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Warner’s Political Scalp Won’t Cover Much, But VA Should Take It Anyway

Posted on | January 21, 2014 | 8 Comments

by Smitty

This new ad from Ed Gillespie shows he’s as serious as lung cancer about November:After five years of Obama’s running cluster-frack (you pick the issue, ObamaCare looming largest) it really is time for the voters to say ENOUGH to all of this Progressivism.

A rant:

The Democrats have weaponized the IRS to go after the Tea Parties. I say “forget” that. Just because they scored a mission kill on Tea Party leadership in 2012 is no reason to let that be the end of matters. I’d like to see the funding to stage large rallies move from the traditional 501c organizations, to more distributed, ad-hoc organizations. If we want another Tax Day Tea Party, we need to make it happen via KickStarter, or whatever. Are we really so whipped by this Progressive crap that we can’t protect liberty without a tax write-off? Really? Overthrow both the Progressives AND the godforsaken IRS, say I.

Under no circumstances should the blatantly un-American actions of the IRS be permitted to go unanswered. And let’s not wait on the GOP for relief, m’kay? While it’s worthwhile to support a GOP candidate over the odious Warner, the party as such may care more about its power than restoring liberty.

End of rant.


  • Charles G. Hill

    “…the party as such may care more about its power than restoring liberty.”


  • smitty

    It’s always diplomatic to leave a little wiggle room.

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  • Quartermaster

    It’s very unlikely they will prove you wrong. So, have the courage of your convictions Admiral.

    Gillespie is as establishment as any member of the GOPe can get. He might prove you wrong, but that’s not the way to bet.

  • Bob Belvedere

    Ed Gillespie is part of the Establishment that is turning America into a Corporatist Tyranny [aka: Fascism].

    Ed Gillespie is a GOP hack.

    Ed Gillespie Delenda Est!

  • DaveO

    What is the fruit of Ed Gillespie’s words+actions?
    Looks like James Lankford is going to run for Dr. Coburn’s seat. His only real challengers are former governor Brad Henry (who set the state back 10 year at the behest of the coastal plutarchs), and Dan Boren, who was too conservative for Pelosi and Obama and not very welcome at the national level. Reid will be kissing Boren’s tuckus to get him to caucus with Dems after the way Boren was treated by the Prognazis.
    As for me, I’d like to see J.C. Watts throw his hat in the ring. Were it not for Establishmentarian GOP, Watts could have been the Majority Whip today.
    I expect Inhoff will retire soon as well.

  • Adjoran

    I never understood Warner’s popularity. Most polls give at least a couple % support to him from people who think he’s John (whose popularity I never understood either).
    But Virginia has a history of rewarding former Governors with a Senate seat if they want one.

    The first and biggest task for Virginia Republicans is to strike a peace treaty. If they insist on continuing to fight each other with ferocity, beating Warner isn’t in the cards.

    I’m not saying Gillespie’s the best candidate, just that if the Party can’t unite behind whoever wins the nomination, it will likely be a repeat of this year.

    Warner needs to be defeated for his past and future votes on judicial appointments, if for nothing else.

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