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E-Mail to a Cain Campaign Staffer

Posted on | December 3, 2011 | 39 Comments

Shortly after midnight, I received an e-mail from an aide to the Herman Cain campaign, evidently alarmed by expressions of wrath in last night’s post. In the wee hours this morning, I replied to that e-mail with a simple question: “Has J.D. Gordon been fired?” So then I went to bed and, upon checking my e-mail after waking up this morning, I found a reply to the effect of “I don’t know.” To which I then replied:

When I woke up, after five hours sleep, the question in my mind was this: To whom is my loyalty owed?
That is to say, am I writing on behalf of the people who have been paid to do a job at which they have conspicuously failed — and I think the name J.D. Gordon is at or near the top of that list — or am I writing on behalf of the many thousands of small donors who have helped pay the salaries of the failures, and on behalf of the unpaid volunteers whose long hours of labor have been squandered because of those failures?
And look: “Multiple sources told POLITICO late Friday that Cain was leaning toward quitting.”
Where are MY “multiple sources,” huh? How come I could get nothing from anybody?

Perhaps readers will get the point without my explaining it, but I’ll explain anyway: When J.D. Gordon screwed me over by leaving me off Tuesday’s conference call, I took it personally. But it’s not just about me. It’s about people who supported Herman Cain who have been screwed over by that kind of routine incompetence by staffers who were being paid to do jobs at which they failed.


  • Joe

    Whoever left you off the conference call, the buck stops with Herman Cain.  He is responsible for his own campaign.  If he treats you like this, when you supported him from the get, why does this indicate he would be a good President?

    Trust me, I feel sick that our choices now are Romney and Gingrich.  Bachman and Santorum can’t seem to get any traction.  Perry imploded.  Ron Paul is just so…well crazy.   If I wanted a metrosexual democrat in charge, I would choose Obama over Huntsman.  And if I need a guy to hang out at a Phish concert with–Gary Johnson would be cool for that–but President of the United States? 

      I really wanted to believe Cain was something different.  But wishes ain’t fishes. 

    Is it too late to draft Fred Thompson? 

  • Joe

    Okay, maybe I would flip a coin between Obama and Huntsman.  But you get my point. 

  • ClassicFilm

    I’m hanging in there for Cain. The Obama smear machine worked in Illinois destroying his opponents, it may work now destroying Herman. But I still love the man and still believe in him to lead America.

  • Joe

    Actually I think Cain should fire his entire staff, get a team of private investigators, and prove all these sexual allegations are complete bullshit and continue to run.  Just hire a few hardened grassroots guys who know a thing or two about politics, journalism, and marketing.  And get a forigen policy maven on your team. 

    But of course that assumes the sexual allegations are complete bullshit. 

  • Duane Lester

    While I don’t spend as much time working the phones as you, I have met J.D. Gordon, he has my email and has used it and I have been a supporter of Herman Cain on my blog. 

    I interviewed him back in December of last year.  I’ve been in contact with the campaign for that long.

    And nothing. 

    Oh, and I’m one of those small donors too.

    You’re not alone in your outrage, Stacy.

  • smitty

    The point worth making for all of these campaigns is that blogs should not be doormats.

  • Mike Rogers

    As an early and maxed out supporter and volunteer, I am always treated very well when able to get to a Cain event, but breaking through the campaign clutter has always been tricky.
    I wasn’t invited to he per-announcement meeting/call today, so I get to read about it afterwards. A bit disappointing.

  • Anonymous

    The allegations certainly seem to BS.  But if they aren’t….what does it matter?

    Newt would still have more baggage and a much worse campaign infrastructure.

  • JewishOdysseus

    To write ruthlessly what I believe:

    I fear Herman Cain has a problematic lack of humility.  It may be arrogance.  He has never recognized his shortcomings as a candidate, and therefore refused to address them or minimize them.  He is confident, and that is a great and necessary quality for success, but it is hard to avoid the conclusion that he has fallen prey to OVER-confidence, or a higher regard for his own abilities than was warranted.

