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TINFOIL HAT: Sec State Injured, SEAL Killed During Iran Incident?

Posted on | December 30, 2012 | 23 Comments

by Smitty

Supposedly the Russian GRU is circulating a report that the recently Navy SEAL Commander demise and non-availability of the Secretary of State are related:

This GRU report, however, states that US military flight logs recorded by Russian air and space forces confirm that Commander Price, and other members of US Navy Seal Team 4, left their base in Urozgan Province, Afghanistan on a flight to US Naval Support Activity Bahrain where they met up with Secretary Clinton and all of them transferred to the C-12 Huron that began a flight path to Baghdad, Iraq.

The whole thing reads like a drunken encounter between John Le Carre and The Onion. I can picture a roomful of GRU guys and some Stoli having a right jolly time putting this one together.

Lord, rest Commander Job Price (whatever the details of his unexpected departure), and

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  • Rachael

    “A new Foreign Military Intelligence (GRU) report circulating in the KREMLIN today is saying”…………..I stopped taking it seriously right there.

  • Alborn

    I must admit that I would not be sad to hear that Shillary never leaves the hospital. I for one would lift a toast to her. People always seems to die around the Clintons.

  • John Scotus

    Obviously, Dick Cheney shot down the C-12 in order to stall the peace process and start a war so that the US could get Iran’s oil.

  • K-Bob

    No blood for pistachios!

  • K-Bob

    Well, even so, you have to give them +1 over our media for veracity. (i.e., they may still be lying, but it’s still less likely they are lying than our media, these days.)

  • K-Bob

    Sort of related (in the same part of the world):

    Wasn’t one of Obama’s ascension factors the fact that America kept backing thug regimes, so naturally we should have expected the blowback (ie, “the blowback we deserved,” in the cant of leftist talking points) that was 9-11?

    Well I guess he fixed that problem, all right.

  • OldNuc

    It is somewhat alarming that I find this report in the EU Times more credible than the reports regarding the Secretary of State and Commander Price emanating from the U.S. Administration.

  • 2SoonOld2LateSmart

    Pictures. Lets see da freakin pictures!

  • Joan Of Argghh!


  • Joan Of Argghh!

    Scuttlebutt Skeet is the sport of kings!

  • Wasup

    Exactly, agreed with K-Bob

  • Matthew W

    “I can picture a roomful of GRU guys and some Stoli having a right jolly time putting this one together.”

    Remember way back when SNL was funny and had great comedians?

    This sounds like the sketch with Buck Henry and Dan Ackroyd when they were telling the “real” story of the Watergate tapes.

    Yes, it is hard to take what comes out of the CCCP as truth, but sometimes it is true.

  • Wombat_socho

    Or at least they’re not the same lies that the Obama Administration is pushing.

  • 20thCenturyVole

    Somehow, I don’t see Hilly kitted out in combat gear, clutching a SAW as she dives out the back of a C-130…

  • Adjoran

    The idea that Hillary was anywhere near a hot zone is really the stuff of Deep Trilateralism.

    It’s far more likely she was cracked in the head with a giant vibrator by a jealous lesbian lover, NTTAWWT.

  • Martin Hutchison

    Maybe it was a plan to sell ourselves to Iran under the table for something pretty to be shown on the sunday shows to distract from Benghazi.

  • K-Bob

    Heh. Yes, and that makes it at least a refreshing change of pace. Kind of like the old joke about “OK, break time’s over, everyone back on your heads.”

  • Bob Belvedere

    Speak for yourself!

  • Bob Belvedere

    That’s the Huma, er, rumor I heard.

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  • Koncerned Citizen(D)

    Between the “concussed state” and her “timely award” designed to influence public opinion over Benghazi.. one must suspect the low educated voting class is feeling more sorry for her than they so themselves

  • Susannah Fleetwood

    Some of the comments here are absolutely appalling. I think that the
    Obama Administration egregiously botched Benghazi. However, wishing
    death on Hillary Clinton–a 65 year old woman (who is somebody’s mother
    BTW) with a brain aneurysm is beyond the pale.

    It is possible to think that the Obama Administration made hash out of
    Lybia without wishing death on the Secretary of State. The comments
    here are clownish and are an embarrassment to the entire conservative
    movement. In fact, I will quote what I wrote in a recent post with
    regard to conservatives making flaming jackasses out themselves and
    hurting the entire party:

    ” I don’t ask that you agree with me,
    or even for your courtesy. I just ask that the next time you do
    anything that represents the Republican Party, that you leave the bright
    red nose and big floppy shoes at home.”

    Seriously people–we aren’t Occupy Wall Street or The Daily Kos. We are better than this.

    Sincerely, Susannah Fleetwood

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