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How About Some Love, VodkaPundit?

Posted on | August 4, 2011 | 13 Comments

by Smitty

Stephen Green comes close to throwing Virginia under the bus:

Virginia is traditionally GOP-friendly, but has been trending purple. Also, there’s been a huge influx of money and power and more money into the Northern VA ‘burbs around DC. That helps the state’s economy (at the expense of the rest of the nation), and makes Virginia a tough state for the GOP to pick off of Obama’s 2008 column.

You’re just trying to irritate me into even further efforts in support of American recovery, aren’t you, VP? Your double-secret head fake is likely to succeed!

Maybe I’ve lived in Northern Virginia for too long, but that concentration of history, of the very places where so many Founding Fathers lived, has me particularly incensed to see the place over-run by these slack-jawed homo bureaucratus tools. It’s flipping disgusting, starting with “Gentleman” Jim Moran at the top and proceeding down through the whole lot of the rot.


  • Brian

    Hey Shmitty, yes Virginia is a fine state for history but plenty of older establishments experience decay.
    Nothing a little bit of tearing out rot and put it back together the way it’s supposed to be.
    Unfortunately many are still waiting on a building permit…

  • Leslie Eastman

    I am hoping to move my family there from California, which should offset some of this effect.  Wish me luck!

  • Anonymous

    As a resident of California, Smitty, welcome to my world.

  • Anonymous

    I was back in Northern Virginia last week where my twin brother and four of my five sisters still live. Virtually all of them are left of center do varying degrees and amazingly they’ve all taken the notion that I’m some kind of Rightwing Extremist!

  • Anonymous

    I guess my mom, a Yankee living in the Northern Neck, isn’t nearly as bad as those DC carpetbaggers (wink).

  • ThePaganTemple

    At least he said Obama more than likely won’t win Indiana and North Carolina this time out. So there’s that. Plus he also said Obama almost definitely won’t win any state he didn’t win the last time. I feel good about Ohio and maybe Iowa, but not real good. I’m not as down on Virginia as he is, but I see his point. My main two concerns are Pennsylvania and Florida.

    Well no, my main concern is one or two or more liberal justices on the Supreme Court. Thinking about that shit will definitely keep you up at night.

  • McGehee

    It’s all those McGehee comments you Like here at TOM. Everybody knows I consider Attila the Hun a pinko.

  • Anonymous

    I moved to NC in 2000 from No VA. The key to winning is to motivate the real Virginia the area away from DC, Richmond and to some extent the area around VA Beach.

    Note to GOP candidate: Do not say that No VA etc are not the real Virginia.

  • Anonymous

    There are some days where I think it was a mistake for DC to give Virginia’s contribution to its borders back to Virginia.  If they hadn’t we would have that many more D voters packed into the electoral wasteland that is the District of Columbia.

    (By the way, one of my hopeless pet causes is to change the interstate number of the DC Beltway from I-495 to I-666.)

  • Anonymous

    I’ve always been an extremist I just didn’t know what kind till a few years back. And you’re right about Attila

  • Adjoran

    Green must be drunk-blogging again.  Virginia isn’t very purple, really.  They’ve been reliably Republican in national elections except for the Obama miracle in 2008 with the huge youth and black turnout which won’t happen again.  Jim Webb only won the Senate race in 2006 because Allen flubbed the “Maccaca” incident so badly, and is smart enough to avoid the humiliation of standing for a rematch.  Virginia elected Republicans statewide in 2009 and this strength carried through last year’s midterm.  There is no reason on Earth to believe Virginia will fall for Obama’s slick rap again.

    I lived and went to school in Virginia for 23 years, and still have close friends and family there.  It’s not as Republican as it was once, but it was never solid red – remember Chuck Robb and Mark Warner as Governor and Senator, Doug Wilder as Governor, for instance.  As far as NoVa is concerned, it’s been a world apart since the ’70s.

    Old Virginia joke, circa 1980: 
    Q:  How many Northern Virginians does it take to change a light bulb?
    A:   20, all of whom stand around sipping white wine and nibbling brie and complaining that the Assembly in Richmond just doesn’t understand the unique problems of changing light bulbs in Northern Virginia and why it requires far more funding than provided.  Not counted is the DC electrician who is called in to actually replace the bulb.

  • Christopher Renner

    This made my day. I’ve moved to Northern VA from Pittsburgh this year, and am constantly amazed at the utter mechanical ignorance of the folks who live here. (Excepting the immigrants who actually do the manual stuff, of course.)

  • Bob Belvedere

    I admit to feeling a bit better about things in The Old Dominion after reading this, Adj.