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How Bill Schmalfeldt (@Leonidas_BU) Implicated Himself in Online Fraud

Posted on | October 4, 2016 | 8 Comments

In July 2012, my blog buddy Karen, The Lonely Conservative, described how she was targeted by a fake email, from someone impersonating my colleague Wombat, forwarding to her an email purportedly from me in which “I” wrote insulting things about Karen. This was two months after I began covering the Brett Kimberlin saga, and I suspected Kimberlin’s associate Neal Rauhauser as the perpetrator of that libelous fraud.

Yesterday, however, Kimberlin’s dimwitted henchman Bill Schmalfeldt posted on Twitter a message to Karen in which he included a screencap of that fraudulent July 2012 email, raising the question: “How did Bill come into possession of this, as it has never been published anywhere before?”

You see, during that episode, I cautioned Karen not to describe in any detail exactly how this fraud was perpetrated. To divulge the method used — which was fiendishly clever, actually — might encourage other evil people to use a similar ruse. The principal involved in keeping that under wraps is sort of like the suppression of The Anarchist Cookbook, a 1971 “how to” manual for political terrorism. There is no good reason for anyone to need to know techniques of criminal sabotage, bomb-making, etc., and so only bad people would be involved in the dissemination of such information. Therefore I never got into the details of this evil email hoax, and warned Karen to keep the methodology under wraps, which is why the email that Bill Schmalfeldt screencapped and sent out via Twitter had never been published anywhere before.

So how did Bill obtain this evidence of a criminal fraud?

Our friend John Hoge has questions of his own:

Seeing that tweet reminded me that the $1,000 reward I have offered leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons who made the death threat against Karen. Karen received the threat against her within minutes of the time her name was signed to the SWATting threat I received on 29 October, 2012. The SWATting threat I received purporting to be from The Lonely Conservative, but was a forgery. I also received a forged email purporting to be from Stacy McCain from the same IP address within a few minutes of the SWATting threat.

Deranged cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt. You can Google that.