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‘We Need Reinforcements’

Posted on | July 7, 2013 | 38 Comments

Robert E. Lee once famously paid tribute to the fighting ability of Texans: “I rely on Texas regiments in all tight places, and fear I have to call upon them too often. They have fought grandly, nobly.” During the Battle of the Wilderness, when it seemed the Confederate line could not hold, Lee rode his horse into the midst of the fighting to rally his troops. His soldiers urged him to go back, but Lee would not leave until reinforcements arrived. Learning that the fresh troops were from Texas, the general declared: “Texans always move them!” And so they did.

It was therefore somewhat confusing to learn last week that, in the fight to save innocent unborn lives in Texas, the forces of evil were so numerous and vocal as to discourage Christians:

The battle over the bill has attracted nationwide attention to Austin. During confrontations between supporters and opponents of the legislation at the state capitol last week, a group of anti-abortion protesters began singing the Christian hymn “Amazing Grace.” They were heckled by pro-abortion activists who chanted “Hail, Satan.” It was reported last week that a group called Grassroots Campaigns was offering to pay abortion supporters between $1,300 and $2,200 a month to participate in “our Pro Choice Campaign in Austin.”
One abortion opponent said he was exhausted by the “spiritual warfare” over the abortion bill.
“I have never seen the left do more spiritual warfare than I have so far this week,” Thomas Umstattd Jr. wrote at his blog. “Those of us who have been at the Capitol are worn out. I am weary to my bones. We need reinforcements.”

Will pro-life reinforcements turn out Monday at the Capitol? The reputation and honor of Texas is at stake in this spiritual warfare.



  • bet0001970

    I think one of Hoge’s people is going to be there covering it. If not, I guess I could grab my go-bag.

    But you know, it’s was triple digits today. And while those pro-baby killers may like chanting the Satanic Verses, I seriously doubt they’ll actually enjoy doing it in temperatures that rival the Devil’s living room.

    Then again, I could be wrong. They do seem dedicated to killing those babies.

  • Barbara Espinosa

    A lot of liberal Yankees have moved to Texas

  • Mark Troiano

    hey, i’m a yankee and I’m not liberal 🙂 there is no need for reinforcements. From what I understand the bill had overwhelming support. let the other side knock themselves out. What I don’t get is the uproar over stopping abortion at 24 weeks. geez…that seems like quite a compromise. it’s not like they are asking for a complete ban.

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  • Adjoran

    The pro-life forces had the votes last time, they were just taken by surprise by the filibuster by Wendy Davis and the late disruption of the legislature by protesters. That isn’t going to happen again. It was an embarrassment to the GOP leadership and the Lt. Governor whose responsibility includes protecting the legislative process from disruption. They are adamant it is going through on this session.

    I’m sorry Mr. Umstattd is so discouraged. Perhaps he didn’t see that even the official Church of Satan (they are registered in the UK) condemned the pro-abortion side and their invocation of Satan. In any event, one tired guy isn’t quite enough to declare an emergency need for reinforcements, is it?

  • Bob Belvedere

    Same damn problem in New Hampshire.

  • Bob Belvedere

    You’re one of the few. I’m a life-long Yankee and proud of it, and I’m so far from the Left that I can’t see it from the house of my mind.

  • Bob Belvedere

    I think it is because, as we’ve seen, the Left will pull out all the stops in their efforts to protect Infanticide. Better safe than sorry.

  • ajpwriter

    I reccall reading another instance, when a British observer was reviewing the Army of Northern Virginia, of Lee commenting on the, ah, irregular uniforms of the Texas Brigade.

    “Never mind the raggedness,” Lee said, “the enemy never sees the backs of myTexans.”

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  • richard mcenroe

    Because what Texas needs is the Wisconsin Model, government by the loudest bought shouters.

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