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FMJRA 2.0: Low Sun

Posted on | July 14, 2013 | 11 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho

#TrayvonGate: How the U.S. Justice Department Abetted a Legal Lynching

The Pope Joins ‘Gang of Eight’?

Feminists Silent as ‘Progressive Activist’ Brett Kimberlin Terrorizes His Wife

Texas Democrat Party Aborting Itself to Oblivion: No Life, No Future, No Hope UPDATE: Hope, Change, Feces, Urine

Rush Is Right: Media Can’t Hide Their Disappointment Over Zimmerman Trial

The #FreeKate Case Is Typical

Rule 5 Monday: Independence Day Weekend Catch-Up Edition

U.S. Senate or Insane Asylum?

The Dishonest Liar From Phonyville

Are We Paranoid Enough Yet? FEMA’s Russia ‘Protocols’ Raise Serious Questions

Is John Kerry’s Yacht Named ‘Failure’?

‘We Need Reinforcements’

In Case I Haven’t Mentioned It Lately, David Brooks Is Still a Useless Idiot

University of Toronto Education Professor Arrested on Child Pornography Charges

‘Arab Spring’ Sequel: ‘Arab Anarchy’

How Glenn Greenwald Bamboozled People Who Should Know Better

Fight the Fight You’re Fighting

Brett Kimberlin Accuses His Wife of Adultery; Popcorn Shortage Expected

Gosh, Kind of a Tough Call Here

Notorious Bush-Era Anti-War Protester Adam Kokesh Busted on Drug Charge

LIVE AT FIVE: 07.11.13

The Perverse Incentives and Unintended Consequences of ObamaCare, Continued


Brett Kimberlin: The ‘Musician-Activist’ That @MonicaHesse Wants You to Forget

New York Times Buries the Lead — Deliberately — on Egypt Story

Satanic Media Ties McDonnell Millstone Around Ken Cuccinelli’s Republican Neck

Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt Inspires Epic ‘Downfall’ Parody Video


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