    There were two ways to handle this, each acceptable:  one was to carefully control his exposure in public venues and interviews so as to minimize his opportunities for “gaffes,” the other was to get him some steady but intensive issues-tutoring so he cd turn weakness into strength:”OMG, that was a fantastic answer to an obscure question, this guy is awesome!”  (BTW, Ron Reagan was a sharp and knowledgeable guy, but even his campaign recognized his tendency to shoot from the lip, and always kept careful control over his exposure.)

    But, my friends, he has done neither.  And it has HURT him, and after ~7 months of hard campaigning, it doesn’t look like he will EVER get that he needs (needed) to do this. 

    The single thread running through all his blowups the past month or so has been his refusal to recognize his own weaknesses or vulnerabilities at the moment, and prudently either address them or minimize them.  I sense that, at the end of the day, his (rather noble) instinct is:  “Hey, just give me the ball again, fellas, I’m gonna pull this game out of the fire yet again.”  But when the other side has stolen your playbook and knows exactly what you’re gonna do, that just is NOT the best way to win.

    I am truly, truly sorry to write this. :- (

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  • Joe

    Kathleen Parker, as usual, misses the point.  And she is using the wrong metaphor.  The GOP race is more like the Titanic sinking and party members looking for a life raft.  Rather than swimming for Romney, they are swimming for Newt. 

  • Joe

    The point making for all these campaigns is voters should not be doormats.  How hard is an occasional “that a boy” or thanks? 

  • Doc Clear

    Love the Cain train.  But I got off last stop.  The problem is that I don’t really like any of the other trains.  My issue with Cain isn’t the false stories.  My problem is that he refuses to hire competent people or be quick as disseminating information.  Actually it’s the opposite.  The new and improved website is a ghost town.  Like you said about information… it’s non-existent.  I admit that Cain is very shallow in a few areas, but had always believed he would hire good and competent people to fill in those areas where he was lacking.  Now, I realize that either he has zero control of what’s going on, or he’s an incompetent manager.  Either one of those options derailed my Cain train.  It’s sad because he could have been so much more.  There were thousands of people willing to work for nothing other than having access to information.  But instead they issued a blackout to bloggers.  What at first looked like a very approachable down to earth Presidential candidate now looks like a distant boulder.  No, I’m not going to go all Ace and trash everyone else’s candidate, but I really don’t know where to go now.  

  • Joe

    That was very insightful and well said.  My support for Herman Cain started to erode with the constant gaffes.  They happen, but they hurt.  Yet the guy does not seem to get it. 

    And giving money to a woman without telling your wife is a problem (although I admit I have done it on occasion with Joy McCann and Cynthia Yockey, but I think you all recognize that is a wee bit different–neither of them are calling me on my cell phone at 2 am). 

  • Joe

    But if they aren’t….what does it matter?

    It matters.  It matters for Newt.  It matters for Herman.  It should matter. 

  • Doc Clear

    Maybe I’m just whipped, but I don’t do anything related to women without telling my wife about it.  The only reason I wouldn’t is if I was sneaking around and doing things I shouldn’t.  Which is wrong.  Like you, I can’t see any other reason unless they have a wall between business and private.  Some wives would rather not know anything about their husband’s business.  Not mine of course, but I’ve seen many different types of relationships that work even though they wouldn’t for me or my spouse.  For us, even a separate checking account would be problematic.

  • Zilla of the Resistance

    Now the big announcement is coming today:
    I don’t even care anymore, they screwed over their own supporters in the right blogosphere, especially OUR Stacy. Fuckum. They can all go to hell. Suck it, Herman, maybe in the future you learn how to treat people who are trying to HELP you, maybe in the future you pull your head out of your ass, although at this point it looks like you’ve got too big an ego to do even that. I don’t care about those bitches who are probably just making shit up, I care about Cain’s complete and utter inability to learn a fucking thing about anything as it pertains to running a campaign or not dicking around those who have tried to help you.

