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I Love The Smell Of #ChickFilA At Noon. It Smells Like. . .Liberty

Posted on | August 1, 2012 | 29 Comments

by Smitty

I saw the Mike Huckabee support call, and, given I work a couple blocks from a store, was hungry, and cannot abide the Orwellian hijinks of these disgusting Lefty activist bozos, I trundled over for a bite:

So, take that, you degenerates who’d attack a restaurant for an opinion held by the company President! You’ve managed to unite Americans so much, this blog has to offer props to Lindsey Graham! Some in DC are enjoying the Chick-Fil-A to the point it blows their drawers off. (This blog reaffirms its commitment to safety consciousness while partaking of Chick-Fil-A.)

Speaking of events that could blow your knickers away, what the Left really needs to do is start planning. When Barack Obama has significantly more free time, commencing next January, he’d make a swell spokesman for “Dog-Fil-A”. Being head of his own private sector company would give Barack Obama his first chance in life to do something to earn his wage and #Occupy his time.

Think about it.

More at Legal Insurrection.

Update: Linked by Jackie Wellfonder.

Update II: Katz scratch fever=>

Update III: More at Nice Deb.

Update IV: Also partaking: Daria Anne.

Update V: The Lonely Conservative links. Ace is kinda shy.

Update VI: Linked at SWAC Girl, and Paco.


  • Jennifer Weber

    You made me laugh so hard I almost choked on my Chick-fil-A sammy. Long live the Eat Mor Chikin place. Mmmmmmmm ….

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  • Adobe_Walls

    You forgot it’s Homophobalicious!

  • SycophantBastard
  • Evilbloggerlady

    Listen to Smitty:   Don’t Eat That!

  • richard mcenroe

    The SanFernando Valley Patriots ( Tea Party) welcomed customers and passersby to the CFA in Northridge this AM bright and early. About 35-40 strong. Boocoo TV and radio, even a dude fromNYT. The TVs were obviously under orders to push the “hate gay marriage ” angle but we stayed polite and didn’t oblige them.

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  • Wombat_socho

    The CFA here in Landmark Mall was doing land-office business; about thirty people stacked up in line when I got there at 11 AM and twice that by the time I left at 1130. The manager was going up and down the line thanking everyone for their patience, the MRC had a half-dozen folks there with a “Don’t Believe The Liberal Media” sign and they were getting a lot of positive response. I daresay there were more people there for lunch today than the Mall usually sees on weekends. I’ll have to post photos sometime when I can get them off my phone…

  • smitty

    Excellent, Wombat. Do update the post.

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  • JeffWeimer

    The Chick-Fil-a in Woodbridge, VA had cars stacked up all the way onto the Prince William Parkway about a half an hour ago. It was packed, but they brought their “A” game. No line at the register, and my (special order) sandwich came out lickety-split. The folks working there seemed a bit  nonplussed over the whole thing. I told one of them to thank the Mayor of Boston.

  • Dturner23

    Our CFA in Bucks County Pa is mobbed today! How about those vanilla milkshakes!!

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  • Wombat_socho

     WordPress hates me this afternoon, but here’s a pic of the line when I got there at 1100 today, and another when I left at 1300. There were about thirty people in line when I got there, at least twice that when I left.

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  • McGehee

    My nearest Chick-fil-A was too crowded to approach today, which is pretty much normal for that location.

    Uh-oh — they only had a “normal” day today! Surely it’s the beginning of the end for Chick-fil-A!!!

  • Wombat_socho

     idk about the vanilla, but the peach was AWESOME.

  • Wombat_socho

     Clearly your neighborhood needs another – or larger – Chick-Fil-A.

  • DonaldDouglas
  • Bob Belvedere

    Good one, Evi – I retweeted it.

  • McGehee

    It’s too bad Truett Cathy hasn’t contracted a case of Starbucks/Waffle-House syndrome.

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  • Guest

    21 grams of terrified gay-hatin’ fat per serving. Eat mor chickn, morons. 

  • McGehee

    There’s that word again. “Hate.” Clearly you have never bothered to look it up.

  • revrocky210

                The  Anti-Chick-fil-A  Jihad !

         (This sinister
    jihad is part of the end-time “days of Lot” – coordinated worldwide by
    powerful unseen beings  – that Jesus predicted in Luke 17. To see if you
    are part of this soul-damning craze, read on!)

    “Zombietime” and click on “Up Your Alley Fair.” After recovering, Yahoo
    “God to Same-Sexers: Hurry Up” on the “ucmpage” listing (even Jesus
    told Judas to hurry up – John 13:27). Also Yahoo “Dangerous Radicals of
    the Religious Right.”
         Read this before the predicted California
    earthquake happens a la Rev.16:19 (“the cities of the nations fell”) –
    and before hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts and other disasters occur!
    The fast-moving goal of Gaydom is to quietly sneak its depravity on to
    every Main Street on earth while normal folks stay asleep and do
    nothing. I wonder how soon San Francisco’s underground saint – San
    Andreas – will get a big jolt out of the public gay porn that goes on over his head in “Madam”
    Nancy Pelosi’s brothel district in front of children! Not one to mince
    words, Jesus said in Mark 9:42 that anyone hurting a child in any way
    deserves to be hanged and have his body thrown into the ocean!
         It’s far
    from coincidental that the more America elevates gays and senseless
    violence (see the predicted “days” of “Lot” and “Noah” in Luke 17), the
    more the cost of gas, food etc. goes up! If America is smart, it will
    pick up the big dust-covered book everyone owns and almost never reads –
    no, not the Sears catalog – and find out that the One who made the
    universe has some rights too! (Also Google “Obama Fulfilling the
         Gays like to say that Jesus didn’t explicitly mention
    homosexuality. Well, when gays are about to have a birthday, they don’t
    talk about all the things they don’t want. Instead they speak positively
    about what they’d like to receive. In the same manner Jesus, instead of
    negatively listing every sexual variation and perversion that He knew
    mankind would invent, avoided an endless list of “thou-shall-nots” and
    positively stated that marriage was created for only one man and one
    woman. BTW, by fulfilling the same “days of Lot,” gays are actually
    hurrying up the return of Christ as Judge and helping to make the Bible
    even more believable!

         (Obama and his porn-protecting California friends – including Brown and Pelosi – did NOT approve of this message.)

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