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Malaysia Mystery Deepens

Posted on | March 16, 2014 | 18 Comments

Honestly, I expected this missing jet thing to be resolved quickly, but now it’s taken a decidedly weird turn:

Malaysian authorities said Sunday that the number of countries involved in the search for the missing jetliner has increased from 14 to 25, as the investigation shifted its focus toward the actions of the flight crew. . . .
The widening of the search for the jet follows authorities’ revelation on Saturday that someone on board the vanished jet made a series of highly technical actions to deliberately hide the plane from modern detection systems.
The homes of both the pilot and the co-pilot were searched on Saturday, and a flight simulator belonging to pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah, 59, is being examined, Hishammuddin said. Authorities are also investigating the engineers who worked on the plane.
The South China Morning Post reported Sunday that Zaharie has close ties with Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, who was recently sentenced to prison on a charge of sodomy, which the opposition has appealed. Speaking to USA TODAY, a close friend of Zaharie’s, Peter Chong, said Zaharie does support the opposition but that the reports that he may have had a role in diverting the plane were “not true.”
“He is a political activist, yes. And yes, he was in court for Anwar’s trial and he is our strong supporter, but that does not make him a terrorist,” said Chong.

There were two Iranians on board with stolen passports, but let’s ignore that, because the pilot had ties to a jailed opposition leader?

This kind of stuff practically guarantees that, whenever the truth about Flight 370 is finally discovered, many people will reject it, preferring to believe in conspiracy theories. Fire can’t melt steel!



  • Joan Of Argghh!

    More curious than you know. It all revolves around the socio-political implications of sodomy, Islam, and the elite’s need for Malaysia to appear progressive about it, regardless of whether or not Anwar is guilty of rape, or just consensual sodomy, or just being on the wrong side of politics.

  • RS

    Check this story out. Evidently, the company employing these people does a lot of U.S. defense work or other sensitive projects. More fuel for the fire.

  • Good Stuff

    Was thinking while cooking Sunday gumbo – the 239 passengers are still alive – terrorist are holding them for ransom – PM Najib Razak is keeping it a secret while negotiating with Uyghur terrorist

    Myself and a handful of Facebook friends have been tracking this story sense it appeared on the radar. –

  • William_Teach

    It’s the aliens. Gotta be the aliens.

  • ThomasD

    If it landed intact, which I doubt, it landed somewhere on the south coast of Sumatra.

    I doubt it had the fuel to reach Africa, and there is no way it made it through either India or China to reach Pakistan, the border region of those three being one of the most militarized on the planet.

  • rustypaladin

    The plane is a Boeing 777. It requires a huge, finished landing strip. The idea of it landing somewhere and nobody knowing about it strikes me as silly.

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  • ThomasD

    About 5000 feet of prepared strip from what I’ve read. The problem is not building it, but hiding evidence of it, and the landed plane from any satellite detection.

    Difficult, but not insurmountable.

    The world is a Hell of a lot bigger than you apparently think it is.

    And the question is not one of nobody knowing, it one of keeping them quiet and/or eliminating them.

    How do you think Bin Laden managed to stay in Pakistan so long? You think nobody knew? Or that those who knew didn’t know the value of such information?

    Do I think any such thing likely? No. But that is why I specifically said “if it landed intact…”

    Mighty big word, if.

  • rustypaladin

    No, I am well aware of the size of the world. To me it’s much more a matter of building the strip so it can handle a landing 777 without the landing gear digging in and ripping off. The landing area needs to be reinforced to handle the weight of a landing 777 jetliner weighing 330 tons and going around 150 mph. That requires much more than just bulldozers and camoflage. While I’m not saying someone could not have pulled it off, I just find that scenario very unlikely. Of course, it might also be that someone tried it and now the plane is sitting on its belly in the jungle somewhere with while the mastermind behind the plan berates his subordinate for half-assing the landing strip.

  • ThomasD

    If they had had the fuel to reach eastern Africa I’d say they could have used a civilian or military airstrip quite easily.

    But look at the southern coast of northern Sumatra – there ain’t a whole lot there. Given time and money a proper strip could have been built surreptitiously. It’s not like intelligence satellites would be routinely scouring the area anyway.

    And it’s not without good reason the Malacca straits are rife with pirates, it’s a damn lawless area.

    IMO the main problem with the theory, beyond being Bloefeldian level far-fetched is the Bloefeldian amounts of money required to pull it all off.

    Might as well go out and buy yourself a used airliner and be done with it.

  • Daniel O’Brien

    Never understood the “fire can’t melt steel” argument. How do those idiots think steel is made? WITH FIRE!

  • PatDissent

    Here’s a nice little graphic showing everywhere the plane COULD have landed. As for those saying you needed a nice, pristine, re-inforced runway… ummmm… no. Compacted dirt would do just fine, according to Boeing. I should think they would know. If that is truly the case, then add about a million more dots to that map.

  • rustypaladin

    Good info that I did not have before. Thanks. Earlier reports said it could have made it to Pakistan. Are there no airports in Pakistan that can take a 777?

  • Adjoran

    The 777 can land on a 5000 foot airstrip if there is no need to take off again without major repairs. But if the idea was to steal it to use again, something close to double that is necessary, and of near-runway quality.

    Despite the “militarization” of the area around the China/India/Russia/Kazakhstan/Pakistani borders, the radars employed are not always the most sophisticated, and seeing as the event was evidently well planned, evasive routes could have been plotted to avoid detection.

    The question is WHY. Such a plane could still not be spirited to use against the US, Europe, or Israel without detection. But the pilot who may allegedly have motives is a fervent supporter of the Malaysian opposition, whose leader was just imprisoned.

    If one intended to offload the passengers and refit the jet to use in a suicide mission, the obvious target would be something in Malaysia itself. They got it out without quick detection, they could fly back in and hit the target before those knuckleheads figured it out.

  • Adjoran

    There are, but they would be out of range by that map.

    Others suggest it might have made it as far as Africa. But the question remains, WHY?

    The plan was likely to land it somewhere not too far away but undetectable.

  • PatDissent

    Why could it not be used again? Do you think it’s impossible to reprogram an IFF transponder to make it look like we are one big, happy, flying family in the clouds? Do you not think there is a rich, insane fanatic who wouldn’t pay a couple of million to get ahold of it (more or less intact)?

    Do you think a feckless leader, like Obama, would not flinch before blowing it out of the skies? Do you think there is not immense PR value for terrorists to have the MSM show the parts of 240-something passengers (long since dead, mind you) splattered all over a chunk of Earth?

    The problem is you are not thinking like a terrorist. Given how easy it was to steal, how easy it was to snuff the passengers… my only thought is not why in general, but why did it take so long to happen?

    Well, there’s also why as in “why in the hell are we so stupid that we continue to let Muslims within a mile of any airport for any reason”.