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Inmates Run the Facebook Asylum

Posted on | June 29, 2014 | 26 Comments

Gabriel/”Brielle” Harrison (@nyteshade) is a “Sci-Fi/Fantasy lover,” IYKWIMAITYD. Gender Identity Watch explains more:

He is also a Facebook engineer who implemented the multiple gender options on Facebook. He has made public statements that he censored Gender Identity Watch.
Harrison does not apply Facebook’s Community Standards; rather, he engages in censorship of political speech by Women, Lesbians and Gay Men.

Read the whole thing, including screen-caps of Harrison bragging about meeting with “Facebook’s TLGB safety and fairness leader.”

If you’ve ever been targeted for online harassment, as I have, you know how maddening it can be to deal with people who tell you, “Oh, it’s just the Internet.” You may also be aware that mentally ill perpetrators of harassment habitually pretend that they are the victims. In the war of Internet annihilation which they initiated and refuse to cease, your acts of self-defense are portrayed as aggressions.

Now, imagine discovering that the online service you’re dealing with in your efforts to stop the harassment have entrusted your avowed enemies with authority to decide what constitutes “abuse.”

Gender Identity Watch is a radical feminist site — certainly no friend or ally of mine — that has been targeted by transgender activists who are trying to silence them. Why? Because they are feminists who refuse to go along with the sex-change pretense. The transgenders can’t stand being criticized under the banner of “feminism.” Radical women are being censored in the name of “fairness and safety.”



  • Kirby McCain

    Why are feminists afraid of men with titties?

  • Jeanette Victoria

    Facebook is EXTREMELY Alphabet (LGBT) friendly So much so that a homosexual can stalk and harass almost with impunity but a conservative or Christian will get censored.

  • Jeanette Victoria

    Or afraid of women with penises

  • ajpwriter

    And I know I should feel bad for the radfems, but I don’t. They have sewn, let them reap. The irony is rich and piquant, with hints of oak, tannin, and crow.

    BTW, “TLGB”? Are they going to start fighting over the placement of letters? Please say they are going to start fighting over the placement of letters!

  • Zohydro

    With a delicate palate and a fruity finish…

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  • WarEagle82

    He/she don’t look so delicate to me…

  • WarEagle82

    So at least we know where all those “special snowflakes” with “identity studies degrees” will be working.

    I don’t Facebook. And I am planning to sanitize my keyboard daily after reading these stories. “Social Media Diseases” can be pretty nasty. Brings a whole new dimension to “malware.”

  • Zohydro


  • Matt_SE

    And the revolution eats its own.
    Who could’ve seen this coming? I wonder if Mr. Harrison will be found in Mexico City with a pickaxe in his skull.

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady
  • Federale

    Sounds like Alien v. Predator, Crips v. Bloods. Here one hopes for mutually assured destruction. Bring on the blood and gore, trannies v. dykes! May the best “man” win. I wish the Romans had this in the Coliseum.

  • concern00

    I honestly think an F has a place in the dystopian alphabet – LGTBQF. Feel free to play with the sequencing.

  • bruce lorraine

    Sounds like they’ve taken a page out of islam’s handbook.
    The further these as sclowns go in the direction of political correctness the further I go in the opposite direction.
    The pronoun challenged will never shut me up, neither will the religion of perpetual outrage. It’s going to be great fun here in America when what constitutes a crime is identified by the offended we will wind up dealing with it in the street like the good old days.
    Look to the Buddhists in Burma as they set the example on how to deal with the perpetual morally outraged regardless weather it has a religious slant or a sexual identity slant …..
    When you star pointing that stink finger at Americans and charging them with thought crimes and speech crimes don’t be surprised when they bring down the thunder.

  • Bob Belvedere

    Bonus points for the Trotsky/Stalin reference.

  • Adjoran

    Ah, the Greeks.

  • Adjoran

    We are approaching the point when any pervert can follow little girls into the bathroom and defend “himself” by claiming discrimination for denying his “identity” as female – or child-lover.

  • Misanthrope

    I so enjoy leftist cannibalism.

  • cmdr358

    Sunni v. Shiite = MAD

  • Käthe

    It was funny when Monty Python did it, but that photo is just so many layers of sad.

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  • DeadMessenger

    It IS sad. I don’t care if a dude has a Rupaul-quality makeup job and full surgery, including Adam’s apple, he still can’t hide those shoulders and hands. And he still looks like a clown, because he’s never going to actually look like a woman. And people will look upon him with pity. Same on the female side, too. I can’t get past the reality that transgenderism is either a mental illness or a play for attention, in which case, either get help or get over yourself.

  • Käthe

    They can’t become pretty ladies but they will bully us into pretending like that’s exactly what they are. That seems to be the tactic. Make it so you have to join in their pretend play to have a job and a normal social life, then they won’t have to face the man in lipstick in the mirror.

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