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So What If The #VA Scandal Is Just #ObamaCare Meets #Benghazi?

Posted on | May 21, 2014 | 25 Comments

by Smitty

Americans in general and veterans in particular are far too spun up about the VA scandal. This has led to at least one scurrilous photo-bumming incident already. And why? What difference, at this point, do these veterans make? The WSJ gets it all wrong:

The recent revelations about the Department of Veterans Affairs point to serious problems. But the root of the scandal is not what self-serving bureaucrats failed to do or tried to cover up; it is a federal budget that prevents us from meeting even the national needs on which our polarized political parties can agree.
Whatever the disagreements about the long wars of the past decades, Democrats and Republicans agree that we must fully honor the debt we have incurred to the tiny fraction of the population that does the fighting for the rest of us. Yes, the budget for the VA has risen sharply since 2002. But the number of returning veterans has risen even faster. Many live with grievous wounds from which they would have succumbed in previous conflicts. Many others struggle with the multiple effects of repeated deployments. Aging Vietnam-era patients require more care, and new responsibilities such as coping with Agent Orange add to the VA’s burden.

Aw, c’mon: these veterans, in the main, don’t even vote correctly! And now that ObamaCare is sucking the lifeblood right out of the American healthcare system, these veterans are just a doubly useless load on a Constitutional system that has been fundamentally transformed since the 2008 election.

If these veterans aren’t given the the Doherty & Woods Special, then their block of votes could become an embarrassment for Her Majesty’s 2016 Coronation event.

Besides: American voters gave #OccupyResoluteDesk a pass in 2012. We knew him for an incompetent boob all four years leading up to Benghazi. We knew that ObamaCare was going to make the Titanic seem a minor bathtub incident by comparison.

We have begged to have our warriors treated dishonorably by a completely honor-free rodeo clown, and he hasn’t shown a smidgen of hesitation in delivering.

So. Just. Screw. Us. To. The. Wall.

Because history is going to wonder if we aren’t kind of into this stuff.


  • Evi L. Bloggerlady
  • Cactus Ed

    Because history is going to wonder if we aren’t kind of into this stuff.

    If Obama writes history, it’ll be about him riding his bike, throwing out the first pitch, him sunbathing [etc.]

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  • Evi L. Bloggerlady
  • K-Bob

    After hearing of all the returning Vietnam vets’ stories about Walter Reed, and hearing stories during GWI and GWII about how you had to be on the “right floor” there to get any attention, I was appalled that this crap was going on under ‘W’.

    But you know absolutely that they had to actively broom the bad stories of the VA under the rug during the SCOAMFcare rollout. They had to cover up the fact that these nightmares are where single-payer ALWAYS takes you.

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  • maniakmedic

    I still shake my head in awe at the people I know in the military – who have dealt with military medical care – and still think socialized healthcare is a good idea. The only times you get quick results in the military system are if you have rank or if they refer you off-base to a doctor who actually gives a shit (and good luck getting that referral, because that can take months depending on how close you live to a major military medical facility). But I can’t blame the medical personnel for all of it; a great deal of blame rides on the parents of kids with the sniffles who just HAVE to see a doctor right now, so they clog up the system. Because God forbid they rub two brain cells together and buy a damn bottle of Dimetapp and baby Tylenol.

  • smitty

    The care is fine. While you’re on active duty.

  • K-Bob

    It is amazing. But I personally know of several Vietnam vets who have received excellent care at the VA in my old hometown. Back in early 2000’s, our local VA Hospital and medical center got a massive rebuild and it became a decent facility with access to doctors at the local university system.

    The trick was, you had to be on the right list. The guys who made out like bandits are the ones who served where agent orange was in use, but rarely had any of it in the air near their position, or never handled any of the containers. If you are in your sixties, and you have a suspicious cough, they cover a full battery of tests, and will manage any of a host of ailments like diabetes, asthma, COPD, heart/lung problems, blood pressure, you name it. All you have to do is show up to your appointments.

    I know a few others who served but never left continental US during that war, and still get annual checkups and other things, but not full managed care. So the system works for some.

    But the wounded, the PTS sufferers, and the permanently disabled get a mixed bag, with many getting totally crapped on by the system. There’s no excuse for that. Makes me angry just typing it.

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