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A: Ludicrous Attacks From The Left

Posted on | October 10, 2010 | 7 Comments

by Smitty

Q: What Do Christine O’Donnell And Pamela Geller Have In Common?

Via Salon, Kristen Wiig’s faux campaign ad from SNL this weekend:

I’m not sure, but the fact that SNL spent precious airtime on this could mean:

  • They’re reaching out to conservative viewers.
  • Their idea pool is completely empty.
  • Supporters of the Bearded Marxist really have a lot of loot to waste, and think that this will somehow help.


At least this attack features Wiig, is mercifully brief, and can be viewed as humor without too much effort.
Undaunted American patriot Pamela Geller, on the other hand, received the full Duranty treatment from the scurrilous New York Times:

Just to show how avid and careful they were in their quest for the facts, they have me video blogging from an Israeli beach. Won’t Fort Lauderdale be surprised to find out that the Zionist war machine is now occupying Florida beaches? Richer still was their reference to “arching her bikini-bared back provocatively.” Please. I was submerged in the water with my kids in the background. Talk about easily titillated! I never arched my back except to swim away. They’ve been spending too much time with the Taliban. And they fault me for equating Palestinians with Hamas. The Palestinians elected Hamas, but who cares?

I’ve met Pamela. Certainly, she’s as human as the rest. Yet I think she deserves a medal for her efforts to bring consciousness to a sleeping country. If you haven’t already, buy the book she co-wrote with Robert Spencer.


7 Responses to “A: Ludicrous Attacks From The Left”

  1. Tr Sterling
    October 10th, 2010 @ 6:57 pm

    Smitty, Maybe more lilke Walter Duranty meets Walter Winchell. “The Walter Two-step”?
    Pamela is an amazing woman and I am glad she is being seen and heard and I am glad to have met her once or twice also! Undaunted indubiously.

  2. RES
    October 11th, 2010 @ 1:54 am

    The audience applauded that pathetic parody? As Vizzini would say: Inconceivable!