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Thanks to the Reader Who Bought the LG Electronics 32-Inch LED TV from Amazon

Posted on | December 15, 2013 | 19 Comments


Is anyone else old enough to remember when a 24-inch TV screen was considered top-of-the-line? Out of curiosity, I took a measuring tape to the home entertainment station in my office (purchased circa 2007) and found that the space for the TV measures 27 inches across.

Digital technology has made rapid advances in recent years, so that what once would have been considered a huge TV (and very expensive) is now commonplace and relatively cheap:  This 32-inch LED TV was only $240 in a holiday special at Amazon and, because a reader purchased it by shopping through our Amazon Associates links, we got a sweet commission on that sale. In the past week, we also sold a Kitchenaid 7-cup food processor for $102.99 and an Olympus E-PM2 digital camera kit (with two lenses) for $453.99.



Of course, high-end TVs, cameras and home appliances aren’t all you can buy — they sell everything at Amazon — but I occasionally like to call attention to some of these big-dollar purchases because, of course, shameless capitalism. Nothing like commission to incentivize enthusiasm with the sales team, and the great thing is, you save money at Amazon, and my commission doesn’t cost you a cent, so it’s a complete win-win, Adam Smith’s “Invisible Hand” in action.

There are only 10 days left until Christmas, but Amazon usually ships within 5 days, and special two-day shipping is available, so there’s no better time to shop our Amazon links than now.



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  • Matthew W

    “Is anyone else old enough to remember when a 24-inch TV screen was considered top-of-the-line?”

    Until two years ago, I had a whopping 19 inch CRT Television !!!

  • Steve Skubinna

    Hell, I remember when a friend’s grandparents had a color TV and a special twice weekly treat was to go to their house and watch Star Trek and Jonny Quest.

    Oh yeah, and you had three models of telephone to choose from, they weighed a ton and lasted forever, and these darned kids should get the hell off my lawn.

  • Matthew W

    I’m proud to be the cranky old man on my block !!

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  • Douglas2

    For whatever reason, the advertised measurements of televisions are on the diagonal.

    So a 24″ television of the classic CRT sort would have a width just over 19″ at the widest, and about 14.5 inches high.

    A 24″ TV of the modern sort will have a width of about 22″, but a height of less than 12.5″ — so if you put the two side by side and had them both set up correctly for aspect ratio everything visible on both would be smaller on the new TV.

    Essentially, the 24″ TV of today is the equivalent in terms of face or text size as the old 19″ tv in 4:3 format.

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