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Feminism Is a Cult (and Feminists Who Say They Don’t Hate Men Are Lying)

Posted on | March 22, 2016 | 18 Comments

Three quick hits. Item Number One:

the idea that males are socialized to work hard to provide for women is so disingenuous. because like it has nothing to do with benevolence or ~female privilege~ and everything to do with making women dependent on males to perpetuate and uphold male dominance over women. like if it was anything other than that males wouldn’t feel affronted if a woman wanted to be independent or their gf/wife made more money than them or other things like
there’s literally nothing benevolent about what males do. males don’t do anything for women that doesn’t benefit them in some way.

So, says this 25-year-old Tumblr feminist, men are incapable of benevolence. No male has ever done anything for any woman, period.

Item Number Two is “Women Not Objects,” which is a campaign to “end the objectification of women in advertising,” per their Twitter profile, and which today apparently launched a hashtag campaign called #IStandUp. And do you know who produces this “objectification”? Gay men, who run the fashion industry. Gay men, who work as photographers and ad designers and magazine editors. Gay men, earning big money in media and advertising and other elements of the New York/Paris/Hollywood pop-culture cartel, and who evidently think that there is something elegant and alluring about skinny teenage girls staring blankly at the camera with the glazed indifference of a heroin addict. For decades, going back to when I was a college boy thumbing through the issues of Cosmopolitan and Vogue lying around my girlfriends’ dorm rooms, I’ve noticed this bizarre vibe in the fashion/advertising world. You know what I’m talking about. Full-page ad — torso of a nearly naked girl, black-and-white photo, shot in that arty Mapplethorpe style — where you have to ask, “What exactly is being advertised here?” It could be jewelry or a fragrance, but the ad isn’t really about the product, is it? No, the ad is about the model, or as much of her as you can see in the ad, anyway.

The fashion industry is all about selling women a gay man’s idea of “glamour.” As a heterosexual man, I don’t mind looking at naked women, but how can you tell me these ads are about selling fashion when the models are always at least half-naked? Here’s an idea: The Fashion Industry Is Decadent and Depraved, and the less you pay attention to it, the better off you’ll be. So, yeah, I got your hashtag, sweetheart.

And finally, Item Number Three:

Don’t be a male feminist. Nobody likes male feminists.



  • RS

    Funny. I recall that I didn’t want to set a date for the wedding to my lovely spouse until I was sure I could support the two of us and a future family. As for the “nothing benevolent” business, does our erstwhile Tumblrina believe there is absolutely no benefit for women involved in a stable marriage where the husband makes the money? I didn’t force my wife to stay home with the kids. It was her choice to forego her career in academe because our kids were more important. We were dependent upon each other and were both quite happy about it and the outcomes.

  • Joe Joe

    “The fashion industry is all about selling women a gay man’s idea of “glamour.””

    Actually, much of fashion is about selling women a gay man’s idea of the perfect body, which usually looks like a teenage boy–often strung out.

  • RS

    I would add, the fashion industry’s “enforcers” are other women. It’s not men who are driving the bus. It’s women’s fears about what their coworkers, friends and acquaintances will be whispering about their sartorial habits which animate women’s fashion choices.

  • robertstacymccain

    Feminists are always PROJECTING and RATIONALIZING and SCAPEGOATING and engaging in other neurotic mind games and calling it SOCIAL JUSTICE. Let us stipulate:

    A. Being a woman can be difficult.
    and also …
    B Some guys are jerks.
    However, it does not follow …
    C. Human life is an Oppression Factory where men manufacture female victims.

    If a woman says, “Joe raped me,” OK, then you can hate Joe, and prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law. However, it is a very different thing to say, “Rape culture is oppressing me.”

    Here you are asking me to engage in some kind of moral crusade to change “culture” (whatever that word means to you) with the understanding that you are better qualified than me to say what causes rape and how to stop rape. And it is at that point that I call “bullshit” because (among other things) I notice you are getting paid for your activism and begin to suspect you’re not so concerned about rape as you are concerned about raising more money for your 501(c)3.

    Don’t bullshit me. And don’t insult me by telling me your bullshit is “social justice.”

    I was born at night, but it wasn’t last night.

  • NeoWayland

    I’ve already said it yesterday so I won’t say it again.

  • Joe Joe

    Yes and no. Women do drive each other to be fashionable. But what is actually fashionable is often decided by gay men.

  • Mike G.

    Yeah yeah…not all feminists: just the ones who screech the loudest, which is most of them.

  • Adobe_Walls

    One is tempted to suspect that it wasn’t to their benefit for men to forgo a seat in the Titanic’s life boats so another man’s wife could be saved. Nothing says oppression like going down on a sinking ship so another doesn’t have to.

  • marcus tullius cicero

    …Isn’t “male feminist” an oxymoron?

  • RS

    That’s why I used the term “enforcer.” The gay men may decide what’s on the department store racks, but it’s the women who same each other into buying and wearing it.

  • Adobe_Walls

    Male feminists are some kind of moron.

  • Dana

    We are told:

    there’s literally nothing benevolent about what males do. males don’t do anything for women that doesn’t benefit them in some way.

    In the winter, on the mornings when my darling bride has to work and the windshields are frosted, I go out and start my truck, get out the ice scraper, and walk over and scrape the frost off of my wife’s car windshield.

    It’s really no more work for me, because by the time I get back to my truck, the defroster has taken care of much of the frost on it. My wife appreciates it, which, I suppose, is the benefit I gain from it.

    Clearly, I am a sexist pig, a white cisheteronormative patriarchal sexist pig. I denounce myself.

  • Vanessa Johnson

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  • Southern Air Pirate

    Again rape and sexual abuse is a hetronormative construction that doesn’t exist in the LGBTQ environment.

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