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In Search of Liberal ‘Principle,’ and Also: Does #FreeKate Have a Larger Agenda?

Posted on | May 26, 2013 | 56 Comments

‘Free Kate’ petition at 501(c)3 Purpose Foundation’s site,

Arguing with liberals is nearly always a waste of time, and I seldom bother, as there are usually more enjoyable ways to waste time.

Any argument with a liberal will quickly descend into name-calling, as the entire point of being a liberal is to imagine yourself morally and intellectually superior to others. The purpose of any argument, to a liberal, is never to discover truth — if they cared anything about truth, they would not be liberals, quod erat demonstrandum — and so whatever the supposed point at dispute, the proposition the liberal wishes to demonstrate is always the same: “Resolved: I am an enlightened being, and anyone who disagrees with me is an ignorant bigot.”

This is why liberals rushed forward to seize the “Free Kate” banner and storm the barricades of homophobic intolerance as embodied (so they imagined) in Florida parents Jim and Laurie Smith.

Persuaded by Kaitlyn Hunt’s dishonest advocates that the Jailbait Toilet Sex Queen of Sebastian High School was a victim of homophobia, liberals wrapped themselves in the offered garb of secondhand martyrdom. The Indignant Self-Righteousness Derby commenced, each attempting to outdo the other in their outrage at the hateful unfairness of it all.

Facts? Optional. Logic? Inadmissible.

Once the Lynch Mob of Universal Enlightenment takes up a cause like this, “facts” and “logic” are denounced as Weapons of Hate.

In the case of “Free Kate, Stop the Hate,” the lynching appears to have started Friday, May 17, with Facebook posts by Kaitlyn Hunt’s negligent parents, whose deliberate distortions of the situation were accepted without question by liberals who desperately wanted to believe it as gospel: St. Kate of the Blessed Finger.

Why argue with liberals, when mockery works so much better?

Having commenced on a Friday, the mob momentum of left-wing indignation built steadily over the weekend, so that by Monday, May 20, the march became a stampede:

After Girl Expelled From High School
and Charged Over Lesbian Relationship,
Anonymous Goes on the Offensive

— Josh Harkinson, Mother Jones

Does anyone else notice the rhetorical method involved here?

“Girl Expelled” — a mere girl! — “Charged Over Lesbian Relationship” — these godbag christofascists are criminalizing lesbianism!

Along with their contempt for facts and logic, liberals are also profoundly hostile to consistency. Never accuse a liberal of hypocrisy, because they have no actual principles to violate.

Ordinarily, feminists would scream with outrage at the infantilizing use of the diminuitive “girl” to refer to an 18-year-old woman (who, in point of fact, will be 19 in less than three months) but if calling Kaitlyn Hunt a “girl” helps to advance the Heroic March of Progress,  feminists will bite their tongues and permit this young woman to be portrayed as a helpless and vulnerable child whom only bigots would expect to behave in the manner of a responsible adult.

Of course, Josh Harkinson’s article was full of lies, particularly misstating the ages of the two girls or rather, the girl and the woman: Unskeptically regurgitating the “Free Kate”  propaganda, Harkinson said that the events happened when the younger girl was 15 and Hunt was 17. In fact, the younger girl was born in April 1998 and Hunt was born in August 1994, so that Hunt was 18 and the younger girl (Smith) was 14 throughout the duration of their (not exactly romantic) affair.

These distortions were necessary to the creation of the “Free Kate” Myth of Symbolic Innocence, which was in turn necessary to her usefulness to liberals as an appealing Symbol of Victimhood.

Ask yourself a question: “Who responds with vehement fanatical certainty to these kinds of fact-deficient appeals to emotion?”

Answer: “Irrational hate-filled kooks like Christine A. Hall, that’s who!”

