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Movie Rated ‘R’ for Scene in Which Breitbart Rapes the Media Narrative

Posted on | October 8, 2012 | 14 Comments

Tonight is the DC premiere of Andrew Marcus’s excellent new documentary, Hating Breitbart, which gets some unexpected free publicity:

Producers of the biographical documentary “Hating Breitbart” got news last week that their film received an “R” rating from the Motion Picture Association of America. And with that move official Hollywood, long the preserve of liberal culture warriors, has had what appears to be the last laugh on the late Andrew Breitbart. . . .
Breitbart was never at a loss for words. And some of those words were decidedly profane. Andrew Marcus, the director of “Hating Breitbart,” which was scheduled for release on Oct. 12, told The Daily Caller on Sunday that the film’s nationwide unveiling has been pushed back one week while he and his team approach the MPAA with a request for a re-hearing.

Raping the narrative? Hey, the narrative was beggin’ for it.

UPDATE: Trailer for the movie:

Learn more at the Official HATING BREITBART Web site.



  • Quartermaster

    An ‘R’ rating will catch teh interest of the “yute” vote. Yutes just can’t stay away from an ‘R’ rated movie.

  • datechguy

    If the R rating stands the big question becomes should they delay the release an extra week to put in some gratuitous Rule 5+ scenes to boost the box office?

  • Dianna Deeley

    Watching that trailer made me miss him all over again. Excuse me. I’m going to close my office door and have a good cry.

  • Bob Belvedere

    I start off feeling sad when I see him, but always end-up in a good, fighting mood after.

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  • JeffS

    Sorta kinda maybe on topic, but a Hollywood actress has publicly endorsed Romney.

    Plus, there’s some serious Rule 5 material there. Just sayin’, is all.

  • Quartermaster

    Her treatment at the hands of the moonbats is pretty much a predictable thing. They ought to be ashamed, but that’s far from them.

  • JeffS

    Ashamed? They revel in their hate. Must be more addictive than crack cocaine.

  • Garym

    There is an “article” on Stacy Dash over at Soylent Green, which I only go to for the articles ……. of course.

  • DarthLevin

    Because so many people who can’t see R-rated movies can vote… the living ones, anyway.

  • Bob Belvedere

    Me too. I go there frequently simply for the articles…of clothing that are missing.

  • Wombat_socho

    Wait, wait, there’s articles over there? When did this start?

  • Lonely Conservative

    I would swallow a load of maggots from his decaying penis if I could.

  • Zilla of the Resistance

    Fuck off, impersonator troll. Loser.