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FMJRA 2.0: While Waiting For The Cheesecake

Posted on | December 19, 2010 | 7 Comments

This week’s installment of the FMJRA is brought to you by the coffee growers of Guatemala, the number 1040, and the letter W.

The Fierce Fury of the Angry Mob of Impassioned Bipartisan Moderates

Merry Christmas, America: Feminists Attack Michael Moore as ‘Rape Apologist’ Over Swedish Case Against Julian Assange

Terror Strikes in Stockholm: Radical Lutherans Stage Another Suicide Bombing

Who Will Courageously Defy the National Gallery’s Gay-Bashing Homophobia?

FMJRA 2.0: Off The Sidewalk, Into The Tree

Stockholm Bomber ID’d as Sven Olsen Taimour Abdulwahab Al-Abdaly

‘Christmas Time Is Here’

Rule 5 Sunday

Espionage or Journalism?

Brittany Smith Found Alive, Police Say Jeffrey Scott Easley ‘Very Good Suspect’ in Death of 12-Year Old Girl’s Mother

Maria Cino Unacceptable at RNC

Federal District Judge in Virginia Strikes Down Part of ObamaCare

When Bunnies Go Bad: 1968 Playmate of the Year Faces Prison for Shooting

Bernie Sanders Be Damned: Tax Bill Wins Senate Cloture Vote by Huge 83-15 Margin

International Hero of World Peace Julian Assange Free to Rape Again? Not Yet

In Which Ace of Spades Notices the Big Tax ‘Compromise’ Is Greased With Pork

Rush Limbaugh Reads My Blog On Radio, Makes Mrs. Other McCain Angry

Ezra Klein Offers Hope!

VIDEO: Florida School Board Shooting

Airport Shuttle Bus Driver Named ‘Muhammad’ Goes on Hit-and-Run Spree; ‘No Indication of Motive,’ Police Say

International Hero of World Peace Julian Assange Is Also International Mack Daddy

Alyssa Milano Told Me This Video Was Cute — And She Was Right!

Rich Lowry: Palin-Hater

Memo to Bill Sammon: There’s Somebody at Fox News Who Is Out to Get You

MELTDOWN: Wisconsin GOP Chair’s RNC Bid Destroyed by Stimulus Scandal

Julian Assange Likes Spunk

Oh, Boy! House Democrats Trying to Screw Up Lame-Duck Tax ‘Compromise’

Worst Dating ‘Strategy’ Evah!

The Unknown Tea Partiers

Allen West Asks, ‘Hey, How Come Congress Is Getting So Many Days Off?’

Larry Flynt Donates $50,000 to Legal Defense of Accused Rapist Julian Assange

‘A Striking Failure’

‘Merry Christmas, Everybody’!

Senate Kills DREAM Act

Lawyer for Accused Columbia Professor Compares Incest to Homosexuality, Calls Daughter ‘Accomplice,’ Not ‘Victim’

Assange: ‘The Worst Sex Ever’

Oh, My: Guess Who’s Getting On Board the Herman Cain 2012 Bandwagon?


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