  • thomasmcandrews

    “I fear Herman Cain has a problematic lack of humility.  It may be arrogance.”

    He lost me when he referred to himself in the third person.  I hate that.

  • richard mcenroe

    It should matter to whatever POS orchestrated these leaks.  But we’re busy doing their job for them, so they don’t care.

  • Anonymous

    That is marketing…

  • richard mcenroe

    I only wish I could be sure it was the Democrats doing this.  But there are so many “good” Republicans popping up on the fringes of this thing, particularly from the two “top” candidates, that it’s impossible to tell.

    I HOPE this is Obama and Axelrod.  But that’s based on not much more than the reflexive lefty belief Rove and Cheney are responsible for all the evil in the world.

  • richard mcenroe

    Gloria Alred sez ‘prove it they aren’t.’

  • Joe

    Of course if some POS orchestrated these leaks and they are true…well that changes things doesn’t it.

    The earlier ones seem to be complete fabrications, but this last one is problematic.  I wait to hear what the explanation is.  Knapster is right, you cannot make up the facts or deny a 13 year affair.  Either it happened or it did not.  It can be proven either way over that length of time. 

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  • Catholics4Cain

    this is one person sticking with Herman Cain.l agree that the higher ups were harder to reach but contacting the staff at the lower end was always a breeze. I didn’t need to be in contact each and every day. They are not their for me to respond to each and every crisis-or to get an inside scoop.Not that big an ego here. If they listened to me every time there was a negative in the race they’d have never gotten anywhere. Sure some folks probably do need fired. That’s a campaign for ya. On the other hand i don’t think it’s Cain’s ego keeping him in the race. It’s that if he caves in to these allegations-which really don’t pass the smell test-they win. Regardless of what anyone thinks about the campaign or his staff. It comes right out of the WH and they want him out bad-and truth is they are probably in cahoots from someone from one of the other campaigns who want him out just as badly. Notice that there wasn’t one profanity in this reply. (HINT). It’s called not being that angry.

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  • Catholics4Cain

     live stream here at the right scoop w/ chat room

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  • Reddmike2004

    I could have sworn that yesterday morning, (Fri. 02 Dec.) on the Neal Boortz show that the “leak” was done by the Romney administration…

  • Adjoran

    Never read Kathleen Parker.  If you must torture yourself and damage your brain cells, drink enough Wild Turkey neat and burn an image of her face on your forearm with a lit cigar.

    Trust me, it’s healthier.

  • Adjoran

    Obama would have waited until he had the nomination.  But the Obama Smear Machine didn’t operate like Clinton’s – Obama’s merely dug up dirt on his opponents that they thought was safely hidden, but it was all true stuff.

  • Adjoran

    Know what it reminds me of?  Dan Ackroyd doing Bob Dole:

    “You see, Bob Dole grew up in Kansas in a small farm town. Bob Dole didn’t have the prep school education, or the sterling silverware, or the bumper pool table in the basement..  Bob Dole didn’t have the shower & massage with five-way adjustable heads.. or the sit-down lawnmower. Bob Dole didn’t have these things!”

  • Anonymous

    Fred would just drop out just before the FL primary like he did last time.  Last straw for me.  I re-registered as NPA. F’m.

  • James Knauer

    ROFL Classic & Timeless! “You know it, I know it, Bob Dole knows it, don’t make me stab you with this pen!”

  • James Knauer

    “And it has HURT him…” Aye, and indeed, to the point where any hangers-on position in a GOP admin is now likely closed to him as well.

  • James Knauer

    I think the blame ultimately lies with Herman Cain, as he is fond of telling us with regards as to where to place it.

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  • Christy Waters

    Oh, that Wild Turkey will do a number on you… Thanks for the reminder.

  • ThePaganTemple

    Feeling like letting loose with a string of cuss words yet?