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‘She Quoted a Witness With the Improbable Name of Sarah Rumpf’

Posted on | October 2, 2011 | 18 Comments

Sunshine State Sarah finds herself quoted by Dana Loesch — and cited by Keith Olbermann in naming Dana “Worst Person in the World”:

Notice how Olbermann first mocks Loesch’s name before mocking Rumpf’s name. The mocking of people’s names is a cheap sort of humor (says the guy whose blog is improbably called “The Other McCain). BTW, Dana herself pronounces her last name “Lash,” and I wonder what Olbermann would say if he knew that Sarah’s Twitter handle is “Rumpfshaker“?

Sarah was one of the people attending the Orlando debate who made the point that the audible boos for a soldier who asked a question about “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” came from a couple of people, who were shushed by those sitting near them. However few or many the boo-birds were, it struck me at the time that they were booing the question, rather than the soldier. Republicans are tired of divisive “gotcha” questions in debates. I was taught as a boy that booing is poor sportsmanship. You cheer your own team, but never boo the opponent. (Booing a bad call by the refs, however, is OK.)

Anyway, among the other improbable things Olbermann might wish to mock about Sarah Rumpf is her role in helping Herman Cain secure a key endorsement before the Florida Straw Poll, and also the fact that she is a lawyer, who represented me pro bono when some left-winger hijacked my Michele Bachmann video.

And when I say Sarah represented me “pro bono,” of course, I mean she agreed to do it in return for frequent Rule 2 linkage.

If Olbermann Hates Her, You Know She’s Totally Awesome


  • Joe

    Being on Olbermann’s list used to be a badge of honor.  Not that many watched the old show, but at least a couple of dozen did.  Of course, now that Keith is broadcasting from Al Gore’s basement to really no one…

    if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there, does it make any sound?

    Still, If Olbermann hates Sarah, I agree,  you know She’s totally awesome

  • Anonymous

    The Question…..Should Mr McCain keep his blog friendly to people who are on dial-up and do not watch U-Tubes under any circumstances by telling us what the hell the people under discussion actually said?

    The Answer…..Yes, damn it.

  • JeffS

    Keith Olbermann?  I’d forgotten who that yapping cretin was until you dredged up his name.

  • Steve in TN

    Agreed. RSM blew this one as KO doesn’t deserve even a mention, much less a post, on any decent blog.

  • Charles G. Hill

    I’d offer to do something about Sarah’s not-even-slightly-mockable last name, but she’s way out of my league, IYKWIMAITYD.

  • Zilla of the Resistance

    Olbermann is a misogynistic  dumbass.

  • Anonymous

    Olbermann’s show isn’t any where near as momentous as an acorn falling in the forest let alone a tree.

  • Dianna Deeley

    Well, yes, but he’s a celebrity, so who notices?

  • Joe

    Rember the photo of a naked Olbermann on a leash?  It is no longer on the interwebs.  Did Al Gore order it be gone? 

    Olbermann is also quite a ladies man! /]

  • Joe

    You know he went back to his lair for some private time with his montior after that segment. 

  • chuck coffer

    That dickwad is worthy of about as much attention as Ganeen Graffalo. In other words, none. No one would know who either one of them were if they didn’t get press from conservative media outlets.

    Olbermann is an “anchor” on an infomercial channel and Graffalo is a “comedian” who couldn’t sell out a phone booth.

  • Adjoran

    The day DirectTV notified me of the addition of Current (the AlGore network) was the last time it appeared on my screen, even in name.  I don’t have Current OR MSNBC on my “favorite channels” guides. 

    Olbermann wasn’t a person of consequence to me when he was a snotty ESPN anchor.  He’s gone down in importance since then.  Whatever the loathsome little toad does, let him do it in obscurity.

    Remember:  the opposite of love isn’t hate; it is indifference.  Stop mentioning the obnoxious weasel and he will wither away naturally.  Taking notice of him, even infrequently, is like clapping for Tinkerbelle:  it keeps him alive.

  • jwallin

    So true.

    If Olby (and his 5 fans) says somethings is bad, I automatically am in favor of what(who)ever it is.

  • jwallin

    That hasn’t worked so far.

  • Bob Belvedere

    Joe, you link The Daily Caller…are they still in business?

  • Sarah Rumpf

    “If Olbermann Hates Her, You Know She’s Totally Awesome”

    …this is now my new favorite slogan 😉

  • Adjoran

    ” . . . however improbably named . . .”

  • Nobody

    Boy howdy, I bet that got her in dutch with the five or six drooling libtards that watch Olbie.