Thanks to Jeanette Runyon for calling my attention to this screed, providing a glimpse into the damaged psyche of a typical liberal:

I’m GLAD the Smiths are facing the same kind of harassment that they are heaping on another, INNOCENT of everything but a schoolgirl crush (and yes, I’d say the same about a boy and a girl) and a little innocent flirting. . . .

(She hasn’t read the affidavit, but who cares about facts?)

I sure am glad I’m grown now — God knows who my parents would have imprisoned for 15 years I refused to come home because of THEM!! Did anyone ever think of that??

(The word “think” has a definition. Look it up, after you’re done ranting on Facebook in ALL CAPS with extra exclamation points!!)

If these homophobic parents already knew of the “affair” if you like, maybe they had ALREADY been making their daughter’s life hell on earth!! Maybe the younger girl CHOSE to be away on that night and no one “kidnapped” anyone, she was just in a place that made her feel safe, loved and warm . . .

(The womb! We must return to the womb! Eternal infancy is the goal of human development, and only haters disagree.)

. . . as well as ACCEPTING!!! The parents of Kate seem to be very warm and accepting. Kudos to them, 1000%! . . .

(Of course: Kaitlyn fingered a 14-year-old in a school toilet stall, and therefore her “warm and accepting” parents must be praised.)

 Those parents are going to suffer worse than terroristic threats! How about their daughter never inviting them to her wedding, straight OR gay? My ex’s daughter didn’t, I KNOW how that felt to him, and that was even when I hated him like anything! . . .

(Notice that this is no longer about Kaitlyn Hunt, but has instead become a story about Christine A. Hall’s ex-husband’s daughter.)

I STILL know that hurt like nothing else in my life. She’s got 3 kids now, no visits to Grandpa, a pic or two now and then, even tho she certainly has the money. How do the Smiths like the prospect of THAT, huh? . . .

(Unwinding the “logic” here: Christina A. Hall’s ex-stepdaughter — her ex-husband’s child from a previous marriage — is not close to her father, who is now divorced from his second wife, who delights in hoping that similar misfortune will be visited upon the Smiths, as punishment for not wanting their 14-year-old daughter to get fingered in a school toilet stall by an 18-year-old.)

It’s what they’re facing. They’re facing KILLING their kid, which I hope they get murder charges for . . .

(A sudden, if rather ironic, enthusiasm for draconian law enforcement.)

. . . when she gives up and kills herself, after being locked up in the nut ward . . .

(. . . where Christine A. Hall belongs . . .)

. . . cruel “readjustment” camps trying to “make her straight” . . .

(WARNING: You Have Entered the Abyss of Paranoid Fantasy.)

. . . the numerous sermons and talking to’s, possible exorcisms . . .

(Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

. . . the feeling that your parents hate you because of something you can’t help? She WILL pay her parents back . . .

(. . . by ranting insanely on Facebook . . .)

. . . that’s a swear-to-God promise. Are they ready for THAT??? Oh boo freaking hoo that they’re facing harassment, my heart bleeds purple panther piss for them. They ain’t seen NOTHING yet, I know that for a fact!

Did she forget to take her Prozac? What else explains her desire to immerse the Smith family in a misery resembling her own?

Christine A. Hall may not be legally insane, nor do I have the diagnostic expertise to declare her mentally ill, but I would not hesitate to say that she is what is colloquially known as crazy.

There are lots of these disgruntled nutburgers out there, resentful of the success or happiness of others, and thus eager to jump aboard the Glorious Bandwagon of Equality for a ride to that utopia of vengeance where the problems afflicting them (i.e., the resentful failures) are also inflicted upon others, in the name of Social Justice.

Really, how else could Barack Obama have been elected twice?

Christine A. Hall hates her parents, and hates her ex-husband, too, and you get the sense that these petty hatreds are the only reasons she has any interest in anything we might call “politics.”

Liberals can never admit this to themselves. If they had the capacity to examine their own motives, they would not be spewing out these twisted revenge fantasies on Facebook, transforming an ordinary criminal court procedure in Indian River County, Florida, into a litmus test of ideological purity, a morality play in which anyone who does not share their rage is accused of Sympathy for the Homophobic Devil.

