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BREAKING NEWS: The Economy Sucks

Posted on | November 15, 2012 | 23 Comments

The Drudge Report featured this headline stack today:


None of this is exactly news to anyone who was really paying attention. Unfortunately, about 62.6 million Americans weren’t paying attention Nov. 6, so that the cause of this non-news — the disastrous failure of Obamanomics — will now be extended by four years. Danielle Saul comments:

[W]e as a country have conceded to the entitlement mentality, and it is already beginning to destroy our country. Jobless claims have risen 78k since the election pushing unemployment to 439k, the highest level since April 2011.

Danielle provides an extensive list of announced layoffs. Looks like it’s going to be an un-Merry Christmas for lots of folks. And even the 1% will have a little less holiday cheer: The Dow Jones Industrial Average has lost more than 700 points since Obama was re-elected.

Maybe all those stupid young “Vagina Voters” can find some way to trade in their free contraceptives for cash.

UPDATE: The latest news:

Senate Democrats say deficit
package must include stimulus

In other words, a deal to reduce the deficit must, according to Democrats, include more deficit spendingThe Lonely Conservative writes:

Why would any sane people think that more of the same will produce a different result? Geez, we may as well go over the financial cliff now and get it over with.


If Every Food Stamp Recipient Voted For Obama,
It Would Account For 75% Of His Total

So, between food stamps and contraceptives for “Vagina Voters,” Obama bought re-election by giving away “free” stuff paid for with money taken from taxpayers who voted against him.



  • Adjoran

    The economic problems aren’t all Obama’s fault, but his policies have hobbled the recovery and invited the double dip that the EU has been racing towards.

    This is why I say give the man his tax hikes, while publicly declaring we don’t think they will work, and let him and the Democrats own the results.

    Besides, the American electorate has spoken, it is what they want, and perhaps they will draw some education from the results.

  • mare

    “…and let him and the Democrats own the results.” When in the world has that ever happened? Media, meet Adjoran, Adjoran meet the Media.

    I think it’s more accurate to say, Obama, The Whole EPA, Reid, Pelosi, Frank, and Dodd are responsible for the flaming pile that is this economy.

  • TCarrington

    Perhaps. It’s clear Obama doesn’t care if we go over the cliff. He can pocket the increased taxes on everybody and blame the Republicans. But it’s telling that he never specifically said “thousandaires” until after the election. (Doesn’t play to the millionaire/billionaire narrative.) These taxes will mostly affect those who derive their wealth from “earned” income, including the self-employed, dual income married couples at the peak of their earning years and small businesses that file individually and from whose “earnings” they hire and pay their employees/benefits, their payroll taxes and, if anything’s left, their own salary and insurance. My spouse and I fall into the last category. Our response to these increases–which will be far higher than the rates under Clinton due to AMT and phaseouts–will be to cut back, reduce investment and spending, and move more assets to less taxable assets like passive real estate. So Obama will be lucky if he gets even half the projected $82B a year. Yes, it will be a painful lesson, but unfortunately the producers will bear the brunt of it initially.

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  • smitty

    Even Greater American Depression (EGAD)

  • Charles

    You would like to believe all the taxpayers voted for Romney and all the nontaxpayers for Obama, but it just isn’t so.

  • Beeblebrocs

    No, we don’t believe that Charles. We believe three categories of people voted for Obama:

    1. Parasites.
    2. Cretins.

    3. Wolves.

    The wolves are the ones who use the system to build their power base: Unions, the Greens, the political class, the Media.

    The parasites use the system to enrich themselves (even on the low-end, if you aren’t working but get paid, you are enriching yourself).

    Taxpayers who got suckered into voting for Obama because of white guilt, or they want to be thought cool, or they’re just dumb; fall into category #2.

  • Christopher Blake Carlton

    The good news, once the dollar goes up in flames, birth control and tampons will be the new currency. Lets see them quantitatively ease that

  • jsn2

    “Obama bought re-election by giving away “free” stuff paid for with money taken from taxpayers who voted against him.”

    The President is a hornswoggler.

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  • RichFader

    “Vagina voters”?

    I knew something about this election smelled fishy.

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  • Finrod Felagund

    You don’t have to tell me the economy sucks; my contract job of 16 months running was abruptly ended last Friday because the funding got cut.

  • JeffS


  • Wombat_socho


  • Finrod Felagund

    Thanks. We’ll see how long this stretch of unemployment lasts. My longest was 8 months in 1993 (Bill Clinton), though I had 2 stretches of 6 months each under Obama with only a 3-month contract between them. I’m hoping it doesn’t come to that again.

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  • aceofwands

    Bullets and toilet paper will be the currency of the future.

  • Bob Belvedere


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