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‘Feminist Men’ = Progressive Misogynists

Posted on | August 18, 2015 | 74 Comments

Victoria Brownworth (@vabvox) is a lesbian feminist who hates “mansplaining from men asserting they are feminist allies”:

One night on social media I objected to the use of the word “c–t” by men as a pejorative against women. I wrote that it was one of the worst things a man could say about a woman, reducing her to nothing more than her genitalia. Dozens of men began tweeting at me, explaining to me that “c–t” was just a word and that I should step back from my “extreme” feminism. To a one they mansplained me about the importance of free speech (as if a female journalist wouldn’t know about free speech better than most). And also to a one, they proceeded to call me a “c–t.”
Yet as I went to block each one there were the profiles again: “progressive,” “left-leaning” and so forth. . . .

Permit me to interrupt: I never use the “c-word.”

It is a genuinely foul and offensive thing to say and, let me remark that I have noticed this misogynist slur used most often by gay men. Remember that (a) I majored in drama in college, and (b) for several months in late 1986, I was the only heterosexual man employed in the menswear section of a department store. In my experience, gay men drop the “c-word” much more frequently than do straight men.

Let me further point out the different significance of the “c-word” as an anti-woman insult (one which makes her anatomy the target), as opposed to “bitch” or “slut.” The latter two words pertain to particular traits or behaviors. To call a woman a “bitch” implies she is mean, crabby or spiteful; some women will apply this word to themselves as a boast, to suggesting they are formbidable adversaries when angry. To call a woman a “slut” is to accuse her of promiscuity.

We may object to either word as offensive, but they have specific connotations, referring negatively to certain behaviors or character traits, whereas “c–t” is just an anti-female slur. Now, let’s get back to Victoria Brownsworth’s critique of progressive male “allies”:

If you self-define as a progressive, why are you calling a feminist a “c–t” on social media, since feminist ally is part of every progressive platform? . . .
What progressive man would willingly accept the mantle of oppressor of women? And yet it remains the non-objective reality of women’s lived experience. Just as those of us who are white and actively doing anti-racist work must accept that we still have privilege that accrues to the mere fact of our whiteness, people with penises have to accept that their genitalia granted them a level of privilege at birth that no one born female has ever had.
Or ever will have. . . .
I’m not suggesting there are no pro-feminist men or that men are incapable of being feminist allies. But I do believe we are all inculcated from birth with the notion that men are superior and women are inferior. . . .
I don’t blame every man I meet for the oppression I experience and have experienced throughout my life. I don’t blame every man for the brutality women and girls face worldwide. But what I do expect and what I think is not over-much to expect, is that men who self-define as feminist allies, as pro-feminist, as our friends, not our enemies, not argue with us in public space about our lives. We know our lives better than you. And most importantly, you do not speak for us, you can never speak for us.

The First Rule for Men in Feminist Movements Is SHUT UP!

Men who wish to be “feminist allies” must realize that this requires them to accept feminism’s anti-male ideology as correct. Feminists believe that no male has any valid knowledge of anything. Nor can a male have any ability or virtue that could qualify him for a feminist’s admiration or respect. No feminist admires or respects men, because no male can ever have any real achievement or accomplishment that would entitle him to respect or admiration. Everything “people with penises” think they have achieved is, according to feminist theory, actually a result of the unjust oppression of women. In the zero-sum game of feminist theory, whatever a male possesses he has stolen from women, cheating women out of what is rightfully theirs because, in the cruel system of male supremacy, “their genitalia granted them a level of privilege at birth.”

Feminism is not about equality. Feminism is about SHUT UP.

Every woman is infinitely superior to all men — this is the fundamental premise of feminist theory, and if any man thinks he has anything to say that a woman needs to hear, he’s wrong. Feminism means all men are always wrong about everything.

You have a penis? SHUT UP. You are stupid and ignorant, and know nothing about anything, because you are male. Feminists do not want to hear anything a male has to say. Feminists are offended by your maleness, which fills them with an emetic revulsion. Feminists are nauseated by the mere thought of men. Feminists curse the fact that they are forced to share the planet with males. Complete silence is therefore the minimum duty of any man who wishes to be an “ally” of feminists. The second-best way for a man to help a feminist is never to speak a word in her presence, whereas the best way for a man to help a feminist is to do what Adrienne Rich’s husband did.

