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Teenage Tranny’s Incarceration ‘Unconstitutional,’ Lawyer Argues

Posted on | April 21, 2014 | 43 Comments

Victim or victimizer? That’s the essential question facing Connecticut authorities in the case of “Jane Doe,” the 16-year-old transsexual whose violent behavior resulted in her being transferred to an adult prison.

The teen tranny’s lawyer is appealing in federal court against what he calls his client’s “unconstitutional transfer”:

She has been in DCF custody since age 5. A legal complaint filed in federal court by attorney Aaron J. Romano and the girl’s affidavit describe a series of hellishly violent homes in which she has lived off-and-on since that age.
“I was placed in DCF custody because my father was incarcerated and my mother was using heroin, crack, alcohol and possibly other drugs,” the girl wrote.
“While in DCF custody, I have suffered immensely,” she added. “I feel that DCF has failed to protect me from harm and I am now thrown into prison because they have refused to help me.”
The federal court complaint was filed against DCF and its commissioner, Joette Katz, as well as against the state Department of Correction and its commissioner, James Dzurenda.
Romano charged: “While under the supervision and care of DCF, from ages eight through 16, Jane Doe was repeatedly drugged, beaten, raped, homeless and was being commercially sexually exploited.”
DCF spokesman Gary Kleeblatt issued a statement noting a Superior Court judge April 8 ordered the girl transferred from DCF and the state’s juvenile justice system to DOC custody and thus to York Correctional Institution in East Lyme, a women’s prison, because of her alleged violent attacks on others. . . .
“The judge who issued the transfer order heard evidence over a six-day period in which there was ample evidence provided by numerous witnesses stating under oath that the youth has a propensity for violence.”
“The youth has an extensive history of violence, including targeting female staff at several programs as well as other girls in the programs,” DCF said.
According to DCF, this included: stabbing a female peer with a fork; four assaults or threats on female staffers as well as an assault on a female peer resident at the Bridgeport Detention Center; and 10 assaults and several attempted assaults on staffers at the Solnit Psychiatric Center.
The most recent violent episode, DCF stated, came at a Massachusetts residential program where the youth assaulted a female staffer, “breaking her jaw and temporarily blinding her in one eye.”
DCF described her as “uniquely dangerous, in that no other youth at the Connecticut Juvenile Training School has exhibited such a long-established pattern of assaults.” . . .
Romano said the youth is “in lockdown” at York’s mental health unit for 22-23 hours daily in order to keep her separated from others. “Her condition is deteriorating. She is receiving no counseling, nothing,” he said, as of last Wednesday. . . .
In her affidavit, the girl described her conditions: “During the day and night, I can hear the adult inmates screaming, banging and crying. I find it difficult to fall asleep.” . . .
The only positive comment in her nine-page affidavit was her saying: “I have been provided with hormone treatments through DCF to further develop physical characteristics, including breasts.”

The Connecticut Department of Children and Families is providing hormone treatments for a teen transsexual at taxpayer expense? And the aforesaid teen transsexual, while under care of DCF, has been “repeatedly drugged, beaten, raped, homeless and . . . commercially sexually exploited”? The same 16-year-old transsexual has also stabbed another teenager with a fork and repeatedly assaulted female staffers at facilities, inflicting serious injury?

It Takes a Village to Raise a Dangerous Psychopath.



  • joethefatman

    It’s a funny ole world ain’t it. Up is down…

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  • RS

    Strange as it may seem, this juvenile may have a point. If he hasn’t been charged or convicted, as an adult, of any crimes, then prison is not appropriate. I assume Connecticut has various involuntary commitment procedures for those deemed to be a danger to themselves or others, which would seem to apply here.

  • Kirby McCain

    Government competence on display.

  • DespicableRighty

    Yeah, much better to mock someone who was abused, and sexually exploited as a child(and is now acting out) and call them a “tranny”, than have a bit empathy for them as humans, and care for their legal rights.

    The hatred on the right for homosexuals and transgendered people, (and anyone that isn’t a white, hetero, Christian male alpha for that matter) is pathological.

    You’re no better than the “Good Germans” of 33.

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    If only they could transform bitchiness and other anti social behaviors as easily as gender…the world would be a much better place!

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    Better to help them self mutilate their sex organs, pump them full of hormones, and find out they are more confused and angry than ever. There are despicable people out there, and most of them are lefties.

  • RS

    Spare any sympathy/empathy for any of the victims of his/her assaults?

  • Quartermaster

    I have to admit a soft spot for me here. I have two grandkids that were taken by DFACS in Georgia and they will never recover from the trauma of it. I can certainly see Connecticut’s version abusing the child all too easily.
    The tranny stuff is probably a result of the abuse. So is the violence. Still, sooner or later a person must take responsibility for themselves and act like a human being if they want to remain with human company instead of spending your life with human refuse.

  • DeadMessenger

    Nail on the head, as usual.

  • DaveO

    What is the likelihood Romano’s client will become a productive member of society? What is the likelihood Romano’s client will end up a heavily sedated inmate in a prison mental ward, or a suicide? It’s Connecticut, home of Chris Dodd who witnessed Kennedy’s rape of a waitress, who was a tax exile to Ireland, and of the Stolen Valor POS Blumenthal. Connecticut, where if you like you gun, you get to register to maybe keep it. How many times has Romano’s client voted for Dems in Connecticut, and nationally?

