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OMFG: Did Brett Kimberlin’s Buddy Cop a Plea on Child Pornography Charges?

Posted on | July 31, 2013 | 84 Comments

Craig Richard Gillette was detained by bailiffs after Tuesday’s Maryland hearing where Tetyana Kimberlin was granted a protective order against her estranged husband Brett Kimberlin. Gillette has long been associated with Kimberlin’s 501(c)3 Justice Through Music Project. It was Gillette who showed up outside this year’s CPAC “Blog Bash” to photograph the bloggers in attendance.

So when John Hoge reported that Gillette had been released from federal prison in 2001, the obvious question was, “What did Gillette serve time for?” We do not yet know the nature of the charge, but online documents indicate that Gillette agreed to a plea bargain with federal prosecutors in 1999, and was ordered to get mental health and substance abuse treatment. And the terms of his bond, set at a January 1999 pre-trial hearing, are highly suggestive:

Entered: 01/21/1999
Plea Agreement
Docket Text: Plea Agreement Hearing as to Craig Richard Gillette held before Judge Albert V. Bryan Jr. ( Reporter: McCoy.) USA appeared through: Smagala. Dft(s) appeared w/counsel Brooks. Deft. FA, PG to Cr. Info. Accepted. Referred to PO for PSIR and cont. to 4/9/99 at 9:00 for G/L sentencing. Deft. recognized in PR Bond of $5,000 w/cond: report to PTS; undergo and pay for substance abuse testing and treatment; avoid all contact with anyone under age of 18; not possess or have under his control any matter that is pornographic or that depicts or alludes to sexual activity of persons under age of 18; not possess or use any computer or computer equipment except for work purposes; not utilize or access the Internet or any on-time service; furnish detailed telphone and credit card bills and/or bank records as requested by PTS; notify his employer of the instant offense. Deft. released. (clerk)

Filed & Entered: 04/09/1999
Set/Reset Hearings
Docket Text: Sentencing held before Judge Albert V. Bryan Jr. ( Reporter: R. Hopchas) USA appeared through: Gerry Smagala Dft(s) appeared w/ counsel: Louis Brooks. Craig Richard Gillette (1) count(s) 1. Deft.’s motion for downward departure argued and denied. JUDGMENT: Guilty. Deft. committed to the custody of BOP for 27 mos. w/3 year super. release term and assessed $100. While incarcerated deft. to receive mental health and substance abuse treatment. Cond. of S/R: participate in substance abuse treatment and mental health programs at the direction of PO. Deft. remanded.

These details were sent to me by someone who hopes to obtain further details about Craig Richard Gillette’s federal conviction and, if this is what it looks like — c’mon, aren’t these highly unusual terms to be specified as conditions of pre-trial release? — well, maybe we could see some very interesting headlines about Brett Kimberlin in the near future.

UPDATE: Patterico adds background about Brett’s buddy:

Gillette appears to be employed by Justice Through Music, Brett Kimberlin’s 501(c)(3) nonprofit. He was quoted in 2007 as being a “spokesman for the organization” and he writes post on their blog.
Hoge does not say how he knows Gillette met Kimberlin in prison, but Hoge has been talking to Kimberlin’s wife, who recently separated from him and has sought charges against him for a sex offense.

Oh, right, I almost forgot: Tetyana says Kimberlin is a sex offender. Gee, it’s funny how little things like that slip your mind, kind of like the murder of a little Indiana girl’s grandmother.

UPDATE IIJeff Dunetz’s account of Gillette’s Blog Bash appearance:

At about 9pm my daughter . . . ran up to me exclaiming “Daddy there is someone outside taking pictures through the window.” . . .
As I went outside to confront the cameraman he ran across the street. As I followed he put his camera up to take pictures of me. Eventually he put down his camera and got nose to nose. . . .
With our faces almost touching he said, “You can’t intimidate me.” I replied “You can’t kiss me.”
Eventually he admitted who sent him to BlogBash — Brett Kimberlin, the Speedway Bomber.  Apparently the man who had tried to  intimidate the party venue from hosting the event, who [allegedly] had been tweeting nasty slanders against myself and other members of the BlogBash committee for the better part of two weeks … hired a photographer to take pictures of the party … didn’t have the guts to take his own pictures.
So goes it [with] all bullies. Show weakness and they will continue to attack — stand up to them as many of us have been doing with blog posts and other writing — they back off.

You can see the photos at The Lid,

UPDATE III: John Hoge has obtained the court document on Craig Richard Gillette: “18:2252.F 18:2252(a)(4)(B) Possession of child pornography.” And I’m sure it’s just a random coincidence that someone convicted on child pornography charges would be so closely associated with Brett Kimberlin.

UPDATE IV: In case you missed it, Brett Kimberlin has once more accused Aaron Walker of harassment, and also accused John Hoge of harassment. Of course, lying felon Brett Kimberlin considers it “harassment” to tell the truth about Brett Kimberlin. And it seems there is a certain word that offends Brett Kimberlin very deeply, perhaps because it is so accurate. Of course, a professional journalist would never call Brett Kimberlin that word. Even with someone like Kimberlin’s buddy Craig Gillette, a conviction for child pornography does not mean he’s a pedophile, a diagnostic term.

Others, however, use the word colloquially. More than 400,000 times.

UPDATE V: Why Isn’t Craig Richard Gillette’s Name on the Maryland Sex Offender Registry?





  • Mm

    From the Justice Through Music web page: “Nationally known entertainment attorney Jeff Cohen and other computer
    savvy activists founded JTMP in 2003 ….” Did Cohen know about Gillette’s past? If bombing, perjury, etc., didn’t bother him, did child sexual exploitation raise a red flag? Buehler? Buehler?

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  • richard mcenroe

    Why would pedophilia raise a red flag to an entertainment attorney. That’s his client base you’re talking about!

  • G Joubert

    I’m wondering how many other Kimberlin-like cells the Dems have out there doing dirty and illegal “tricks” such asthe ones this cast of perps do.

  • DaveO

    They could be behind any tree anywhere. That’s the beauty of it: perception that you’re outnumbered, surrounded.
    Look for communities that support the mindset, and within a day’s drive to “Battleground States” (states with large electoral college votes). Chicago-Madison-St. Paul, St. Louis-Dayton-Lansing, DC area-Richmond-Baltimore. Look at states that went Obama and surprised everyone for doing so, especially where there were reports that the voting machines were switching votes.

  • Bob Belvedere

    Considering what we know, these questions are the ones that must be asked.

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  • Gus

    I’ve visited the BK Museum of Modern Sociopathy several times over the past few years. Every time I left I thought I’d seen all the abhorrent displays, but when I pay it another visit just weeks later I always find a new door leading to a brand new gallery. Amazing.

    I would never have found the museum at all were it not for The Charles F. Johnson gallery that abuts it.

  • Gus
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