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‘Kathleen Parker Is an Idiot — a Remarkably, Stunningly, Jaw-Droppingly Incompetent and Mean Woman’

Posted on | October 5, 2010 | 12 Comments

Oh, wait — Aaron Sorkin wasn’t talking about CNN’s new co-hostess with Client Number Nine!

Let’s be clear about who Aaron Sorkin is and what he does: He is most famous for having created a prime-time soap opera during the 1990s whose only evident purpose was to glamorize liberal Democrats and demonize conservative Republicans. This is a man who, at age 40, was arrested for felony drug possession while trying to board a plane from Burbank to Las Vegas.

That Aaron Sorkin would say bad things about Sarah Palin is not news. What would be news is if I got  linked by Allahpundit.

Hey, wait a minute . . .


  • Paul Zummo

    Have the John and the dumb sorority girl (they were looking for a name for the show, I thought I’d suggest that one) discussed anything other than Sarah Palin yet? When will Dr. Andrew Sullivan, ob/gyn be making an appearance?

  • Spicy

    “Show me your legs” spice man vs. spice girl showbiz.

    Spice man looks up admirably as spice girl chats about leg momentum building. “Ella Elle la, show me your legs to keep dem momentum building money coming”. ”

    Be quiet!” spice girl retorts, “shutup and ??!!”.