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    Thank you.

  • Dianna Deeley

    They’re throwing hormones on top of an already unstable personality? What are they thinking?

    That kid, if there’s any truth to the affidavit, is too messed up to have any idea of where the sun rises in the morning, never mind the idea that he suffers from being the wrong sex!

  • RS

    Unfortunately, your grandchildren are not the exception. State family services bureaucracies are staffed generally with budding 22 year old social engineers with degrees in social work who have no real world experience with dealing with family problems. Combine that with caseloads filled with the casualties from the “War on Poverty” and other misbegotten attempts to remake social order and you have a recipe for disaster.

    The problem is, because juveniles are involved, the disaster remains hidden from the public eye. I observed the changes in the system for almost three decades, and I tell anyone who listens that the entire juvenile and family court system in this country, regardless of state, is a nest of Leftist thought and experimentation. The public would be horrified at what goes on, but legal/criminal sanctions prevent those in the know from speaking out publicly. The juvenile referred to above is only the tip of the iceberg.

  • londondave

    Until recently I would have believed the Massachusetts DCF fully — until I started hearing of the case of JUSTINA PELTIER.
    Justina has been virtually abducted by the state and currently has fewer rights than the scumbag Boston bomber.

  • Dianna Deeley

    You have reading comprehension issues. Why is this kid being so incredibly mistreated as to have *hormones* thrown on top of an already unstable personality? That is an abuse, and I don’t care if the kid thinks he is the wrong sex.

  • Dianna Deeley

    You have reading comprehension issues. Why is this kid being so incredibly mistreated as to have *hormones* thrown on top of an already unstable personality? That is an abuse, and I don’t care if the kid thinks he is the wrong sex.

  • Dianna Deeley

    I’m still a bit focused on “16 years old”. I don’t quite see how (assuming the affidavit bears any relation to reality) this kid is expected to be rational, never mind responsible. What a mess this situation is!

  • Dianna Deeley

    I’m still a bit focused on “16 years old”. I don’t quite see how (assuming the affidavit bears any relation to reality) this kid is expected to be rational, never mind responsible. What a mess this situation is!

  • Bozikek

    And another case of a “transgender” individual having a pattern of abuse and other mental issues starting in childhood. And we still expected to believe in some mythical “woman in mans body” nonsense.

  • Jeanette Victoria

    Why is taxpayer monies used to give this young man hormones. That is NOT a treatment for the mentally deranged

  • Jeanette Victoria

    Hormones causes mood swings I’m sure that is is helping a lot

  • Dianna Deeley

    Worse, the kid may not be deranged, just seriously abused and angry.

  • DaveO

    Yes, but how many more treatments before his mind goes bye-bye for good?

  • Zohydro

    ??? I don’t want to be trans-man… People would think that I was just good fun!

    I’d rather be a “cis-man”… I’m having fun just being one! ???

  • Dianna Deeley

    I don’t know. But it might be a good idea to put him somewhere decent, with decent people, and not further unbalance what has to be a difficult situation further!

  • Quartermaster

    I know. All to well, I know. I was scared to death for my grandkids even though the foster mother they were placed with seemed a decent person. In the 20 years ending with my kids getting out of the system Georgia DFACS had killed 200 kids. The latest was a kid beaten to death by his grandmother while the mother was telling DFACS what was going on. DFACS just blew it off. Sonny Perdue, a GOPe Governor also blew it off, and blew me off as well, and I was a GOP office holder in Ohio at the time.
    Those departments are just criminal enterprises.

  • Quartermaster

    You misspelled incompetence.

  • ThomasD

    It would appear the child is a ward of the state. As such the state has a wide degree of latitude in deciding where the child should be placed. Much like parents can and do place their own children in private detention facilities.

    Not to say that what the state is doing is appropriate, just to note that it is not really a matter of constitutionality.

    One can simultaneously empathize with the plight of the child, and feel sad over his sufferings, while also recognizing that his life has no doubt rendered him a terribly disturbed, and apparently dangerous sociopath. Unfortunately it is quite likely the effects are permanent, and so long as the state remains responsible for his ‘care’ they will be able to place him where they think best.

  • DaveO

    Agreed. Send him to Texas then.

  • Bozikek

    Now do one to the tune of oscar meyer weiner song :-p

  • concern00

    How blind do you have to be to not see the mental illness in this pathology of trannyism.

  • Bob Belvedere
  • Adjoran

    Ah, I can hear the mandolin now . . .

    Ian just announced that the band is over, and any future touring will be as a solo act. For at least the last 20 years, one reason he kept up the active tour schedule was because “There are roughly 150 people whose livelihood depends on our live tours. If we don’t tour, they’re out of a job.”

  • Adjoran

    Is your President a psychopath?

  • RS

    I cannot speak to Connecticut’s laws, but there seem to be 8th Amendment issues with regard to imprisonment in an adult correctional institution when one has not been charged or convicted of a crime. Even if the state stands in loco parentis, that doesn’t mean that the state can do anything it wants with the child.

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  • Rob Crawford

    I do believe he’s broken limbs on the last two tours, so it’s probably a good idea.

  • Bozikek

    Whole country is wearing bifocals man.

  • Ergo

    What are they thinking? SOP for those seeking gender reassignment, actually, and to deny him (or her?) would be some sort of human rights violation I am sure.

    /world gone mad

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