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In Which @alternatekev and @jaydot Conspire to Suppress Free Speech

Posted on | January 3, 2014 | 22 Comments

Both Heartiste and Return of Kings are so-called “game” blogs, that is to say, they are male-oriented sites about maximizing sexual opportunities for single guys (“players”), an attitude that I — as a Christian traditionalist — do not endorse. For obvious reasons, however, “game” guys are hostile to feminism which is why, from time to time, I’ve taken notice of some of their arguments.

Anyway, Return of Kings (ROK) did a blog post about the Arapahoe High School shooting that argued “women’s selfishness makes men kill.” This offended Kevin Conboy (@alternatekev) and another person with the Twitter handle @jaydot, who then evidently plotted to delete both ROK and that site’s ally, Heartiste, from the WordPress software platform.

Why Is WordPress Employee Kevin Conboy
Threatening To Delete Blogs He Disagrees With?

Is A Blubbering Inner Party Leftoid
Trying To Silence Chateau Heartiste?

As a result of protests against their Thought Police act, both (@alternatekev) and @jaydot have switched their accounts to “protected” status, which is the Twitter equivalent of waving the white flag of surrender. This controversy is not about whether you endorse “game” (I don’t) or whether those blogs are offensive (which sometimes they are). Rather, this is about the totalitarian impulse to suppress the voices of those with whom The Enlightened Forces of Progress and Equality™ disagree.

Notice that The Benighted Enemies of Progress and Equality™ — that’s us, my friends — are not the ones doing this. We aren’t trying to get obnoxious feminists banned from the Internet.

A couple weeks ago, a feminist disciple of Andrea Dworkin wrote a post declaring that “PIV” (i.e., penis-in-vagina, otherwise known as heterosexual intercourse) “is always rape.”

Rather than trying to get this insane lesbian feminist freak (but I repeat myself) banned from the Internet, normal people reacted by criticizing her ideas, e.g., “Any Inkling I May Become a Feminist is Now Gone.”

This is how you win arguments — by arguing.

People who can’t win arguments instead try to silence their antagonists.



  • texlovera

    Feminism is a mental disorder.

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  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    So by “game blogs” I take it we are not talking family game night.

  • JeffS

    “Feminism” has become the modern name for the “Anti-Sex League” of 1984 fame.

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    “A couple weeks ago, a feminist disciple of Andrea Dworkin wrote a post declaring that ‘PIV’ (i.e., penis-in-vagina, otherwise known as heterosexual intercourse) ‘is always rape.'”

    Only if you look like Andrea Dworkin (because no one wants to rape her).

  • M. Thompson

    Admit it though, at one point in time, you would have been all around these guys for advice.

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    Oh come on, at one time RSM would have been a contributing editor to one of those sites.

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    Okay, who down ticked this one? Come on, who is defending Dworkin?

  • M. Thompson

    Nope. I’d go to if you’re looking for something fun to play on a cold night.

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  • Steve Skubinna

    Andrea! Nice of you drop by! Did RMN (deceased) point you this way?

  • Steve Skubinna

    Back in the day, these guys would have been sitting at RSM’s feet learning from The Master.

  • Steve Skubinna

    Well, it sure is they way these people practice it.

    The reasonable feminists are currently sequestered with all the moderate Muslims.

  • La Pucelle

    You sure have a nose for the cray cray. But why couldn’t any of these lunatics be the entertaining kind, like the Wiccans casting spells to keep researchers from finding the Loch Ness monster?

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  • Steve Skubinna

    When the first Harry Potter film was released (back in, when was it – 1742?) a few witches – hell, maybe all of them for all I know – were incensed at the “inaccuracies” of their craft as depicted therein. And so they, ummmm… cursed the film franchise.

    And that’s why it failed miserably after barely managing to eke out a mere eight films.

    So if Wiccans are casting spells to conceal the Loch Ness monster it suggests that there is no such thing. For if there were the ultimate result of these spells would have us hip deep in plesiosaurs.

    And that suggests a bold scheme to ensure my longevity and financial security. First, find a witch. Then piss her (or him, I’m easy) off enough to get a malediction hurled at me.

  • NeoWayland

    It’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

    Good enough reason to get off someone else’s server space.

  • NeoWayland

    Not all of them.

    Just a very loud subset with plenty of practice being offended.

  • pabarge

    Read Dalrock. His combination of Christianity, marriage and game will win you over.

  • Steve Skubinna

    There is some overlap on the Venn Diagram between feminists and Wiccans.

  • NeoWayland

    Earth and Sky, you have no idea!

    It doesn’t help that they tend to be the most vocal and most visible. Then they start claiming to speak for people they have almost nothing to do with.

    Long story short, there are many who remained convinced that all power derives from victimhood, and the biggest victim “deserves” the most deference.