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LIVE AT FIVE: 07.15.13

Posted on | July 15, 2013 | 21 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Protests In San Francisco, Oakland Over Zimmerman Verdict

Protesters march in San Francisco

Ignorance on display
Related: Feds Weigh Charging Zimmerman

Syrian Refugees In Egypt Swept Up In Turmoil
Shown favor by Morsi, refugees now reviled

Asiana Airlines To Sue TV Station Over Fake Pilot Names
KTVU, NTSB already apologized for using false, racially offensive names in report

President May Have Prejudiced “Hundreds Of Military Sexual Assault Trials”

Oops, I did it again

Oops, I did it again

Use of phrase “dishonorable discharge”, other remarks may constitute “undue command influence”

Voter ID Law Back In Pennsylvania Court

Texas AG Greg Abbott Launches Campaign For Governor

Schweitzer Shocks Democrats, Says He Won’t Run For Senate

House GOP To Vote On ObamaCare, Say Delay Of Employer Mandate Unfair

GOP Attacks Immigration Bill On Security Grounds, Noting President’s Selective Application Of ObamaCare Law

DC Deputy Mayor Warns “Living Wage” Impact Could Stretch Beyond Wal-Mart

Oil Prices Ease Slightly In Asian Trade From Friday’s Highs: NYMEX $105.86, Brent $108.80
PRC Wealth Eludes Foreigners As Stocks Earn 1% Over 20 Years
Coal Under Attack: Federal Regulations Have Industry Reeling
Twinkie Fans Delight In Hostess Return From Zombie Death
PRC Economic Slowdown Seen Deepening As Beijing Pushes Reform
Retailers Keep Inventory Low For Back To School Sales
Microsoft Cuts Surface Prices Amid Weak Demand
Apple Will Appeal E-Book Ruling
Founder Of Bose Corporation Dies, 83
Best Buy Launches Two-Day iPad Trade-in Deal

Brian Vickers Scores Upset Win In New Hampshire

Brian Vickers

Makes best of chance from Michael Waltrip Racing

Knicks Interested In Metta World Peace After Amnesty By Lakers

Danica Patrick Starts Crash That Takes Out Boyfriend

Yankees Limp Into All-Star Break, Booed By Home Crowd

O’s Club Three Homers In 8-5 Defeat Of Blue Jays

Nationals End First Half With Win, Face Tall Order In Second Half

“Glee” Star Cory Monteith Found Dead In Vancouver Hotel Room, 31

Cause of death unknown

Police ruled out foul play

Jimmy Kimmel Marries Molly McNearney

Black Eyed Peas’ Fergie Changing Her Entire Name

Halle Berry Marries Olivier Martinez

JK Rowling’s Secret Life As Wizard Crime Writer Revealed

“America’s Next Top Model” Alum Renee Alway Arrested After SWAT Team Standoff

Miley Cyrus: Incognito For A Change

Paris Hilton Shuns The Sun

Farrah Abraham Rejected By Playboy

Is That You, Kurt Russell?

Jane Lynch: My Gay Marriage Is Over

Mandela’s Family Contradicts Mbeki, Says He Remains “Critical But Stable”
Netanyahu Vows To Keep Advanced Weapons From Hezbollah
Congress Party Slams Modi, Says “Burqa Of Secularism Better Than Nakedness Of Communalism”
Italian Senator Compares Black Minister To Orangutan
India Sends Last Telegram As Service Ends
Syrian Army Marches On To Clear Damascus Suburb
Norks, ROK Resume Kaesong Talks
El Baradei Sworn In As Egyptian VP

American Power: President’s Statement On Zimmerman Verdict All About #Trayvon
Breitbart: Obama – “Stem The Tide Of Gun Violence” For #Trayvon
Protein Wisdom: Obama On Zimmerman Case – From Mendacity To Actual Malice
Weasel Zippers: Reid On Zimmerman Verdict – “This Isn’t Over Yet”
Legal Insurrection: Guardian Removes “Open Season On Black Boys” Column, Reposts It
Gateway Pundit: Zimmerman To Move Quickly, Sue NBC News For Fraudulent Reporting
Rick Moran: GOP Senate Takeover Hopes Get A Boost
Moe Lane: Let Me Sum Up The Democratic Party Of Texas’ Trouble…
Jazz Shaw: The Return Of The Sequester Monster
Erika Johnsen: California Insurance Commissioner – “We Could Have A Real Disaster On Our Hands”
John O’Sullivan: Notes On A Scandal
Mark Steyn: The End Of History
James Pethokoukis: The 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act
Betsy Woodruff: How Texas Pro-Lifers Won
NRO Corner: IRS Hearing Will Pit DC Officials Against Cincinnati Agent


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