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Phil Robertson 1, Political Correctness 0

Posted on | December 27, 2013 | 142 Comments

Oh, the GLAAD Butt-Hurt! The most popular family in America could not be defeated by the Sensitivity Outrage Brigades:

Phil Robertson, the patriarch of A&E’s Duck Dynasty clan who was suspended from his hit reality series on Dec. 18 following some incendiary comments about gay people, won’t be put on hiatus after all.
The network and the Robertson family announced Friday that Phil will still be part of the series — and since he didn’t miss any filming, his temporary suspension will have no effect on the upcoming fifth season.

Fact: The “Duck Dynasty” audience is about 10 times larger than the combined audience of CNN and MSNBC.

More at Memeorandum, including commentary by TwitchyWeasel ZippersThe Daily Caller and NewsBusters.

UPDATE: In case you were wondering about those ratings. The Season 4 premiere of “Duck Dynasty” in August drew 11.8 million viewers, making it the most-watched reality-show episode in cable TV history. Meanwhile, in the 8 p.m. hour on Thursday, Dec. 19, CNN drew 528,000 viewers and MSNBC got 699,000 viewers, for a combined total of slightly more than 1.2 million viewers.



  • Teddy Edwards

    Why, is he a journalist?

  • Joe Dokes

    I doubt it. This one doesn’t post pointless pics of distant cargo vessels.

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  • cheeflo

    Since its inception.

  • cheeflo

    We’ll see when A&E’s PSA campaign “promoting tolerance” airs.

  • rmnixondeceased

    I thunk it up myself. Just because others have said the same thing doesn’t mean I’m repeating them.

  • A Smith

    The thing is, I disagree with the Duck guy (and Old Testament views of gays, pork and witchcraft). But as with the gun control nuttiness last year, the left’s deranged overreaction makes me defend those people and positions I wouldn’t, ordinarily.

  • papertiger0

    I don’t like the Robertsons enough to watch A&E normalize taking it up the ass.

  • K-Bob

    Not me. I averted my eyes.

  • K-Bob

    I think the whole thing about the rednecks is pretty funny. I live right in the midst of prime redneck real estate, so watching that show would be like watching my own community on cable access channel 3027. Really, really boring.

    But the nation tuned in to watch a bunch of Beverly Hillbillies and found out that real rednecks aren’t stupid like the Hillbillies on TV. As Larry the Cable Guy says, “Everyone makes fun of rednecks until their car stops working.”

  • elHombre

    “Old Testament views on gays….”

    Your kidding, right?

  • higgins1990

    Gay rights is being pushed as equivalent to civil rights. No church in America is allowed to discriminate due to race. Soon no church will be allowed to discriminate against due to sexual orientation. Although I appreciate you and others standing with the churches, don’t count on SCOTUS to uphold the First.

  • The Real Dan Savage

    I’m not sad about GLAAD. I’m insanely fucking happy, which means I’m just being myself, erupting with previously unseen levels of insanely bigoted happiness. (The Real Dan Savage should not be confused with @FakeDanSavage, who’s the real real Dan Savage.)

  • Rain

    maybe not, apparently these days you have to be a biblical scholar ( IE someone who has actually read the entire bible) to know Corinthians is in the new testament…

  • Zohydro

    Disco Ducks!

  • Thucydides_of_Athens

    Good one! How many people can understand the reference, though?

  • Quartermaster

    Did you finish SKK’s S’mores yet?

  • Quartermaster

    I’m pretty sure this Charlie Chuckles is a regular that is posting under the name. The Troika that runs this shop would know by comparing IPs who it actually is.

  • Zohydro

    Reckon most folks older’n 50 would get it…

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  • Alessandra

    thread winner!

  • Alessandra

    When LGBT lobbies get taken off the map, I’ll wear that blue dress again.

  • Alessandra

    You know that in the UK Christians can no longer be foster parents unless they forsake their healthy religious views in favor of the homosexuality agenda? I see no outcry.

    There will be no outcry when Christianity/Bible is declared hate speech in a few years.

  • Alessandra

    it seems the extorsion was for GLAAD to use A&E as its platform -> the new announced “PSA” campaign:GLAAD propaganda for free.

    In other words, they will shove homosexuality as normal as dictated by GLAAD 24/7 on the network for free. Aside from any money donations…

  • Zohydro

    +1 for “troika” reference!

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  • Mike Uptown

    Poor GLADDtards..

  • rmnixondeceased

    I read it via braille, so you could say I feel you …

  • rmnixondeceased

    Hidden in plain sight, like Dingy Harry’s drool cup

  • stmaybe

    I thought it was just me. I stopped going there a few years ago.

  • Jeanette Victoria

    Amen it is God who should be glorified not man!

  • PDQuig

    No. Just so people don’t think that it is you who is clever when all you’re doing is quoting somebody else. It’s a small matter of integrity…kind on like not plagiarizing. Here’s how it’s done:

    “Saw a great comment on _____ that says it all: “Duck hunters 1, Dick hunters 0”

  • tlk244182

    got ilk?

  • tlk244182

    My SCOTUS is Duns.

  • tlk244182

    I’m obviously too stupid to see why anyone would pay the loser to go away. Aren’t they already “away,” after losing?

  • tlk244182

    Leviticus 20:13

  • tlk244182


  • Rain

    Robertson was paraphrasing Corinthians not Leviticus

  • tlk244182

    A Smith was disagreeing with the Old Testament, not Corinthians.

  • richard40

    More importantly Duck Dynasty had much better ratings.

  • richard40

    I think the original plan from A&E was for Duck Dynasty to be just another stupid rednecks behaving badly show, like many others out there. Then they were surprised that so much of America ended up liking the Robertsons, because they were authentic, had good values, and in their own way were pretty smart, and had great senses of humor.

  • fustian24

    You’re assuming that we aren’t hearing from GLAAD every ten minutes because GLAAD lost. It is possible that they could still make trouble for A&E, but aren’t because they were paid off.

    Many of these grievance organizations have no actual interest in changing anything. It’s more a protection racket, and the point is to shake down cowardly organizations that cannot take a little heat.

    And I think we can all agree that A&E is pretty cowardly.