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FMJRA 2.0: Painkiller

Posted on | December 21, 2013 | 5 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Family Values as a Math Problem

Rule 5 Monday

Is Phil Robertson Wrong?

Homophobia: Pathology or Tautology?

The #PajamaBoy Thing, Also: Bizarre Holiday Ad Targets Gays for ObamaCare

MSNBC OMFG: @ChrisLHayes and Guest @RichardKimNYC Talk About Butt Sex

You Stay Classy, LGF

Baseball Plans to Ban … Baseball?

America-Hating Commie Punk Wanted to Kill Librarian, Had Molotov Cocktails

18-Year-Old Beats, Rapes 85-Year-Old Nun Who Was ‘Advocate of Nonviolence’

Brett Kimberlin’s Conspiracy Theory and Other Recent Legal Proceedings

This Is Not News: Carl Herold and His ‘Domestic Partner’ Charles Dunnavant

LIVE AT FIVE: 12.19.13

World’s Youngest Blogger: Of Course #IStandWithPhil. Because #Obvious

If @PiersMorgan Hates America So Much, Why Won’t He Just Leave the Country?

Homegrown Jihadi Caught in Bomb Plot; GOP-Hating Kid Is School Shooter

‘Emerging Awareness’ Update: Remember the Texas Polygamy Teen Sex Cult?

Why Are Huffington Post’s ‘Gay Voices’ Columnists Fixated on Underage Sex?

Textbook by Bill Ayers ‘Required Reading’ for Freshmen at Marquette University

Obama’s Millionaire ‘Green’ Ambassador to Finland Mocks Critics in Holiday Card

FMJRA 2.0: Day Late & A Dollar Short

Thanks to the Reader Who Bought the LG Electronics 32-Inch LED TV from Amazon

The Atheist Creep Lawrence Krauss

A ‘Gay App’ for 12-Year-Olds, and Hey, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Patch: AOL’s Expensive Failure

In The Mailbox: 12.16.13

Russia Reverting to Totalitarianism?

EPA Climate-Change Expert Admits ‘Historic’ Fraud for $900,000

Reann Murphy, 9, Murdered in Ohio, Body Found Dumped in Trash Bin UPDATE: ‘Diminished Mental Capacity’

Alabama Tea Party Leader Compares ObamaCare to ‘Lord of the Rings’

LIVE AT FIVE: 12.17.13

‘Nobody Matters Less to Our Society Than Young Black Women. Nobody.’

It’s a @CharlieSheen Christmas, Bitch!

‘We’re Still Kinda Stunned’

Obama: Less Popular Than Syphilis

Haters Gonna Hate, Deniers Gonna Deny

LIVE AT FIVE: 12.18.13

Sen. McCain And Intellectual Integrity: Let His Carcass Caucus With Democrats

Hillary Clinton: Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

Harvard Genius Caught in Stupid Hoax

After ObamaCare

Today’s Ray Of Hope

Thanks to the Reader Who Bought ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’ From Our Amazon Links!

Anarchy in Africa: U.S., U.K. Evacuate as South Sudan Spirals Out of Control UPDATE: Rebels Hit U.N. Mission

Quick #SouthSudan Update

#SouthSudan Update: Obama Urges Calm, Reconciliation, Sends Small U.S. Force

A Brett Kimberlin Christmas: Unexpected Gifts From My Fellow Defendants

Knife-Wielding Rape Suspect Says the Voices in His Head Were Rather Specific

Normally, I Don’t Support the Animal Rights Movement, However…

In The Mailbox: 12.20.13

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