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Gender Theory Madness: Gay Man Gets ‘Doxed’ Because of His ‘Transphobia’

Posted on | June 30, 2014 | 22 Comments

In case you missed my posts over the weekend — “Tranarchy: Gender Theory = Insanity” and “Inmates Run the Facebook Asylum” — the long-running online war between transgender activists and radical lesbian feminists has been heating up lately. The two sides of the battle front are essentially this: Transactivists say it is “hate” to criticize them or refuse to participate in their pronoun-switching charades; radical dykes insist that, however fungible “gender” may be, feminism is still about the condition of women as a biologically determined category, which involves XX chromosomes, ovaries and so forth.

The latest example of how weird this war has become: “Jay Allen” is a gay man whose blog is called “Who Is Cis?” That is to say, he is dubious of the attempt by transactivists (who use the prefix “cis-” as an antonym of “trans-“) to deal with biological categories as a social problem that needs to be “theorized.” He respects radical feminists’ insistence on the importance of “female only” spaces. (Hint: If you think make-believe male lesbians, including “transitioning” shemales with penises, shouldn’t be permitted to use public restrooms for women, you’re a hater, according to transgender activists.)

On Friday, Twitter user @Anon_Redteam, who identifies as a member of Anonymous, “doxed” @WhoIsCis”, publishing his personal information in order to expose this gay man to harassment.

The conflict between radical feminism and transgender activists dates back more than three decades. Janice Raymond and Sheila Jeffreys (both of whom are lesbians and Women’s Studies professors, but I repeat myself) have remained firm in their insistence on speaking bluntly about what transgenderism signifies, psychologically and politically. As a conservative who considers feminism a mental disorder in its own right, I nevertheless find myself nodding in agreement with much of what these women say about the transgender phenomenon. Their totalitarian enemies even tried to get the radical feminists listed by the SPLC as a “hate group,” which tells you these dykes must be doing something right:

Gender Identity Watch founder Cathy Brennan tells the Voice she found efforts to pressure Routledge not to publish Jeffreys’s work “very frightening,” adding that she’s deeply troubled by “the idea that [Jeffreys], as an academic publishing a book, should have someone looking over her shoulder to make sure she’s using approved language.” . . .
An attorney who once campaigned for a Maryland nondiscrimination law that would have included legal protections for sexual orientation and gender identity, Brennan says the campaign against her is “based on this idea that if you don’t toe a specific line” — i.e., accept trans women on their own terms — “you’re a Hitler/Nazi/hater/bigot.”

Read the whole thing and make up your own mind.

The First Amendment guarantees not only free speech and a free press, but it also recognizes freedom of association. The right to assemble peacefully means that feminists don’t have to invite transvestites to a women-only conference. It is insanity to complain that you are a victim of “discrimination” because actual women — y’know, the kind who were born with a vagina and stuff — don’t accept your surgical simulacrum as valid for membership in their club.

Bonus Gender Craziness Link: A transsexual “Penile Inversion Survivor” agrees with the radical feminist critique.



  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    If irony and hypocrisy was cake, this would be the best friggin cake evah.

    Of course, the irony and hypocrisy here is not cake. It is about as tasteful as ear wax. It is still interesting to observe, in a train wreck sort of way.

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  • Jupiter C.

    Even Liberals think this is all weird. It’s a minority of them that champion this self-mutilation & delusion, along with the prerequisite verbal descriptions & titles.

  • Jeanette Victoria

    Progressives/Marxists always eat themselves

  • Kirby McCain

    Freedom of association, as long as it’s not all male or all white. You need to footnote brah

  • RKae

    I believe it’s because there is never a “Well, we’re finally done” moment.

    There’s ALWAYS another “cause”; another “minority” to raise up; another “oppressive construct” or “taboo based on religion” to smash.

  • bruce lorraine

    Trannies at war with lesbins, just too funny. Putting all of this in proper perspective of the importance of this reminded me of the Cassius Clay line ‘me whee’
    While the rest of America farts, rolls over and goes back to sleep.

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    As Neil Young once said, madness never sleeps.

  • Federale

    For the record, the 1964 Civil Rights Act repealed freedom of association. If you aren’t free to discriminate, you aren’t free.

  • Federale

    We love train wrecks, the bloodier the better. LOL, I made a period joke that trannies can’t have.

  • Federale

    Sorry, that’s just not true. The left is in whole hog on trannies and crazy muslims.

  • Lisa Graas

    Not so long ago, BTK’s desire to dress in women’s clothing was considered to be consistent with his propensity to murder women.

  • Jupiter C.

    Sorry, it’s true. I spent a quarter century in the middle of Liberal heaven, in Seattle. I understand their bigotries, their hypocrisies & much more. I would caution you about stereotyping anyone. It indicates ignorance.

  • RKae

    I’ve got you beat. I’ve worked in theatre in Seattle. The only way to get closer to the gay left is to actually get into bed with them.

    Sorry. I’ve never met anyone on the left who thinks transexuality is weird. Not stereotyping. I’m telling you I’ve never run into anyone on the left who will tag it as weird.

  • Justin Allen Norwood

    Hi, I’m Jay Allen. It’s nice to see some people are reporting on this issue from a common sense stand point. Thank you.

  • K-Bob

    Good point. Even after they end up controlling absolutely everything, they will only be in a position of “just getting started.”

  • RKae

    After every single victory the left enjoys, someone always gets up to a microphone and reminds the crowd, “We still have a long way to go.”

  • DeadMessenger

    That, in itself, is pretty weird.

  • Anonymous Redteam

    I didn’t dox Justin Allen Norwood. Someone else did it. I just linked to it from a pastebin when searching his name. You are an incredible non-journalist. lol. However, I may just create a real Dox, not just some amateur shite.

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