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Q: Can You Tell The Difference Between The World’s Youngest Blogger And The U.S. Attorney General?

Posted on | November 30, 2011 | 9 Comments

by Smitty

A: One of them lacks the maturity for public office; the other one is four months old.
Consider the WYB’s overly precise exposition of both this administration’s Fast & Furious operation, and Eric Holder’s non-approach to explaining to the American people just what these shenanigans mean:

Again, he’s four months old. We can expect, over time, that the WYB will do a better job of conveying the bigger picture of what is going on, without so slavishly reproducing the infantile mewlings of Eric Holder:

Embattled Attorney General Eric Holder today demanded The Daily Caller stop publishing articles about the growing calls in Congress for his resignation because of the failed Operation Fast and Furious gun-walking program.
As Holder’s aide was escorting the attorney general offstage following his remarks Tuesday afternoon at the White House, a Daily Caller reporter introduced himself and shook Holder’s hand. The reporter asked him for a response to the growing chorus of federal legislators demanding his resignation.
Holder stepped towards the exit, then turned around, stepped back toward the reporter, and sternly said, “You guys need to — you need to stop this. It’s not an organic thing that’s just happening. You guys are behind it.”
Holder then walked offstage without answering TheDC’s request for comment about calls for his resignation.

Via Atlas Shrugs


  • Joe

    Your son is not a rat faced liar. 

    He is also much cuter than Eric Holder. 

  • Kitty Myers

    White House Insider: “Eric Holder is about the most corrupt and…sinister – he’s the most sinister Attorney General this country has seen.  Dangerous.  He’s gone off the reservation all on his own from time to time. ”

  • Dell Hill

    I only had to watch and listen once to understand perfectly!  However, I suspect that it was only a short time later that the WYB deposited his true opinion of Mr. Holder!

  • Mortimer Snerd

    Enroll him for the next Republican debate.  He’ll win going away.  He makes more sense than any of the other candidates.

  • JeffS

    A while back, I noted that the WYB would be Chief of Naval Operations.

    Well, I’ve shortchanged the lad.  He’s Presidential material.  If I’m around when he hits the legal age, he’s got my vote.

  • richard mcenroe

    You know he’s not going to recognize you two without that camera in front of you, right? *g*  I particularly liked the part where he recapitulated logical positivism.

  • Anonymous

    These regular doses of kewtness sure take the edge off the idiocy surrounding us. 

    And WYB is so much more articulate than OZero–no ummm-ummm-stutter-ummm.

  • Adjoran

    Sweet, cute, innocent kid vs corrupt, vile, criminal AG.  Who to trust?

    Easy decision, but the did doesn’t have an ugly ‘stache or a checkered past.

  • Red

    GAWD Smitty, thanks for the CUTEBOMB 😀 I vote Sir Niklas!