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Guess Who Flew Into The Area For A Bit Of Campaigning Last Weekend?

Posted on | September 29, 2010 | 21 Comments

by Smitty

not so much pig and man, but plenty of bearI’m not saying that “Gentleman” Jim Moran is, you know, incontinent at the thought of having a non-Ruling Class American tell him to stand and deliver for his two decades of largesse, but look what happened.
Jim Moran had to summon the infamous Anthropogenic Global Warming Climate Change Disruption fraudster, Nobel medalist, Academy awardee, renowned Doctor of Chakra-ology and Clinton Administration doorstop, Al Gore, to whip up the robots.
Fairfax Democrats were kind enough to link about three minutes of Saint Albert, but not actually make the video available at the link. OK, a YouTube search on “Al Gore Jim Moran” turned up what appears to be the clip, under some user name murray4pollution. Probably the same blokes at Fairfax Democrats, but not wanting to Gore up their regular account. Perfectly understandable.
I’m going to go out on a limb and venture that Patrick Murray has never endorsed pollution or polluting, and may be mildly surprised that someone would attempt to suggest he had.
In any case, here is the clip:
My informal transcript:

…he truly deserves it.
It’s a joy for me to be here and speak for him and to join with all of you in providing support for this campaign. And the reasons are many. I won’t go into all of them. But most of you know very well that Jim has done an outstanding job.
I’ve paid particular attention to his work on the environment and the climate crisis. And he’s been fantastic, and has taken tough decisions, courageous decisions, wise decisions, and has provided real leadership, and of course, he has worked his way up to the point now where he is in a position of real leadership. A member of the Steering and Policy Committee, part of the formal leadership. Chair of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Interior, and that’s a big deal, as all of you know.
And a very, very respected voice on issues from the environment and energy, to civil rights and equal justice for all Americans. And of course, that’s core to who we are as Americans. And each successive generation has its own new challenges to expand the tremendous dream and vision that led to the founding of this country in the first place. Jim has been true to the American spirit all the way along the line.
He’s also been very prescient. He was one of those who was calling for a reexamination of some of the practices that allowed the offshore drilling disaster in the Gulf of Mexico before that thing took place, and has been calling for more inspections and all the rest, and really has been a leader on protecting Virginia’s coast, cleaning up the Chesapeake bay, fighting for cleaner water, cleaner air, a better environment, a better future. These things are, of course, are really important.
And when you look at the contrast with the other side, his opponent is calling for, you know, doubling down on the hair of the dog that bit us, as Damon Runyon once wrote. More fossil fuels. Let’s just go back and. . .more drilling and more carbon pollution and pretend that’s going to solve the problem. And of course, it’s not.
Jim has also been very attentive to this district, and I don’t need to tell this crowd this, on all the infrastructure issues, and employment issues, and all of the major measures that affect the flows of revenue into this district. He knows how to get in there and slug it out and get the results for his constituents.

In summary, “Gentleman” Jim Moran is a tool, a tool’s tool, and a preferred tool for the extension of the vast Federal machine that has weakened the States, and brought you crippling levels of debt.
Employing Al Gore to raise support here is like Barney Frank reaching for Bill Clinton in Massachusetts. Well, maybe not reaching in quite the same way, but the desperation is clear; the Patrick Murray insurgency, along with the general anti-Democrat mood, has “Gentleman” Jim in fear.


Aside: then vs. now, via Flopping Aces. Al Gore’s 1992 attack on Bush41 for ignoring Iraq’s terrorist ties under Saddam. Oh, that zany Gore.