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The #JoinMiTeam Campaign

Posted on | October 19, 2013 | 40 Comments

Today I was working on a long and tedious rant about the federal RICO lawsuit Kimberlin v. Everybody when my cell phone rang and the caller was identified as “John X Operative.” For about 40 minutes, we talked about Andrew Breitbart and stuff, and then I said, “Sounds like you’re in your car.” Yeah, John X said, he was on his way to teach a social media seminar for Michigan Republicans. We talked a few minutes more, and before we hung up, John X asked me to promote a couple of Twitter hashtags: #ComebackState and #JoinMiTeam.

What John X wants, John X gets.

Please, everybody who cares about American freedom, give these guys some Twitter love today: #ComebackState and #JoinMiTeam.

Some day, when the world is safe from lying felon Brett Kimberlin, I may tell the fascinating story of John X. But until that day . . .

UPDATE: I changed the headline and perhaps I can explain why, on some hoped-for day in the future, when it is no longer considered a crime to be a Republican, not even in Michigan.



  • Thinking Americanist

    Yeah, they’re doing all of that on the west side of the State of Michigan; and absolutely nothing in the Detroit area or it’s suburbs, north or south.

    ….and after what Governor Snyder did with right to work here, I can hardly blame them.

  • ChrisDavis2011

    It will never happen here in Maryland or DC.

    Inside the beltway moneychangers have convinced the people they are special precious snowflakes who are above going door to door in any type of grass roots organization.

    Well, hell fire! People in Maryland won’t even get up off their high fructose corn syrup filled asses to stand up to Leroy Carhart’s weekly dismemberment of full term babies in the wombs of their mothers.

    A bunch of dedicated mothers with babies in strollers are left to fight one of the most evil killers in America by themselves.

    Men? Forget about it…. They are way too busy discussing their next material possession acquisition or hitting on the new admin assistant on the 3rd floor to care about a pre-born baby they don’t even know. (actually, they are not men, but simply males of the species)

    DC & Maryland get what they deserve because the people have abdicated their biblical, moral, and ethical responsibilities.

    I know I will be in purgatory for a long time with RMN, but at least there is a chance I might get to heaven.

    ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.’

    “Then they will go away to eternal punishment”

    Does everyone think Jesus was lying?

    Rise up I say, Rise Up!

  • rmnixondeceased
  • ChrisDavis2011

    Well played Mr. President, well played!

  • rmnixondeceased

    But there is an Obama plan to re-populate Detroit! See for the details!

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  • dnlchisholm

    I’ve been seeing a ton of activity from and other people in Wayne County where Detroit it. Looks like the whole state is active today!

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  • Cube

    To all Republican candidates: Understand one thing very clearly before you decide to ask for our help. We are not interested in electing you to get along with the Democrats. We are not interested in bi-partisanship, compromise or any of the other euphemisms for surrender. We expect you to DEFEAT THEM. Read “defeat” as “politically CRUSH”.

    Let me define a couple terms here. Compromise means Democrats give up something they want. Bi-partisan means Democrats accept YOUR agenda. The traditional definitions just mean “Republicans give Democrats what they want, even when Democrats lose elections”.

    When you win your election, act like winners and set the agenda, otherwise don’t even bother running. What we’re looking for is the state version of THIS.

    Just so you understand our expectations.

  • Cube

    I screwed up the link somehow. It should point to

  • Bob Belvedere


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