protest against the free-market group Americans for Prosperity, carrying signs that depicted Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Halvorson’s Republican opponent with Hitler mustaches.

Larry O’Connor at Big Government has video and photos:

More from Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit and Dan Riehl. Two of those involved in the Nazi-sign incident have been identified: Anna Markowski, a Missouri-based staffer for Obama’s “Organizing For America” group who is evidently now working for Halvorson’s campaign; and Halvorson’s campaign manager Julie Merz, who formerly worked on Nancy Pelosi’s House leadership staff.

Halvorson’s Republican opponent is a 32-year-old Air Force captain named Adam Kinzinger who is demanding answers:

When I decided to run for office, I understood the nastiness of politics but never envisioned this kind of attack. Congresswoman Halvorson’s campaign has denied involvement, but video of protesters retiring to her office following the demonstration indicates otherwise. . . . I respectfully ask that she use the evidence at hand to launch an investigation into the activities of her campaign and its participation in the Joliet protest, and take appropriate action.

The following are questions that Congresswoman Halvorson and her campaign need to answer truthfully:

  • Was the protest organized or sanctioned by Halvorson, the Illinois Democratic Party or the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee?
  • Who are the individuals leading the protest and later seen with Team Halvorson?
  • Are the individuals leading the protest staffers or volunteers for Debbie Halvorson? If not, why are they seen entering the Halvorson office after their protest and laughing with Campaign Manager Julie Merz?

The Illinois 11th District is one of those previously Republican districts that flipped to Democrats in the 2008 Obama wave, but polls indicate it’s flipping back to the GOP with a vengeance now. Halvorson is a first-termer who is well on her way to being a one-termer, and this Nazi stuff is just the kind of desperation tactics we can expect from other endangered Democrats this fall.

We need to fight back hard. Go to Kinzinger’s site and give him money now.


UPDATE: Dan Riehl suggests that Brian Wolff, former Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee executive director, may also be implicated in Halvorson’s Nazi scandal.

Guess what Wolff’s role is with the Halvorson campaign? “Messaging.” Yeah, it takes a certified strategic communications genius to draw a Hitler mustache on Sarah Palin.

UPDATE II: Gee, this is interesting: It appears that not a single major news organization in Illinois — not the TV stations, nor the Chicago Tribune or Sun-Times — has done any actual reporting on this story.

Maybe there aren’t any reporters in Illinois who know how to cover a big story like this. And I notice Newt Gingrich is going to Illinois next week to hold a fundraising dinner for a Kinzinger, so that would be a big story, too.