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Demi Lovato Is Gay?

Posted on | June 8, 2014 | 29 Comments

Probably not. The ex-Disney starlet’s announcement of her appearance at the Los Angeles Gay Pride parade was deliberately ambiguous.

The last time I noticed Demi Lovato was in 2010, when she was in “starlet meltdown” mode — reports of drug abuse, rumors of a sex video, a trip to rehab — all of which was reportedly a consequence of being dumped by her one-time boyfriend Joe Jonas of the then-popular singing group the Jonas Brothers. Demi was only 18 at the time, but she has managed to recover and establish something like an actual career, appearing as a judge on a talent show (The X Factor) and doing an acting appearance on Glee, where she played somebody’s lesbian girlfriend.

However, a careful reading of Lovato’s press release shows that she describes herself as “an active advocate of the LGBT community” and, while there was at least one vague rumor of a lesbian affair last year, Lovato did not confirm that rumor and has never described herself as gay. More than likely, she’s just using “the LGBT community” as a marketing base, knowing how influential gays are in the music and entertainment industry.

And good for her, y’know? I mean, whatever’s good for her career is good for her career, and certainly it’s better that Demi is working than for her to be sitting around in a depressed stupor, getting coked up and contemplating suicide. She has escaped the kind of downward spiral effect that has destroyed others — e.g., Lindsay Lohan’s career is over, although she continues desperately clinging to a  pathetic “famous for being famous” celebrity.

All of which is to explain why Demi Lovato’s “active advocate” status is unlikely to result in her doing an Ellen Page and coming out as a celebrity lesbian. Demi is famous enough that if she were actually gay, we’d know it by now, rather than having just one unconfirmed rumor (which was floated around at just about the time she appeared on Glee, coincidentally or not). Demi Lovato seems to be a certain familiar type of straight girl, emotionally damaged and unable to find a guy who loves her the way (she thinks) she deserves to be loved.

Girls like Demi sometimes do drift into a sort of “lesbian by default” limbo, like college girls who are LUGs (Lesbians Until Graduation) as a way of avoiding hurtful relationships with immature guys. They can’t cope with rejection, and hanging around gays prevents them from having to deal with that possibility. No guys are waving diamond rings at them and promising Happily Ever After, so they are Princesses Without a Prince, which is sad, but it’s not really anybody’s fault.

Is it Joe Jonas’s fault that Demi Lovato was such a pushover? Is it Joe’s fault that Demi fell in love with him and was too dumb to realize she was just another notch on his belt? C’mon — exactly how many notches does Joe Jonas have on his belt? 50? 100? 200? How was Demi Lovato different from any of those other girls he used and discarded?

Did she think she was “special”? And was it a shattering blow to her ego to discover that she wasn’t special? Whose fault was that?

Anyway, Demi Lovato has recovered from her Troubled Starlet phase, and is now going through her Maybe I’m Gay phase, so it’s possible she may eventually confront her basic problem — the damaged human being she sees in the mirror every day — and become a reasonably well-adjusted adult some day. Or not.

Demi is only 21, so it would be premature to predict how the story ends for her. There are a lot of damaged young people like her wandering around out there, people who aren’t famous and rich, and who never even had a chance to get dumped by Joe Jonas.

Maybe they’re really the lucky ones . . .



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  • Jupiter C.

    She’s reeling in the gays to help with a faltering career. Before it’s too late. A common thing for an agent to advise their clients to do.

  • FenelonSpoke

    I’m am old person-over 50-without a TV-and and have no idea who Demo Lovato is-an ex Disney Girl, evidently. I have never seen anything she’s in.

  • Quartermaster

    All of us are damaged in some way. The key is how we overcome that damage. Lovato seems to think she can do it by giving into a perverted culture. Doing that will only increase the damage and make a well adjusted adult life problematic.

  • Wombat_socho

    “…so it’s possible she may eventually confront her basic problem — the damaged human being she sees in the mirror every day — and become a
    reasonably well-adjusted adult some day. Or not.”

    It’s possible, but I wouldn’t bet on it myself.

  • Matthew W

    Demi who ?

  • Zohydro

    “Maybe-I’m-gay phase”—Possibly…

    Took a dip in the “lady pond”—Probably…

    Actually “gay”—Highly unlikely!

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    There is this whole thing now about declaring you are gay to be cool. Most kids can’t change to be an oppressed minority (unless they are luck enough to be born into it) but anyone can declare they are gay (or bi curious) and be cool for a day.

    Didn’t you see the remake of 21 Jump Street?

  • John Scotus

    Lesbian? More likely just starving for attention. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I once toyed with the idea of publicly announcing that I was a lesbian, but my wife and kids put a stop to it.

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  • K-Bob

    So famous that I don’t recall ever seeing a picture of her before. But then, I’m no longer cool or anything.

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