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Piss-Poor OpSec for @OccupyRebellion: The @Bullyville vs. Neal Rauhauser Saga

Posted on | November 8, 2013 | 61 Comments

Late last night, I reported how the popular anti-bullying site had been targeted by death threats after writing about Neal Rauhauser, the disgraced Democrat operative who has spent two years harassing Brett Kimberlin’s enemies online. What I didn’t know was why Bullyville decided to go after Neal Rauhauser. Given that it is the wee hours, I’ll tell the story as I now understand it.

It involved @OccupyRebellion, one of many sockpuppet accounts Rauhauser has created over the years, and arguably his most successful. As with many other of his “socks,” Neal shared the login information for @OccupyRebellion with various of his associates, including at least one woman who was part of a group of Rauhauser fangirls whom Neal has occasionally referred to as “AnonyMiss.”

Neal Rauhauser has a fetish for online secrecy and deception, and a key part of that is “OpSec” (operational security), meaning the way that anonymous online accounts protect their anonymity, so that they can’t be “doxed” (documented, i.e., exposed).

OK, in May 2012, as soon as I started covering The Kimberlin Files, I was immediately targeted for Twitter harassment, the two most prominent perpetrators of which were @BreitbartUnmask and @OccupyRebellion. The latter of these accounts was arguably more effective, because it had more than 20,000 followers, many of them associated with the “Occupy” or “Anonymous” movements.

In short, @OccupyRebellion was the most precious sockpuppet princess in Rauhauser’s evil troll kingdom. But then . . . @Bullyville.

What happened was this: Reality TV star Kate Gosselin was the target of vicious online harassment. @Bullyville became aware of this “damsel in distress” situation and began “doxing” harassers left and right, rolling up the troll swarm and, at some point, came across @OccupyRebellion. Exactly how that happened, I don’t know. Maybe one of the anti-Gosselyn trolls was a friend of @OccupyRebellion, but however the conflict started, when @OccupyRebellion got in trouble, she evidently called on Neal Rauhauser to try to save her from exposure by @Bullyville.

Alas, it seems, whoever had been operating @OccupyRebellion had not been diligent in practicing the anonymity-protection necessary to online “OpSec” and, because Neal Rauhauser realized that the account was vulnerable, the account got deleted.

“Poof!” Two years of relentless online evil, an account that had collected more than 20,000 followers, was destroyed because of a silly squabble over a reality-TV star and . . . @Bullyville.

That’s the story as I understand it and, amid all that, Bullyville “received a call that entailed a death threat towards his children.”

Oops. The weird thing is how @Bullyville isn’t about politics, and never gave a damn about the whole Brett Kimberlin thing, yet arguably did more real damage to Rauhauser’s operation than any of the rest of us who have tangled with Neal over the years.

And now Bullyville has vowed to put Neal Rauhauser in prison.

Everybody should follow @Bullyville.