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L.A. Times Columnist @RobinAbcarian Watches CNN, Tells You How She Feels

Posted on | July 13, 2013 | 39 Comments

So there I was, doing my usual routine — sarcasm on that Twitter thing — and this woman I never heard of before decides to mock me.

Fine, whatever, so it’s Daily Troll Drill: Click on the profile and see what kind of troll has jumped into my timeline today.

Los Angeles Times columnist? What’s that gig pay, sweetheart?

And besides sleeping with your boss, how did you get that job?

OK, that was an unfair ad hominem. Probably the editor who made Robin Abcarian a columnist is a gay man, because it’s the L.A. Times, after all, and they’ve got quotas for everything there. And I’m sure Abcarian’s fans will explain that her job as an L.A. Times columnist is a consequence of her advanced skills in watching CNN:

Every time CNN’s courtroom camera lingered on the sad face of George Zimmerman today, I felt slightly sick. What a nauseating set of events he unleashed on that drizzly Florida night nearly 17 months ago. He may not be a murderer — only the jury of six women will make that judgment — but he certainly is a killer.
He has taken one life and ruined his own. The case has also ensnared his wife, who faces criminal charges for telling a judge at a bond hearing that they were broke when their accounts were fat with donations from supporters. (How ironic it would be if he were set free while she went to jail.)
Yet, as he sat there, listening to the closing argument of prosecutor Bernie de la Rondia, who pointed out the many holes in Zimmerman’s story about how he came to shoot Trayvon Martin, I felt a twinge of compassion for the guy, just a genuine sense of sadness that his disastrous judgment has left one family with a dead child and another with a son potentially facing years in prison. . . .

You can read the rest of that, if you’re really interested in how newspaper columnists feel while watching CNN.

In other recent must-reads, Robin Abcarian shared with L.A. Times readers her feelings about the Charles Saatchi-Nigella Lawson divorce, how she feels about Alec Baldwin and Paula Deen, how she feels about Wendy Davis and Texas abortion laws . . . kind of a theme, you might say.

Pity the underpaid and overworked L.A. Times news reporters who have to do things like pick up the phone and talk to sources and occasionally get in their cars and drive places where actual news is happening, while Robin Abcarian gets paid to write about her feelings about, y’know, whatever she has feelings about.

Imagine yourself as a metro beat reporter hustling to get your story in for deadline. The city editor’s pacing back and forth impatiently and you’re writing as fast as you can, trying to double-check your facts and make sure the quotes are right and somewhere, in the back of your mind, you think about that lazy overpaid bitch Robin Abcarian, who gets paid to write silly thumbsuckers about what she watches on TV.

But you’re a professional journalist, see, so you brush that thought out of your mind, and hit your deadline. Another day, another dollar.

Circulation is in the toilet. Advertising revenue sucks.

Somehow, though, the managerial geniuses at the L.A. Times could probably explain why they must pay Robin Abcarian to emote regularly, lest Journalism As We Know It should come to an end.

Robin: Everybody at the L.A. Times hates you. Except that boss you may be sleeping with, and I’m not so sure about him, either.



  • Jeanette Victoria

    I have a pretty face I can’t write but I’m sure I can emote just fine

  • robertstacymccain

    Y’know, I hate to get all ad hominem like this, but there is something about such a situation — “Let’s Pay the Girl to Share Her Feelings” — that is a microcosm of what everybody hates about the news media, including a lot of people (like me) who actually work in the industry.

    Never heard of this woman before, so I can’t be accused of having any personal grievance against her, except that she popped up in my TL like a random coincidence.

  • n8sebaka

    “What a nauseating set of events he unleashed on that drizzly Florida night nearly 17 months ago.”

    Why do people feel the need to always describe the weather? I wonder if anyone would ‘set the scene’ if it had been a clear day?

  • Jeanette Victoria

    Oh I’ve gotten so I don’t believe anything written by the MSM it’s all mostly drivel written by the Ministry of Truth. I may not be a good writer but I *can* think.

  • robertstacymccain

    Question: What’s the round-trip airfare from L.A. to Orlando? Do they pay her enough that maybe she could have bought herself a ticket, rented a car in Orlando and driven to Sanford to cover the trial in person? Because if I could have afforded to go, I would have gone. But I can’t, because I’m not a liberal girl, you see, and nobody will pay me to feel about these things.

  • n8sebaka

    Her prose is better suited for fiction, truth be told. Clearly she is unable to bring much to the table.
    My issue is with people who, when describing what happened (as they imagine it), feel the need to include the fact that there was precipitation.
    Your contrast of the beat writer and the primadonna columnist, who more than likely gets her material from CNN, is spot on. I was a journo major for all of two months my freshman year.

  • JeffS
  • K-Bob

    Looks like qualifications for being a reporter have changed from actual “journalism” to how well you can thumb in pithy chunks of text without resorting to “LOL’ and “Where u at?”

    …all without going against the grain of the Standard Leftist Narrative.

  • richard mcenroe

    When the Tea Parties were just getting started and were still a tax protest one rally was held outside the Times building. The “journalists” therein lined the windows, looking down like so many bloated Romans from their Coliseum boxes, laughing and giving literal thumbs-down to the crass commoners beneath their feet.

    Today three-quarters of them are out of a job and the remainder are twitchily awaiting the Koch of Retribution…

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