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Martin Bashir Resigns from MSNBC, Disappointing Dozens of Viewers

Posted on | December 4, 2013 | 62 Comments

When you think about all the evil things the liberal media have said about Sarah Palin over the years, you know it took a special kind of stupid for Martin Bashir to say something so grossly offensive he had to resign from MSNBC because of it:

“Upon further reflection, and after meeting with the President of MSNBC, I have tendered my resignation. It is my sincere hope that all of my colleagues, at this special network, will be allowed to focus on the issues that matter without the distraction of myself or my ill-judged comments. . . .
“I deeply regret what was said, will endeavor to work hard at making constructive contributions in the future and will always have a deep appreciation for our viewers.”

Liberals are better than you and me because . . . they’re liberals,” as I observed at the time of Bashir’s fateful comments. Believing that their politics makes them inherently superior, liberals feel no obligation to cultivate ordinary virtues or even simple courtesy.

Allahpundit recounts a few of Bashir’s lowlights:

This is a guy who took Mormon-themed digs at Mitt Romney; brought on a shrink to analyze the allegedly violent, possibly psychotic tendencies of tea partiers; accused Republicans of treating the word “IRS” as a racist dog-whistle against Obama; and wondered if Rick Santorum wasn’t some sort of theocratic second coming of Stalin. When Steve Jobs died two years ago, he turned his on-air eulogy into an excuse to — ta da — bash Sarah Palin again. All of this is par for the course on MSNBC so imagine Bashir’s surprise, after all of that, upon finding out that introducing a little actual rhetorical scat into the figurative scat-flinging at righties was an unpardonable sin worthy of suspension. I’ll bet he’s mystified even now.

Via Memeorandum, with more blog commentary from Jeff DunetzEd DriscollWeasel ZippersAndrew Johnson at National Review, Patrick Howley at Daily CallerRoss Kaminsky at The American Spectator and William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection.

By the way, Sarah Palin spoke at Liberty University today and said, “There are the world’s standards of perfection and God’s standards of perfection.” And then there are the MSNBC standards.



  • Steve Skubinna

    So, that Republican “War on Women” thing. How does it work, again?

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  • Steve Skubinna

    Say, I hope you don’t mind me revisiting this, if you’re still around. Well, of course you are – a person such as yourself wouldn’t commit a drive by trolling, no, you’d stay around in order to engage in the spirited back and forth progressives such as yourselves hold so dear.

    After all, it was your own icon, the slave-holding Thomas Jefferson, who said “Crapping in somebody’s mouth is the highest form of patriotism.”

    So here’s my conundrum: I really do not understand how wishing to crap in somebody’s mouth is an expression of superior intellect and morality. I realize that I am stupid, racist, and sexist, because persons such as yourself have constantly told me so.

    And as Thomas Jefferson once said, in between sexual liaisons with his slave Sally Hemmings, “Ad hominem attacks are the highest form of patriotism.”

    So while I am essentially the Downs Syndrome kid with a banjo in Deliverance, please pretend that I could understand your explanation why wishing to crap in somebody’s mouth is a legitimate, even respected form of political discussion. Because, stupid, racist and sexist as I am, I do not wish to crap in anyone’s mouth, whether I disagree with them or not.

    And as you state, Sarah Palin is no longer active politically. So as she no longer holds public office, what special political superiority do you gain by crapping in her mouth, as opposed to doing so to, say Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio (both race traitors, I would concede, as superior persons such as yourself have often assured me)?

    Kudos by the way for applying a diversion and suggesting that she is also a prostitute. This give and take of political discourse is hard for a simpleton such as myself ot grasp, but I really would appreciate your explanation of your superior thought processes, even though they surely would be lost on such a negligible intellect as mine. It’s hardly likely that I could ever approach the elevated plateau of discourse you employ, but perhaps, with your patient advice, I could appreciate such devastating bon mots as wishing to crap in somebody’s mouth.

    As we all know, it was Thomas Jefferson who said “A gentleman always asks permission before crapping in anyone’s mouth – unless it’s a slave.”

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  • Adjoran

    So, what do you think of Obama? What’s he ever done? If they could teach a monkey to wear a suit, it could throw a baseball and run a government with less embarrassment to everyone watching.

  • Adjoran

    Nah, he’s just a hipster dufus. Sort of like Charles Johnson, but too fat to ride a bike.

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  • Lemuel Vargas

    “she quit her post”

    You still perpetuating that Big Lie? you must be a fan of the Nazi’s doctrine of Big Lie…

    Big Lie, which the Nazi tried to master as a propaganda technique.

    See below:

    Tell an outrageous lie so that a majority of people will be shocked and wonder how the left could tell such outrageous lies and then repeat them over and over again until those same people will not be shocked anymore and thus perceive the lie to be the truth.

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