If a progressive male refuses to follow the example of Alfred Conrad — the only way a male can become a truly good man, according to feminist logic — the least he can do is SHUT UP, which is exactly the message the #ThingsFeministMenHaveSaidToMe hashtag is intended to convey. Everything “feminist men” say is wrong, for the simple and obvious reason that they are men:

This is what I mean when I say feminism is a totalitarian movement to destroy civiliztion as we know it. Feminism’s implacable hostility toward males means feminists can never be satisfied so long as any male exists, because male existence is inherently oppressive to women. Any male who calls himself a “feminist man” insults women by appropriating feminism, and everything a male says to a feminist is offensive.

“Fear and Loathing of the Penis — a paranoid resentment of men, characterized by irrational suspicion — is the underlying mental condition that feminism turns into a political ideology. What disturbs me, after months of studying this phenomenon, is that this madness is both contagious and incurable. Feminism is a sort of cultural virus that, once it takes hold in a woman’s mind, makes it impossible for her to relate to men in a normal manner and, because misery loves company, she feels compelled to share her hateful anti-male attitudes with other women.”
Robert Stacy McCain, Sex Trouble: Radical Feminism and the War Against Human Nature (page 108)

Trust me, guys, you never want to be a progressive “male ally.” Feminists don’t hate progressive men any less than they hate conservative men, they just hate them in a different way. At least, as a conservative, I don’t have to ask feminists for permission to speak. All feminists hate me, because I am a heterosexual male, and I don’t even bother to pretend I care whether they hate me or not. Feminist hatred is expected. In the 21st century, being hated by feminists is increasingly necessary to being heterosexual, whether you are male or female. Feminism Is Queer, to invoke the title of Professor Mimi Marinucci’s 2010 Women’s Studies textbook. As a pioneering feminist explained 40 years ago, “heterosexuality is the ideology of male supremacy.” Lesbianism and feminism have been historically “coterminous,” as Professor Bonnie Zimmerman said. Feminism is a movement to destroy “heteropatriarchy, the dominance associated with a gender binary system that presumes heterosexuality as a social norm,” to quote the Oregon State University professors who authored the textbook Women’s Voices, Feminist Visions. The category “heterosexual feminist” is problematic for the same reason that “male feminist” is an oxymoron. No feminist can ever love a man, because the oppressor cannot deserve love from his victim. Feminism is based in the understanding that all males participate in and benefit from the oppression of all women, and there is no way that any male can exempt himself from this feminist condemnation.

Every man is regarded as an enemy by the feminist death cult, which aims to impose on males a final and complete silence.

Alfred Conrad could not be reached for comment.



  • pst314

    “In my experience, gay men drop the ‘c-word’ much more frequently than do straight men.”

    Feminists used to tell me that gay men tend to dislike or even hate/despise women. Did you find this to be true, and if so, how many and how much? And if not, do you know where this assertion came from?

  • Saltyron1977

    My guess is because they are competition. They both are attracted to men, and not even the gays buy the “born that way” scam, so women cut into the pool of available men by offering to a man what another man never could.

  • Saltyron1977

    No, but it’s their bread and butter. It’s the prism through which they view the world.

  • Lulu

    I’ve been saying this for years and everyone acts like you’re crazy because you know life is just like Will & Grace…

  • Lulu

    wow you are totally missing all the terms about women’s sexual behavior that don’t apply to men and the terms that describe appearance — and I’m not sure anyone actually uses nerd or dork anymore but women were totally called dorks and losers when I was in HS

  • Lulu

    same way they say totally racist things and think they should get a pass

  • Lulu

    not the same and I will explain my reasoning — sorry for the vulgarity — men are also called c-word as a pejorative, but women are never called prick/dick/etc. why because the being a phallic term is proactive and does not conger images of being a useless filthy cum dumpster — so c-word trumps phallic insults

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  • Lulu

    well possibly, but the problem is fat ugly women would never say these type of things to younger good looking men but fat ugly men think they can and so come off as creepy — women know their attractiveness limits — basically when they are out of their league because girls from an early age receive verbal and non-verbal feedback from just about everyone they encounter. I don’t know if boys don’t get this feedback (but expect in HS they do as teenagers are cruel) or just ignore said feedback, but if you don’t abide by these basic social rules people think you’re creepy it’s the same thing as making eye contact on the elevator or sitting next to a stranger in an empty theatre…

  • Ilion

    When I first entered “the real world” (many, many moons ago), getting my first job in a strange city, and having no car, I rented the only apartment I could find within easy walking distance of my job (which was in the middle of the city). As fate would have it, most of the other people living in that tower (and all the others of roughly my own age) were “gay”. So, for a couple of years, most of the people I socialized with were “gay”.

