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Huge Crowd Stands in Line in the Rain!

Posted on | September 26, 2012 | 58 Comments

OK, if you believe the polls, Mitt Romney’s 10 points behind in Ohio. But then there are those people — THOUSANDS of people — who stood in line in the rain to get in to see Mitt this afternoon in downtown Toledo:

QUESTION: Do you believe in the polls, or do you believe in the people?

UPDATE: Here’s a look at the crowd inside the rally:

UPDATE II: Still waiting for Mitt to take the stage here. A few linkbacks while we wait:

UPDATE III: Mitt keeps hammering on the national debt, saying Obama has added “about $6 trillion” to the debt, and later saying that, if Obama is re-elected, the U.S. national debt will reach $20 trillion by 2016.

UPDATE IV: There were times during this rally when the crowd just went wild cheering and began chanting “Mitt! Mitt! Mitt!” People who say Mitt isn’t “exciting” should attend one of these rallies. I’ll have some video in a minute.

UPDATE V: As promised, here is the video of the end of Romney’s speech. Listen to the crowd cheering at the end — excitement!

Gotta hit the road and go file my column for tomorrow’s American Spectator.


  • Dai Alanye

    It appeared, and still appears, obvious to me that your “sincere and polite inquiries” were snarky skepticism, as your further comments tend to prove. Let me, however, pretend to treat some of your questions as serious.

    Exact figures, as all recent history proves, are impossible to come by with regard to economic matters. For instance, Barack Obama promised when elected to reduce the yearly deficit while cutting unemployment below 6% during his first term. Inaccuracy such as his comes close to setting a world record.

    What Romney will achieve depends not only on his own plans but on the will of Congress and on the actions of three-hundred million individual Americans, not to mention innumerable foreigners.

    We can, however, be reasonably sure that Romney plus a Republican House and Senate will significantly cut government expenditures. We may also safely assume that reducing Federal regulations will have the effect of increasing commerce and manufacturing in the US. Indeed, I expect the business climate to begin to improve on the Wednesday after the election, assuming Romney wins. These factors will improve tax receipts, so combined with decreased expenditures the deficit is bound to be greatly reduced, year by year.

    I hope this clears up any confusion you might have as to the federal deficit’s trendline. If not, feel free to contact me again with specific queries.

  • K-Bob

    <Mr. Burns mode>Excellent!</Mr. Burns mode>

  • Thane_Eichenauer

    Your eventual answer is the one I would have preferred to have in the first place.
    “How much will the US government debt grow to if Romney is elected?” If you think this is snarky skepticism then I encourage you to remember that all comments are not snarky and that the world needs Republican skeptics just as much as it needs Democratic skeptics.
    Lastly, my comments are always serious, especially if the eventual person elected happens to be named Mitt Romney.

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