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OMG! I Thought The Obama Flag & Blood On The Wall A Tasteless Joke. . .

Posted on | September 20, 2012 | 17 Comments

by Smitty

But no, that upper image is, unexpectedly, a sale item:

Let me be perfectly clear. Obama wasn’t joking when he talked about ‘fundamentally transforming America‘. This is why I tell people: the election in five weeks is nothing short of a Constitutional referendum.

If given another 48 months to wield his Commie wrecking ball on our notion of limited government, know this: he’ll be hanging on to power for more like 480 months.

You know what you’ve got to do.

(h/t HotAir)


  • jlwellfonder

    This just makes me beyond furious, and I’m telling ya’ll now, if I see one of those God forsaken posters on this campus, the bitch is coming down…I just can’t take it….

  • richard mcenroe

    too expensive even to buy to burn, but I’ll keep my eyes open.

  • JeffS

    As a friend commented on another blog:

    “The Dems love to scream about a supposed Republican War On Women; it
    seems a stronger case can be made for the Democrat’s War on Americans.”

    Truer words have never been spoken.

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  • WJJ Hoge

    It requires an amazing ego to believe that one can replace all 57 stars on the Flag.

  • Joan Of Argghh!

    One is bought online. The other is bought on the front lines.

    I say it’s time we had a flag-burning of our own. In front of our local media outlets. Burn their station call-signs, too. In effigy.

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady
  • alan markus

    I posted this somewhere else:

    I’m thinking this flag thing has some staying power. Could replace the “You didn’t build that” & “the empty chair” thing.
    I see a market for those flags (maybe paper version, not the $35 type you can buy from the Obama campaign).
    Lots of public burnings of the “Obama” flag. What an image that would be!

    added: So, maybe the blogosphere could get something going – get a source for those flags, and organize a bunch of flag-burning events.

  • MM

    As of this week, courtesy of Jim Messina, they have their own hand sign, too! Now what other political figure had all of these things, including his own party symbol?

  • M. Thompson

    The egomania and the impotence of Barack Obama, captured in a single file.

  • Lt. Coffey

    We’re going to have to take steps…

  • smitty

    I’ll amend your motion to read: Romney campaign makes mock Obama flag.
    Romney gets the $, BHO gets the blowback.

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  • Stogie Chomper

    Your post inspired my photoshop attached.

  • Adjoran

    Even the Soviets eventually realized the dangers inherent in a Cult of Personality, as Khrushchev denounced “The Crimes of the Stalin Era” in a famous speech before the Central Committee (after Stalin was safely dead, of course).

  • Kyle Sager

    hey there are 50 stars on the flag not 57. you might want to go back and took a good look at the flag there bud

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