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Bomb-Sniffing Dogs?

Posted on | October 10, 2010 | 7 Comments

Brian Doherty at Reason magazine has a story about an unusual case in New Hampshire where state child-welfare officials seized a couple’s baby because, among other things, the father was associated with the group Oath Keepers.

What struck me in this story was one line at the end. Some people organized a protest in support of the parents:

And the FBI brought bomb-sniffing dogs to the protest, reports local TV station WMUR.

Bomb-sniffing dogs? Was there any reasonable cause to suspect these people might be carrying explosives? Or did the FBI just have a K-9 unit that needed to get in a day’s work? Why didn’t they just call in a sniper, hostage negotiators and — oh, I don’t know — some of those cool black helicopters while they were at it?


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