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#NOAFW Kinder, Gentler Baby-Killing

Posted on | May 5, 2014 | 42 Comments

Cosmopolitan magazine celebrates the Sacrament of Liberalism: New Jersey abortion clinic counselor Emily Lett got pregnant and recorded a video of her abortion experience, telling her story to “inspire other women to stop the guilt.” Wesley Smith comments: “Ah. good times. Becoming irresponsibly pregnant and then having a birth-like experience of destroying a fetus — complete with pictures!

You’re not a real feminist until you (a) kill your own baby and (b) become a lesbian. Of course, if you avoid heterosexuality altogether, this deprives you of the opportunity to get pregnant (and then kill your baby like a good feminist should), but lifelong lesbians can make up for skipping the otherwise necessary abortion experience by encouraging other women to kill their babies.

(Did I mention that this is National Offend a Feminist Week?)



  • Dana

    But, but, but, don’t they have to have PIV sex — accepting getting raped, I suppose — before becoming lesbians, so that they can get knocked up to enable them to have that abortion?

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    There really is no shame in these people.

    We are supposed to find the divine in everyone, especially the people who do horrible things. But sometimes it is hard.

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  • Matt_SE

    Of course, really dedicated feminist lesbians can get pregnant using artificial insemination…and then get an abortion.

  • Mark Hammel

    The ideology of liberalism is an ideology of ☠

  • Cactus Ed

    Say this to the decent liberals: If you prize inclusivity, then include unborn human beings. If you oppose discrimination, why discriminate against them? If you speak for the poor, the weak, and the voiceless, why do you not speak for them?

  • Guest

    If you would rather save a tree than a baby, you might be a

  • taxman10m


  • Julie Pascal

    I haven’t’ quite been able to get past the notion of an *abortion counselor* ending up pregnant against her will.

  • concern00

    A turkey baster might also be effective.

  • Guest


    I really wouldn’t be surprised if she did it on purpose. She also mentioned the male had no say in it, naturally.

  • maniakmedic

    I’m so disgusted with this whole thing that I have no other words. Even going on a rant seems wrong because there really aren’t any words to describe how reprehensible this whole thing is and what a despicable person she is for not just opting for the abortion, but taking delight in it and telling others that it is nothing to be ashamed of doing.

  • Anon Y. Mous

    I suppose it is a bit much, even for a feminist, to pay for an artificial insemination just to earn the abortion achievement badge.

  • Jason Lee

    Because, clump of cells.

  • Jason Lee

    Do you suppose there’s any chance this will be exposed as a complete hoax?

  • K-Bob

    The only thing missing is her shouting Allahu Akbar when the baby is murdered. I wonder why she didn’t sign up for her FGM while she was at it.

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    I wish that was the case.

  • RKae

    Not only an absence of shame, but they have actual PRIDE for this sort of diabolical act.

  • RKae

    Well, in her mind: If the actual person being aborted has no say, then why should the father?

  • RKae

    Only if the last half-century of Western Civilization has been a hoax.

  • Adjoran

    Talk about awkward moments at the family Thanksgiving dinner!

  • Adjoran

    It’s quite a disgusting and depressing way to start what should be a happy, festive holiday week.

    #NOAFW should be a time for celebrating. 51 weeks of the year, we suffer the tortured logic, hectoring tone, mindless theories, and whining rants of the humorless sisterhood. Let this week be joyous freedom!

    Remember we are honoring the conscious decision of these brave wymyn to give up sitting around eating bon-bons, doing their nails, and sharing gossip at home all day, and get out in the workaday world where they sit around eating bon-bons, doing their nails, and sharing gossip all day, expecting some man to pay them for it.

  • Paul H. Lemmen

    She isn’t. They’re all throwbacks to Australopithecines …

  • Dana

    Alas! Such would still require a cooperative male to fill said turkey baster.

  • Dana

    Does not this statement assume that there are decent liberals?

  • jakee308

    Dear Feminists,
    In keeping with the spirit of memorializing Feminism (seeing as how it’s DEAD or DYING) I ask all Feminists who wish to be offended to go stand in front of a mirror.

    There you will see the most offensive and offending individual you have to deal with every damn day. Why not do yourself (and everyone around you) a favor and either take the option offered by Hamlet or get yourself to a nunnery.
    (there’s lots and lots of women there. Who knows maybe you can hook up with one)

    You’ll be doing the world, and yourself, a big favor by removing such an offensive object from the view of and interaction with others.

    Thanking you in advance for not inflicting yourself upon the world any longer.

  • JollyRoger61

    Of course if she didn’t murder her child the father would be on the hook for child support. Great system we gave here. Men get to pay but have no say.

    No amount of misfortune which may befall her will be too much.

  • Trespassers W

    It’s a snuff film.

  • texlovera

    What, she didn’t use the aborted baby as a “green energy source”? Why, she’s no real feminist!

    But she is one sick fuckup.

  • CrustyB

    It’s quite an opportunity to see someone permanently stain themselves with the act of murder.

  • Quartermaster

    What do you have against Australopithecines? I bet they didn’t do abortion.

  • Eric Ashley

    She’s a Morlock? Can’t be an Eloi because I doubt she’s that pretty.

  • SouthCentralPA

    It’s fun to laugh and point, and to be sure, admonishing sinners is a spiritual work of mercy. When you’re done, though, have you prayed for her? And more importantly when she (or someone like her) comes to you complaining of nightmares, do you already know the resources in your area to help (Rachel’s Vineyard or the like)?

  • Bozikek

    *Chairman Mao* or for that matter the mother comrade… Abortions all around!

  • LukeinNE

    Eh, be glad she publicized this. The feminazis will applaud and cheer, but this will backfire. Pro-life people will find this monstrous, as it is, and there are a large number of pro-choicers that consider abortion a necessary evil: a right to be protected, but not celebrated.

    So yes, distasteful though it is, be grateful for the opportunity when the other side so gleefully holds up and exalts one of their crazies.

  • K-Bob

    Morlocks did all the work.

  • Quartermaster

    I think we need a “Year Of The Offended Feminist” to even things out.

  • Quartermaster

    That would be #WarOnWomen.

  • Guest

    Yep. I was scrolling through the comments of the Cosmo article last night and there were A LOT of pro-choice people that were just as sickened by this as we are. Some of them said things along the lines of ‘this will hurt our cause and provide ammunition to those who claim abortion is used in place of birth control’ and others were of the opinion that while abortion should be allowed, it should be a last resort borne out of desperation, and not to be celebrated. People are opening their eyes.

  • Nan

    You read about the lesbians who advertised on craigslist didn’t you? They drew up a contract the guy agreed to give up his parental rights…because the lesbians broke up and the child bearing custodial lesbian was going on welfare, the state went after the donor who is required to pay child support because the law has some pesky little requirement for a doctor to be involved for a sperm donor to be able to give up parental rights.

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