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Lesbian Charged With Statutory Rape

Posted on | June 10, 2014 | 30 Comments

A Tennessee woman has been charged with five counts of statutory rape for allegedly having sex with a teenage girl. Stephanie Kaye Stanton, 22, of Lawrenceburg is being held on $100,000 bond:

Lawrenceburg police Capt. Don Laws . . . said Stanton is accused of having an “unlawful sexual relationship” with a teenage girl.
Laws would not release the girl’s exact age, but said she was 12-16 years old.
Authorities said the investigation revealed the relationship had been going on since December 2012. . . .
“We received information that Stanton could be involved with a young girl, and we started the investigation and were able to develop enough to make the arrest,” Laws said. . . .
“We fear there may be several young female victims involved,” he said. “Our department is currently investigating allegations into other young female children.

Stanton was indicted in April on similar charges involving a teen girl in Madison County, Alabama — Huntsville, about an hour’s drive from Lawrenceburg — where her trial is scheduled to begin in September.



  • Regular Right Guy

    Will the homophobic persecution never end!!

  • Dana

    According to the linked article, “Statutory rape is a Class E felony and is punishable by 1-6 years in prison if convicted.” OK, now just how is this punishment for a lez? Time for another Women in Prison movie!

    And yes, I denounce myself in advance.

  • Anchovy

    Now who in the hell is dumb enough to rape a statue? That marble stuff is hard and they are usually covered in bird shit.

  • RKae

    But they never need Viagra!

  • texlovera

    One look at her mugshot and yeah, I believe it…

  • Kirby McCain

    She’s not looking for women who can consent. She’s looking for a child she can tear away from the family. Apparently, some families are resisting. Eric Holder is looking into this homophobic resistance. There must be transformative justice!

  • Joe Dokes

    Looks like an effeminate dude but that’s probably the goal.

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