    And let me tell you, the things those guys would say about women! So, yeah, I think that “gays”, especially the swishy ones, “tend to dislike or even hate/despise women”.

    And, like Saltyron1977, I put it to “competition”.

    Or, to look at it another way — one of the big reasons feminists *hate* men is because they hate the fact that they themselves are women, their hatred of men is a reflection of sour-grapes jealousy; similarly, a not insignificant percentage of “gays” hate the fact that they are men, and so they despise and/or hate women for being what they cannot be.

  • Ilion

    Perhaps you’re not aware that the male counterpart term to “slut” is “whore-monger” … and that it’s said with even more disdain?

    Contrary to the claims of the leftists — and specifically the perverts among them who wanted easier prey– male promiscuity was never admired by other men. For, after all, the women whom cads prey upon are other men’s daughters and sisters (and wives and mothers).

  • Jeanette Victoria

    And look who is a feminist man..statutory rape apologist Thomas A Mix of Vero Beach This really isn’t much of a surprise is it?

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  • JosephBleau

    I don’t think so. Younger women in our society, particularly attractive ones, are indulged when they behave in certain ways because all the men are hot for them. Gay men are immune to that and don’t have the patience for it. Also, viewing themselves as an oppressed class seems to free them from constraints on such behaviors that straight men would impose on themselves. Much like various minority groups say things about each other that the vast majority of whites would avoid saying at all costs.

  • JosephBleau

    Yeah, I understand that. But those terms like slut and bitch are also said (by most of society) to be off limits because they are only said about women. I’m just pointinig out that for every female-specific put down there as least one male-specific put down, often more, including those regarding body parts. You’re right that my other terms are dated – hey I’m getting old. But I’m sure there are replacements out there.

  • JosephBleau

    Hmmm. I’ve never been called the c-word and never seen another guy called that. Maybe I’m behind the times. I’ll concede that men are often called pussies, but that has a different connotation. People tend to shy away from that one much more now because it is an implicit insult to all women when calling a guy that for being a wimp. It was ubiquitous when I was younger and I rarely see or hear it any more.

  • JosephBleau

    “Yeah, she’s absolutely infuriating”
    Well, that’s probably the goal. And, by being infuriated, you are allowing her to reach it. Just a thought.

  • JoeBee

    Her goal is that I dismiss everything she says, and think she’s a worthless asshole whose existence the world would be better off without? No. Ignoring is not the solution. Defeating her, and everyone like her, is.

  • Gunga

    If they object to the “C” word, has anyone tested the “Q” word out on them? I about fell out of my seat watching the first Avengers movie, when Loki called Black Widow a “mewling quim.” …even more astonished that it made it past the TV censors. It’s a far more apt description of this brood of vipers.

  • Ilion

    JosephBleau:I don’t think so.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if, when people set out to dispute one, they did actually so?

    JosephBleau:Younger women in our society, particularly attractive ones, are indulged when they behave in certain ways because all the men are hot for them.

    Two things:

    1) Didn’t you get the memo? “Hot” just means “beautiful” … at least, that’s what a couple self-deceived and compromised-by-leftism regulars here insist.

    2) Men indulge women — even when they’re older or unattractive — because (normal) men have a *need* to protect women, and because (normal) men experience conflict with women as vastly more unpleasant than conflict with another man. Many women exploit these facts (as a means of manipulating individual men); the success of feminism is due to exploiting these facts (as a means to manipulare most men). These facts have far more to do with the society-wide permission given women to behave in ways that men would be sharply criticized for doing than does any “hotness” factor.

  • Demonrat Plantation

    Thank you, kindly.
    I did have little choice about who brought me up.
    As difficult as it was to be raised by lesbian feminists communists it sure did prepare for life today when the societal hate is so routinely directed at whites, males, and straights (not to mention Christians and successful people)

  • Lulu

    nancy-boy has disappeared as well

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