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Israel/Gaza Ceasefire Collapses, Along With Joe Scarborough’s Credibility

Posted on | August 1, 2014 | 123 Comments

The 72-hour ceasefire fell short by about 70 hours:

A 72-hour humanitarian cease-fire agreed upon by Israel and Hamas collapsed shortly after it took effect Friday morning.
Mortar shells fired from within the Gaza Strip landed near a border-regioning town some two hours after the truce deal brokered by the United States and the EU kicked in, and shortly thearafter Palestinian medical sources reported that at least 25 Gaza residents were killed and dozens of others wounded by IDF artillery fire directed at the southern Strip. . . .
Gaza militants opened fire at IDF troops operating in the southern Gaza Strip at 9:30 A.M., and it is feared an Israeli soldier has been taken captive by Gaza militants, the IDF Spokesman says. . . .
UN Special Coordinator Robert Serry says he has received word from Israel regarding a “serious incident” that occurred after the cease-fire deal took effect, “involving a tunnel behind IDF lines in the Rafah area of the Gaza Strip.”
“The United Nations is not in a position to independently confirm these reports,” said Serry. “However, if corroborated, this would constitute a serious violation of the humanitarian ceasefire in place since 8 A.M. this morning by Gazan militant factions, which should be condemned in the strongest terms.”

So it’s war to the knife, knife to the hilt or — to borrow a phrase from the Beastie Boys — “no sleep ’til Brooklyn.” Israel will continue Operation Protective Edge until the fanatical death-mongers in Gaza are smashed into tiny jihadi smithereens. Selah.

Being old enough to remember watching the Six Day War on the nightly news, I’ve long since given up hope on Middle East peace. To the Palestinian leadership, peace is a synonym for “kill Jews.” It is impossible to negotiate with such hateful thugs.

Meanwhile, on MSNBC, Joe Scarborough accused Israel of “indiscriminate” killing of civilian women and children in Gaza:

“This continued killing of women and children in a way that appears to be indiscriminate is asinine. . . .
“And women and children are being seen because you know what? As much as we all hate Hamas, what is going to replace Hamas is going to be much worse. It is going to be a radical Islamist group instead of just power-hungry, corrupt people that despise Israel. . . .  The United States of America — we cannot be associated with this if this continues. This is so bad, not only for the Israeli people, but for us.”

Today on Morning Joe, Scarborough delivered a non-apology of the most offensive kind, a lecture in which he insisted that his critics are ignorant and simple-minded. Meanwhile, Allahpundit dismantles the “logic” of Scarborough’s argument:

If you take the “whatever comes next will be worse” logic to its ultimate conclusion, though, you’re forever left defending whichever bunch of degenerates is in charge at the time. Israel can’t oust Hamas because then Al Qaeda might take over; if Al Qaeda takes over, Israel can’t oust them or else ISIS might move in. If ISIS moves in, Israel can’t oust them or else a portal to hell will open in the ground and Hitler and Bin Laden will emerge from the earth to rule Gaza together. And so on. Essentially, so long as Eliminationist Group A remains a bit less savage than Eliminationist Group B, they can be as savage as they like and the west’s commentariat will defend leaving them in power.

By the way, if a portal to hell open in Gaza, the IDF will kill whatever comes out of hell. No sleep ’til Brooklyn.



  • JeffS

    Me three!

  • DeadMessenger

    What did I say earlier about tarting an entire group with the same brush? If a percentage of black men, for example, rob people at gunpoint, does that make all blacks armed robbers? Does Ted Bundy make all whites serial killers? Does Dan Savage make all homosexuals psychotic smear artists?

    If you want to say that this administration has carefully handpicked a bunch of evil, soulless, criminal whites, blacks, Jews, Muslims, homosexuals, etc., to further its Marxist, Alinsky-esque goals, well, I wouldn’t argue that point.

  • RS

    Ezekiel is in the Old Testament if I recall correctly. ; )

    It will be so obvious that even the Troll below will see it for what it is.

  • RichFader

    Excellent question. Wrong tribe.

  • Hanzo

    Soooo …. when did Scarborough ever have a scintilla of credibility? Never, in my mind.

  • RichFader

    What’s the time? It’s time to get ill.

  • TMLutas

    Ugh, I finally understood what you’re getting at. You’re still off base, but not as crazy as I thought you were.


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  • Quartermaster

    Certainly not crazy. There is nothing in scripture by coincidence.

  • Quartermaster

    A good place to start and you will see what I mean in my last response

  • RichFader

    As I told him, excellent question, wrong tribe.

  • Wombat_socho

    I think Israelis are becoming less and less interested in what “the world” thinks. Egypt is also getting tired of Hamas’ bullshit.

  • Wombat_socho


  • Wombat_socho

    You know, I could deal with these guys a lot quicker if someone would drop me and e-mail instead of you people trying to talk sense into the senseless.

  • Quartermaster

    Egypt gets a special mention in Prophecy and is not mentioned in the list of nations that attack Israel in Ezekial 38 & 39. I think Sadat saw there was no future in the constant wars with Israel and made peace. He was right, but the rest don’t seem to have learned their lesson yet.

  • Quartermaster

    Send me an email so I have your addy and I’ll be glad to let you know.

  • Bob Belvedere

    Our old ‘friend’ Socialism Is Evil is back.

  • TMLutas

    Stick a fork in it. We’re done.

    Chuck Missler is not someone I’m willing to waste an hour of my life on.


  • Quartermaster

    If you see that as a waste, it’s your problem, not mine. And you do have a serious problem.

  • TMLutas

    Multiple examples of plagiarism, associating himself with flaky “vatican talks to extraterrestrials” book, thinks you can explain the Bible in an hour. Yeah, that’s a bit of a waste.

    Have the last word if you please. I won’t be responding.

  • Quartermaster

    You clearly haven’t listened to the man. Your response indicates that you are willing to listen something about a man, rather than hear the man himself as he does not say anything like what you accuse him of.

    For such a man as yourself, it would be a waste.