“Pleased to meet you. Hope you guessed my name.”

Mockery is not only more effective than argument in dealing with liberals, it’s also immensely more fun. You may have noticed at the top of the page that I screencapped the online petition from, the Web site of the 501(c)3 non-profit Purpose Foundation, which you may be sure is not being scrutinized by the IRS.

The reason I screencapped that page is because, when you catch liberals lying, they have a predictable way of attempting to make the facts disappear. Since the truth about this case has been belatedly revealed, supporters of the “FreeKate” movement have begun claiming that their only concern was that Kaitlyn Ashley Hunt might be required to register as a sex offender. But (a) the plea bargain offered by prosecutors would have left that to the discretion of the judge at sentencing, and (b) what their petition actually demanded was this:


Drop the charges against Kate Hunt. This prosecution isn’t in the public interest. It’s about a consensual teenage romance, not a crime that deserves punishment.
Kate Hunt, a high school student in Florida, USA, faces prison — all because her girlfriend’s anti-gay parents were angry that their daughter was dating another young woman. They went to police just two days after Kaitlyn’s 18th birthday, claiming she had assaulted a minor.
If Kate is found guilty of “sexual battery” she could face 15 years in prison. But this isn’t about a crime — this is about a consenting, high school romance between teenagers little more than two years apart in age. Please sign here to tell Florida Assistant State Attorney Brian Workman to drop the charges.

The petition makes multiple claims that are provably false: The age difference between the two girls is 44 months, not “little more than two years,” and Kaitlyn Hunt’s 18th birthday was Aug. 14, 2012 — before she ever met the younger girl, four months before their first reported sexual activity in a school toilet stall, and seven months before the younger girl’s parents “went to the police,” which was only after the parents had twice asked Kaitlyn to leave their 14-year-old daughter alone, and after the parents woke up on a Saturday morning (Jan. 5) to discover their daughter missing, fearing she had been kidnapped, only subsequently to learn she had spent the night having dildo sex at Kaitlyn Hunt’s house.

DROP THE CHARGES,” declared the 501(c)3 non-profit Purpose Foundation, because “this isn’t about a crime.”

Nearly 63,000 people had signed the petition as of 5 p.m. today, and hundreds of thousands more signed a similar petition at, and if these false petitions were intended to organize national pressure against law enforcement officials in Indian River County to hand a “Get Out of Jail” free card to Kaitlyn Hunt . . . why?

Why the lies? What motive, beyond the exculpation of Kaitlyn Hunt, was involved in this orchestrated campaign of deceit? This is not a rhetorical question, and you should know the answer:

State Sen. Altman says he hopes to revise
sex offenses law, offering protection
to 18-year-olds like Kaitlyn Hunt

Yes, that’s exactly what “18-year-olds like Kaitlyn Hunt” need — more “protection” — and state Sen. Thad Altman is a Republican.

Liberals are campaigning to decriminalize sex with 14-year-olds, which would be an interesting proposition to debate, but with the help of a few lies and a bit of sophistry — and with the green-eyed Poster Girl for Normalizing Pedophilia as their hero/martyr — they can avoid a debate. Instead, their “argument” consists of pointing the accusatory finger at opponents and screaming “bigot!”

Insanity is contagious, and Republicans are not immune.





56 Responses to “In Search of Liberal ‘Principle,’ and Also: Does #FreeKate Have a Larger Agenda?”

  1. Dianna Deeley
    May 27th, 2013 @ 2:42 pm

    The reason it’s a cause at all is because the Hunt parents chose to make it so.

  2. Dianna Deeley
    May 27th, 2013 @ 2:47 pm

    Specifics. Otherwise, you’re just bloviating.

  3. Dianna Deeley
    May 27th, 2013 @ 2:49 pm

    But still, sadly, lacking in reason and literacy.

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