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HookerGate: What Did @AliciaMenendez Know, and When Did She Know It?

Posted on | February 4, 2013 | 15 Comments

“Alicia Menendez is a Senior Advisor to NDN and its sister organization, the New Policy Institute. . . . Ms. Menendez comes to NDN/NPI as a well-established television commentator and experienced organizer in important emerging communities. You can find her talking about national politics just about every week on the cable news networks, Fox and MSNBC. . . . She also spent time as a television segment producer and on-air contributor for RNN TV in New York, and was a primary surrogate on her father’s successful 2006 bid for the US Senate in New Jersey.”
Simon Rosenberg, “Alicia Menendez Joins the NDN Team,” New Democrat Network, Jan. 13, 2010

“In NDN’s calculus, the long-term success of the Democratic Party will depend heavily on the party’s ability to ‘master the new media and technology tools that are changing the way we all communicate and advocate.'”
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Parlaying powerful family connections into a lucrative career in politics and media is not an unusual story in Washington, and it appears that the daughter of embattled Senator Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) has traveled that familiar path, as Adam Hose reports at Viral Read:

Alicia Menendez . . . graduated from Harvard College in 2005, with an honors degree in Studies in Women, Gender and Sexuality. . . . She is founder of, has appeared on MSNBC Live, CNN International, BBC World and Fox News and is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post.
Ms. Menendez is a self-proclaimed feminist and has addressed women’s issues in politics in many different ways. In a March 2008 piece she wrote . . . focused on then-NY Governor Eliot Spitzer, after it was discovered he had been paying for the services of prostitutes. She seemingly excused his actions for biological, boys-will-be-boys reasons . . . Then during the 2012 presidential election (as well as her father’s own re-election campaign), in a piece for, she addressed “The GOP’s Lady Problems,” claiming that because Republicans desire to discuss women’s issues in terms of the economy, deficit and jobs, instead of contraception, abortion rights and equal pay, they were out of touch with women in general.

Read the whole thing. Alicia Menendez leveraged her father’s political connections into a career that includes being a HuffPo “star,” even while her father was leveraging his own connection to a Palm Beach campaign contributor into free flights to the Dominican Republic for (alleged) sex parties with young prostitutes.

Isn’t it therefore incumbent on Alicia Menendez to explain what she knew about her father’s involvement with Dr. Salomon Melgen, who is now the target of an FBI investigation? Certainly, other journalists are now demanding answers to these disturbing questions:

In an editorial Sunday, the Newark Star-Ledger said the scandal surrounding the senator raised “serious  doubts about his fitness to serve as chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee.” . . .
Menendez is facing a Senate ethics probe and an FBI investigation into a donor,  who is suspected of providing him with free trips on his private jet and  underage prostitutes during visits to the Dominican Republic, according to  reports from the media website The Daily Caller and a complaint filed with the  Justice Department by a watchdog group.

Does the Huffington Post employ Alice Menendez as a journalist, or is her “job” just a partisan patronage sinecure for the overprivileged daughter of a powerful (and possibly corrupt) Democrat? What are they really paying her for? Is it possible that Alicia Menendez is using her influential connections to help pressure her fellow “progressives” in the media to ignore her father’s sleazy scandal?

Oh, what a coincidence: Senator Menendez’s office has gotten one of the women to deny knowing the Senator!

So if Yaneisi Fernandez says she’s never met Menendez or worked as a prostitute, then obviously he must be innocent, right? I mean, when in doubt, you’ve got to take the word of alleged Dominican prostitutes. Because they’re as honest as New Jersey Democrats.

Alicia Menendez is on Twitter. Maybe you can ask her some questions.




  • DaveO

    How is this woman any different than Ms. McCain? The term is “Patronage.” Not Matronage. Funny how Progressive women require a man’s permission in order to succeed.

  • Mike G.

    I tweeted her a message, but don’t expect an answer.

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    It is probably hard for her to report that her dad is a low life creep who pays accept donor paid for sex with girls younger than she is.

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    Meghan McCain works for free drinks and jalapeño poppers?

  • jsn2

    She’s from the same mold as elizabeth warrens’ daughter, both are red diaper babies grown into full blown pinkos.

  • Robin H

    She really has a degree in Women, Gender and Sexuality? Bwahahaha! What a waste of space! I was going to call it navel gazing, but it’s a bit lower than that…
    And I have to say, most women, whether they are or not, should be more concerned about jobs and the economy than who’s paying for their birth control.

  • Steve White

    …she addressed “The GOP’s Lady Problems,” claiming that because Republicans desire to discuss women’s issues in terms of the economy, deficit and jobs, instead of contraception, abortion rights and equal pay, they were out of touch with women in general.

    From the Left’s perspective that’s pro’ly true. We conservatives aren’t used to talking about ladyparts, at least in public. We also treat wimmin as citizens first and figured that citizens, wimmin and men alike, cared about the economy, the deficit, and jobs.

    Boy howdy, silly us. We’ll need to find a way to avoid making THAT silly mistake again in 2016…

  • Steve White

    I confess that I regularly make fun of people who get a degree in Wimmins Studies, thinking that it’s a completely useless degree in terms of finding a job. Ms. Menendez, however, manages to be the exception that proves the rule. After all, she has a job. Though as DaveO points out, she needed Daddy’s help.

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  • Adjoran

    I’m confused. I thought we were taking the word of Dominican hookers at face value in this case? Or is it only the exculpatory statements which should be discarded?

    It’s foolish to pay attention to the claims of hookers and strippers. Their answers to questions have no relation to the truth, whether known or unknown to them. Their answers are only calculated to make them the most money, save them trouble, or serve some other immediate interest (revenge, for example).

    Sure, sex drives the hits, but the entire story here is the United States Senator who sold his influence for cash, plane trips, and yacht parties. Menendez belongs in prison, even if he never touched an underage girl.

  • Delaney Coffer

    Gee. An “honors degree” in pure bullshit. How quaint.

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