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‘Isolated Incident’ in D.C. Today
UPDATE: Connecticut Woman ‘Had a History of Mental Health Issues’

Posted on | October 3, 2013 | 175 Comments

Consider this just a place-holder post, really. Some crazy lady went on a vehicular rampage in Washington, D.C., today. She reportedly tried to ram the gates at the White House, then led cops on a chase to Capitol Hill, where she rammed a police car before finally being shot to death. She reportedly had a child in the car with her, and the child was unharmed.

Who was this woman? What was her motive?
this point, I have no clue and don’t want to speculate.

Ace of Spades notices the New York Times trying to connect this incident to the “fiscal crisis,” but it’s silly to imagine that every kook who goes berserk is responding to political events. When I flipped out on psilocybin in 1979, you couldn’t blame the Carter administration.

Becca Lower points out that liberals are blaming this on the government shutdown, as if cops had been furloughed, which they haven’t.

Police are calling it an “isolated incident,” which means it’s likely just a nutjob, and I haven’t seen any headlines yet to suggest a political motive. Rather than try to start speculating or playing the blame game, I’ll just wait for updates. Please link any relevant reports in the comments, or hit me up on Twitter if there’s important developments.

Remember something I’ve said before: Until they ID the suspect, there’s no way to know the motive. Just chill for a bit, and we’ll see.

UPDATE: Well, this didn’t take very long:

A dental hygienist from Connecticut was the female driver who tried to ram her car into a White House barricade and was shot dead near the US Capitol after a high-speed chase through Washington streets Thursday afternoon, law enforcement sources told The Post.
Sources said Miriam Carey, who formerly lived in Brooklyn, was licensed to practice in New York and Connecticut and had a permit to work as a hygienist in Connecticut prisons. . . .
ABC News said the 34-year-old woman had a history of mental health issues. A task force of FBI and Secret Service agents was executing a search warrant at her Connecticut home, CNN said.

Just a crazy woman. Anybody got a photo yet?

(Hat-tip: Mary Fernandez on Twitter.)

UPDATE II: Photo of the deceased perp, Miriam Carey:

UPDATE III: Daily Caller has the liberal ghoul round-up:

Should I have held my tongue? I couldn’t resist:

UPDATE IV: Ace gets pretty brutal here. The, uh, demographic factors are being referenced. As soon as “Capitol shooting” made the headlines, some people imagined this had to be a story about a right-wing Tea Party gun nut. If that had been the case, this story would have gotten wall-to-wall coverage for weeks. Morning Joe would have been a three-hour telethon for gun control Friday morning. Chris Matthews and Piers Morgan would have been blaming the NRA.

But no, it’s just a crazy woman in a car who got shot by the cops, and the media will decide this is not an important story. Move along.



  • Kirby McCain

    Yeah we need a seven day waiting period before you can buy a car. Background checks as well.

  • Kirby McCain

    Oh crap, Richard what if she lost her job due to Obama Care? The MSM would have to edit that story.

  • Kirby McCain

    Sure she drove all the way to DC and took a wrong turn. Sort of like the ufos that fly all the way to earth and crash. She rammed a cop car. It looks like suicide by cop.

  • Kirby McCain

    Suicide by cop, move along nothing to see here.

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  • ThomasD

    Tell me exactly how they were to disable the vehicle and maybe I’ll start to take you seriously.

  • DouginCO

    That, and she didn’t have a gun.

  • Matthew W

    The same kind of people that think cops should just shoot the gun out of the perp’s hand (ala the Lone Ranger)

  • rmnixondeceased

    Most probably! I just really like the visual … imagine the soiled pants effect of just drawing that damn thing, especially if you concealed carry …

  • Garym

    Nicely played ……

  • Garym

    I think you need a 4″ barrel ……… for better accuracy.

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  • CPAguy


    They could of rammed the car…obviously

    …shot at the tires….

    fully surrounded the car with other vehicles…etc.

    I certainly think she was driving recklessly and was a danger. I think the cops could have handled it better, that is all.

    I don’t think anybody should be reprimanded. There are repercussions for acting crazy.

  • Quartermaster

    How judgmental. Probably racist besides.

  • Quartermaster

    Insane Clown Posse.

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  • sarah wells

    No, she was psychotic and delusional, at least when her live in boyfriend and father of her child called police because he believed she was endangering the baby, then 4 mos old. She was raving about Obama spying on her, monitoring her electronically and beaming the information to the nation over TV. Which, ironicially, seems to have been close enough to her actual fate.

    As a public police report, available to officers investigating the incident, it’s not protected info. And her mother was free to discuss her psychiatric history too.

  • sarah wells

    And the most severe form, a post-partum psychosis, with paranoid delusions.

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  • fishaddict

    Damn big auto and all those bitter clingers who want their Bibles and cars…I blame AAA.

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