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Go, @SarahPalinUSA, Go! Whacks Lauer, ObamaCare on ‘Today’ Show (VIDEO)

Posted on | November 11, 2013 | 41 Comments

Matt Lauer tried to steamroll Mama Grizzly — fail!

Lauer asked Palin about President Barack Obama’s apology at the end of last week after it was discovered that five percent of Americans can’t keep their existing policies because they don’t meet the standards of the new healthcare law.
“What apology?’’ Palin said. “He kind of acknowledged a bit that there’s a broken website. The broken website is the least of America’s worries. This broken website I think is symbolic of a broken administration. Take over one-sixth of our economy and the socialized medicine that’s being crammed down our throat, that’s what’s broken.
“Where do you get this five percent?’’ she said. “It’s not five percent. It’s most Americans will not be able to keep the healthcare policy and programs that they had desired. The new programs that are being forced down our throat are unaffordable. Some of them are still being told, ‘Well if you like that insurance policy and that coverage, you still will be able to keep it, it’s just going to cost you a little bit more.’ That’s the point. If it’s going to cost you more, then it’s not the same policy.”

(Via Gateway Pundit.)



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  • RS

    One can see why she is loathed by both the Left and the GOP elites: she doesn’t play nice. She tells the unvarnished truth without regard to whether she gets invited to the right cocktail receptions. She is a living reproof to the solipsism infects everyone inside the Beltway.

  • Garym

    Palin rocks as usual. I’m surprised Matt Lauer didn’t try to pull one of these on Palin:

  • Steve Skubinna

    Sarah Palin’s one great advantage is that her opponents refuse to take her seriously. Even after they leave themselves wide open and she makes them look like Wile E. Coyote, they still don’t get it. They have so internalized the “Palin = Stupid” meme that they have no defense against her at all.

  • Blake

    I had to turn it off. Lauer needs to be taken into a dark alley by Todd Palin and beat bloody. Gad, what an insufferable buffoon. It’s almost like Lauer was channeling his inner Olberman.

  • The Bearded Bastard of Babylon

    Lauer is a fag… Easy pickin’s for Palin!

  • Adjoran

    Lauer evidently enjoys getting on-air prostate exams.

  • NeoWayland

    She learned after being mismanaged by John John’s team in 2008. The very things that made Palin desirable to the ticket were the things that threatened the GOP establishment. Those were the things she was not allowed to talk about during that campaign. But she’s not bound by those rules anymore, and if she runs she’s got enough recognition to ignore the old guard.

    She’s still not my first or fifth or seventh choice, but she is at least six steps in the right direction.

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  • DaveO

    By 2016 the RNC, NRSC and NRCC will be asking Palin’s permission to take a sh*t. It will take losing the Senate again for the GOP footsoldiers to abandon the Establishment.

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  • Bob Belvedere

    The rat bastards will never admit they’re wrong.

  • Garym

    He was spewing leftist talking points and she was ramming truths right back at him. She was easily ready for his BS.

  • Junior Samples

    Stellar record governing, sticking her neck out confronting Obama, 2 books ˜fact-checked” to the hilt, 26,000 emails forced open, and an independently made movie – all show that Gov. Sarah Palin is a hard working, capable, incorruptible, servant of the people.

    Gov. Sarah Palin has the truth on her side (see ObamaCare “death panels”). The more that comes to light, the better for her. The exact opposite of the vast majority of politicians.

    Another National Run in Sarah Palin’s Future?

    Clinton, Palin Remain in the Spotlight

    Sarah Palin First Tea Party President

  • Junior Samples

    I invented the term “vicious truthing” to cover such an incident.

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  • G Joubert

    Her media seasoning is showing.

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